Monday, December 24, 2007

Emily's Future Education Plans

I am an official student of Middle Tennessee State University. I was accepted into their Masters of Education/Administration and Supervision with a concentration in Library Science program. I don't take classes until Summer 08. Should be all online with an occasional trip on Saturdays to the campus in Murfeesboro, TN.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Times.


Milton's Use Of Contrast To Demonstrate Exaltation and Humbling in Paradise Lost

My Paradise Lost Essay. Long labored over, many times rewritten, much cut from the final version for reasons of relevency. Enjoy.

John Milton's Paradise Lost is about the fall of both angel and humankind. Milton recounts both Satan's expulsion from heaven and Adam and Eve's fall as punishment for the transgression of their only commandment. A primary theme present in Paradise Lost concerns exaltation and humbling, derived from scripture: "For all who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted" (New Revised Standard Bible. Lk. 14:11). Milton develops this statement into a major theme of Paradise Lost, demonstrating it, specifically, with contrast. The fall and degeneration of Satan is contrasted with the humbling-actions of the Son. Self-exaltation and humbling is also demonstrated by Milton through contrast of Eve's rise and fall. Eve, seduced by Satan, aspires to be a God herself through the pursuit of knowledge; but with her transgression, Eve becomes not divine but humbled, attaining knowledge she did not desire and idolatrously falling reverent before a tree.

Milton often presents stark contrast between the Son and Satan. Satan's self-exaltation and comparison to the Son serves only to contrast the two. Prideful and envious, Satan refuses to bow before the Son. Quite the opposite, Satan opposes the Son and his right to lordship. Speaking to his compatriots, Satan exclaims: "Our puissance is our own, our own right hand / Shall teach us highest deeds" (V. lines 864-865). This statement is a direct challenge to the authority of the Son, himself uniquely ordained to sit at God's "right hand" (V. 606). Satan arrogantly argues pretensions of equality with the Son. However, this opposition leads not to greater standing for Satan, but lowlier. A failed assault upon the throne of God is ended with the expulsion of Satan and his compatriots. Satan is not merely exiled, however. Milton again contrasts Satan and the Son by specifically having the Son himself enact the apostates expulsion (VI. 862-865).

The Son and Satan are contrasted further in their respective acts of volunteering. Unlike Satan, the Son truly is exalted, not through self-boastfulness, but, as appropriate, through self-sacrifice. When God calls out for a volunteer willing to die for man's sins, not one steps forward except for the Son, requesting the burden weigh on him. The Son states, "Behold mee then, mee for him, life for life / I offer, on mee let thine anger fall" (III. 236-237). In becoming man, lower than divine, and willingly suffering death, the Son is performing the ultimate act of humility. In showing "unexampl'd love" the Son is truly deserving of God's grace (III. 409). Quoting Luke, Milton writes that "thy Humiliation shall exalt" (III. 313), and, that "All knees to thee shall bow" (III. 321). Acting so selflessly, the Son is not fallen but exalted even higher than before.

Satan is a volunteer as well, but, unlike the Son, he acts out of selfishness and vengeance. At a meeting in Pandemonium, the fallen decide to try and tempt mankind, God's newest creation. To undergo this perilous journey, Satan opens the floor for a volunteer to present himself, asking, "whom shall we send" (II. 402)? When silence follows, the only one to volunteer for such a quest is none other than Satan himself. He exclaims " I abroad / Through all the coasts of dark destruction seek Deliverance for us all" (II. 463-465). But Satan does not volunteer so as to sacrifice himself for others. He does so to exalt himself.

What seems like a humbling act is in fact a bid for glory. Satan's true intentions are outlined by the narrator and also in Satan's own words. Milton writes that Satan volunteers in "transcendent glory rais'd / Above his fellows, with Monarchal pride / Conscious of highest worth" (II. 427-429). Satan is not sacrificing himself for his kin, let alone for human kind, in fact, he is not making a sacrifice at all, not intentionally at least. He is acting out of pride and arrogance. Satan wants everyone to think he is the best. His own speech is laden with self-exaltation. He makes it clear that his actions are not without motive. Where he should be discussing his humbling, Satan exclaims, "Wherefore do I assume / These Royalties, and not refuse to Reign" (II. 450-451). Satan wants to be thought of as equal with God, which, in fact, he achieves, but only initially (II. 478-470). Satan is claiming ruler-ship over Hell, himself the king. Furthermore, he prevents all others from volunteering after him, stating "None shall partake with me" (II. 467). Satan wants all the glory for himself, and no one is going to rob him of his chance to shine.

Inevitably, Satan's exaltation leads to him being humbled. The fulfillment of his quest is only achieved through the degeneration of his being. Whereas the Son humbles himself for just causes, and is exalted, Satan exalts himself with malicious intent and is laid low. As Satan returns from his journey, he calls forth his companions to glorify his works, to bask in his successful temptation of human kind (X. 468-471). But when he has made his speech, and stands "expecting / Thir universal shout and high applause / To fill his ear," instead he is greeted with "A dismal universal hiss" (X. 504-506, 508). Though his comrades meant applause (X. 545), Satan receives only "the sound / Of public scorn" (X. 509). Self-glorification leads to Satan being humbled by his peers. And Satan is still cast lower, soon after physically humbled as well. Far from being the king of Hell, Satan is transformed by "a greater power" and "punisht in the shape he sin'd" (X. 515, 516). Satan unwillingly becomes a serpent and throughout eternity is forced "to undergo / This annual humbling" (X. 575-576).

The humbling act of the Son, and the false humbling of Satan are contrasted further in the reason for the acts as well. Readers come to understand that the correct form of humbling oneself is not misery, greed, or self-pity, but rather self-sacrifice. Satan volunteers to undergo the journey to raise himself higher, but is ultimately humbled. The Son, however, sacrifices himself for others and is thereby exalted in his selflessness.

Milton also demonstrates exaltation and humbling with Eve, contrasting her rise with her fall. Eve is tricked by Satan into transgressing God's only commandment, eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve aspires to be equal with God, indeed to become a goddess herself via the acquisition of higher knowledge. However, through her folly, Eve becomes not deified but humbled, rendered lower than she stood before (V. 540, VIII. 640).

Knowledge of good and evil is advertised to Eve by Satan to be enlightening, not oppressive. Eve is made to believe she is ignorant, that knowledge is desirous to attain. Satan explains to Eve that her "Eyes that seem so cleer, / [. . .] are but dim" (IX. 705). Eating the fruit, though, will render her eyes "Op'n'd and cleered, and ye shall be as Gods" (IX.707). Eve is led to believe that knowledge is a welcome gift, that it will make her better, a God. But knowledge is not desirable, as expressed by Raphael to Adam earlier on.

Knowledge is as food, and needs no less
Her Temperance over Appetite, to know
In measure what the mind may well contain,
Oppresses else with Surfet, and soon turns
Wisdom to Folly, as Nourishment to Wind. (VII. 126-130)

Raphael likens excess pursuit of knowledge to gluttony. Though knowledge of good and evil seems as though it may be desirable, as Satan fallaciously suggests, in fact, mankind should control its aspirations and not venture outside their appointed limits. Unfortunately, Eve is tricked to believe the contrary. Eve's aspirations are founded on a false understanding of knowledge. Before eating the fruit, Eve comes to believe that knowledge of good and evil is for the best. She explains: "For good unknown, sure is not had, or had / And yet unknown, is as not had at all" (IX. 756-757). This pretense leads to her transgression. It is knowledge that Eve seeks with self-exaltation. When eating, the narrator explains that Eve was "Intent now wholly on her taste [. . .] nor was God-head from her thought. / Greedily she ingorg'd without restraint" (IX. 786, 790-791). Eve seeks superior knowledge gluttonously, and with false hopes, in attempt to become a god herself. Soon after, Eve, along with Adam, discovers the true nature of knowledge. Adam explains, after eating the fruit himself, that knowledge is not what it seems. He says to Eve that they were "False in our promis'd Rising" (IX. 1070), explaining that "since our Eyes / Op'n'd we find indeed, and find we know / Both Good and Evil, Good Lost, and Evil got" (IX. 1071-1072). Now Eve understands. True her eyes were dim, as Satan remarked, but that ignorance was for her own good. Eve, with the intention of better knowledge, exalted herself to a god. And knowledge she did obtain, but not as she had hoped. Knowledge of good past and newly-found evil left Eve humbled where false exaltation had aspired different. Again with contrast Milton demonstrates a theme of exaltation and humbling. Eve tried to become a god with intentions of higher knowledge, but that knowledge, far from her beliefs, led her to a more humbled state of being.

The last point I would like to discuss is another contrast Milton makes, again between the rise and fall of Eve. Full knowledge is not her only humbling, indeed, immediately after she partakes of the fruit she becomes humbled quite contrarily to her aspirations. Though Eve tastes the fruit with the intent of deification, instead she becomes humbled, lowly before the very tree by which she hoped to become exalted. When she has finished eating, Eve hails the tree, beginning, "O Sovran, vertous, precious of all Trees" (IX. 795). She continues her idolatry in worship of the tree, saying she owes it "song" and due praise" (IX 800). Lastly, Eve bows to the tree, "from the Tree her step she turnd, / But first low Reverence don" (IX. 834-835). This action is a far cry from Eve's intentions. Self-exaltation led not to godhood but humbleness before a tree, lowlier than man and idolatrous to worship.

Milton, referring to a passage in Luke, demonstrates a theme of exaltation and humbling with the use of contrast. The self-exaltation of Satan is contrasted with the status of, and his humbling by the Son. Milton further contrasts Satan and the Son through the individual volunteering acts of each. Whereas Satan volunteers for a despicable mission in exaltation, the Son volunteers to save all of mankind out of humble self-sacrifice. Milton also contrasts exaltation and humbling with Eve. Though she desires knowledge, in ignorance, and transgress God's commandment in order to become herself a god, she soon is made humble by the very knowledge she sought. Eve, though aspiring godhood, is also humbled in worshiping a tree, quite the opposite of her intended exaltation.

Works Cited
Milton, John. Paradise Lost. The Complete Poetry of John Milton. Ed. John T. Shawcross. Revised ed. New York: Anchor Books, 1971. 250-517.

The Holy Bible, New Revised Standard Version. London: Collins Publishers, 1989.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I must get out of here!

This is how I feel right now...time to go home to bed...wish I had not consumed three cups of coffee tonight - might make it difficult to sleep...

Holland's in the Paper

The last line of the news brief was added casualy by my editor, just a side note I guess, but cute none the less.

Isn't he so good looking...Hans? Actually, Gretchen?.... :)

Culpeper Times

Jamie's paper has as of today launched its new website.
It's pretty coolio, you should check it out:

Peter Jackson to Produce Hobbit Movies

New Line has finally decided to make two movies based on the Hobbit for 2010 and 2011 releases.
Fortunately, they also got over the whole "Peter Jackson sued us for money" thing and have appointed him to be the producer of both films. No director has been named yet. Ian McKellen has also said he would like to return as Gandalf.
Cool, eh?


Rowing Photos

Hey, so my coach Bob uploaded a few photos from our last crew race in Georgia.
To see them follow the yellow brick road.
The password is "stroke".
I took a ton of pictures with his really awesome camera that day, a few of them are on here.
If I remember right the camera was an E30 with a huge lens.
The zoom was like 200 something but really wasnt that close up.
I was kind of disappointed with the zoom, actually, the lens being so big and all.

Anyway, my favorite photograph I took isn't on here for some reason. It was a freaking amazing shot too.

Tommorrow I'll post some of the ones I'm pretty sure I snapped.
*hint* they're the best photos in there.

And yes it is 3:10 in the morning.
How many of you are writing Paradise Lost essays all night and all day and all night again?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Next-Generation of Animation

I've posted up a new article on Invisible Studio. Its the second to last article I wrote for my feature writing independent study. Its pretty accesible and extremely interesting so please read it.

The Next-Generation of Animation

Deep Thoughts by Hans

The other day, I was driving 15 mph and 35 mph at the exact same time...It leads me to wonder, how could this be?

bee 97.5

"one day i was sick;

two days i was better."

--- deep thoughts, by the bee.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Final Fantasy Goes Next-Gen

Square-Enix is continuing to milk their Final Fantasy cash cow. The newest titles are of the "Final Fantasy XIII" nature; I say "newest" because there are actually three titles in this new world that Square has created. These three titles accumitively are known as Fabula Nova Crystallis. It works in a similar way as the Final Fantasy VII stuff Square did a couple years ago, where they released I think four different properties under the name.

Back to new. First, we have Final Fantasy XIII itself, exclusively for PS3. Watch the awesome trailer below.

And yes, those are in-game graphics. Meaning when you play the game that's what you're going to see, all the time. XIII is the hallmark of the compilation.

Second, we have Final Fantasy Versus XIII, also exclusively for PS3, and is a side story to XIII set in a different world. Versus XIII is being developed by the same people who did Kingdom Hearts. You can watch the trailer for this below.

Awesome, no? The last title, supposedly, will be Final Fantasy Agito XIII, which is for cell phones and is guranteed to never be released in the US.

P.S. I would make the trailers smaller in size but then you'd lose some quality and then just won't do. This post will be past the list on the right soon anyway.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Word Of The Year


P.S. "FTW" means "For the Win."

Friday, December 14, 2007


How could I be a wannabe, given that I actually live in the northeast? I am a BE!!!

I think it is Griphin, correct?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Where Aren't The Wild Things?

The Motion Picture.


Hans' Log

Location: Jeffersonville, VT
Time: 6:35 am EST, in the year 2007 AD
Temperature: 2.9 degrees farenheit

Yes, two-point-nine degrees...not twenty-nine degrees!!!

Read it and weep to all of you southern pansies.

p.s. I hope my car starts

Hans out

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A favorite Christmas tune


This is, of course, one of my all-time favorite church Christmas songs, but this rendition is wicked, wicked should check it out.

Hans out

Don't look now John Anderton

Check this out

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hilarity Ensues

Qwantz Comics of Pure Awesome!
They're all the same but different!

It's all becoming clear, now.

I just spoke to Finn, and it appears that he only refused to let Jillian break up with him OVER THE PHONE...However, when they spoke in person he actually allowed it to happen, although he put up a solid fight - luckly, though, not to the death!


The Goulds

Is it just me, or do they all look the same?

I think they are clones like the movie multiplicity, but to a higher degree of physical change.

Speed Racer Movie

The Wachoski Brothers are making a Speed Racer movie. These are the same guys who did The Matrix and V for Vendetta. The first trailer finally came out.


Channel 21

So Hans Called last night about Holland's new job. I guess he didn't know, and Holland's not the type to always share exciting news, so I'm posting the this so everyone knows. Holland has officially quit Thought Equity and is now the Technical Director at our local Govt. Access Channel, Channel 21. He'll be shooting, editing, and producing programing here in Culpeper. The station is right across the street from my work, for everyone that was here in Thanksgiving it's downtown. We are really excited, he starts monday and between our bosses and our flexible schedualing we hope to not need to do any kind of day care. Sometimes my dad will watch Clive if need be but for the most part we should be able to work our scheduales around eachother.
Just wanted to announce Holland's new job.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Awesome Hypothetical Question

The question: How many 5 year-olds could you take on at once?

The specifics:

- You are in an enclosed area, roughly the size of a basketball court. There are no foreign objects.
- You are not allowed to touch a wall.
- When you are knocked unconscious, you lose. When they are all knocked unconscious, they lose. Once a kid is knocked unconscious, that kid is "out."
- I (or someone else intent on seeing to it you fail) get to choose the kids from a pool that is twice the size of your magic number. The pool will be 50/50 in terms of gender and will have no discernable abnormalities in terms of demographics, other than they are all healthy Americans.
- The kids receive one day of training from hand-to-hand combat experts who will train them specifically to team up to take down one adult. You will receive one hour of "counter-tactics" training.
- There is no protective padding for any combatant other than the standard-issue cup.
* The kids are motivated enough to not get scared, regardless of the bloodshed. Even the very last one will give it his/her best to take you down.


Lets awesome that causing death is the least of your worries.

I put my number at 50.

How many 5-year olds could you take down?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Real Camo-Suit in War Situation

This is an authentic image of someone using a prototype camo-suit in a real war situation. It was leaked onto the internet and rumors are spreading like insanity trying to figure out what it all means. Crazy, right?

50 Million years from now...

watch out!

hey all.

just to forewarn you...

finn takes issue with the spreading rumor that

he REFUSED to accept his girlfriend's breakup.

he states that he "FOUGHT" it, but most certainly


prepare yourself for the wrath...

Christmas Quote is a website that host IRC Chat room transcripts. People who say either dumb or funny things are posted up on Most of these things are really really bad, meaning they have lots of horrible words and serious explicit content.

Fantastic Christmas Quote from

Tscully: It's Christmas. We show up at my grandmas house. I'm 14.
Tscully: It comes time to open the presents, she brings out this little square-shaped flat present, wrapped in christmas paper.
Tscully: I wonder what it is, what joyous gift from grandma could be so small in volume?
Tscully: I open it, and see the words "AOL Internet Trial CD" on the cover of a cardboard disc holder, with a 14-day AOL trial CD inside.
Tscully: Confused, I asked her what it was.
Tscully: She proudly proclaimed "I've bought you fourteen days of free internet!"
Tscully: And that's why I hate christmas.

Also, another hilarious quote. Makes you wonder just HOW much they know.

Stormrider: I should bomb something
Stormrider: ...and it's off the cuff remarks like that that are the reason I don't log chats
Stormrider: Just in case the FBI ever needs anything on me
Elzie_Ann: I'm sure they can just get it from someone who DOES log chats.
*** FBI has joined #gamecubecafe
FBI: We saw it anyway.
*** FBI has quit IRC (Quit: )

for more awesome IRC Chat Quotes, go to

Be warned, most of them are seriously not for the age group willing to swallow small toy pieces nor the geriatric. Seriously, no joke.

World War Country Poll

I want you all to be very very serious about this poll. Just honestly answer the question. For instance, something you shouldn't do would be to vote for "other" than post in the comments that you would win. Don't forget, NO Nuclear Weapons.

Who would win an all-out World War if there were no nuclear weapons?

United States of America
South Korea

(View Results)

Create a Poll

After you have voted, you can view results here

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Where shall I begin?

First, Jill's mom clearly has excellent taste. Just like Emily's sister and Seth's chick friends from that art-type school in Philadelphia who stated that I am both cuter than Seth AND younger looking. Don't deny it, Seth!!! Did you guys really think that I would be able to restrain myself from responding to that? I mean, who amongst us could, really? That said, why is it that I am basically the only Haverkamp boy who can't seem to hang on to a woman? That is a question to stump even the most intelligent members of our generations...

Second, I had a totally great time snowboarding this morning. I literally live at the base of the mountain, and the runs are much longer than at the Bolton resort, which is where I rode last year. I did a few runs with the girl from my town that waited on York and I when he was up helping me move - she is pretty cool and we have become friends. She was also a competitive, sponsored, snowboard cross racer some years ago out west; which explains how she literally dusted me on the mountain today. It was awesome. It is going to be so great this winter. The bad news is that now I am really quite tired, and have an entire lecture to put together for tomorrow morning, plus I am being observed teaching my second class tomorrow, so need to be on my game. There is always coffee.

Nice looking coffee cake Evergreen, wish I could have had some.


morning special

thats right hannah,
foust, may and i made an awsome grandmas coffee cake,
sure better than any pumpkin pie,
love ev

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hans is Cute

according to Mama Frere. good job hans, you've been accepted into the Frere family! (and that's a good thing, since i am now a Frere myself.)

Say again???

OK, am I losing my mind, or am I the only person who has no recollection of Fletcher ever touting the greatness of the sun?

Also, Fletcher, understand that medical-type research studies like the one you mentioned are published all the time, and most of them can be taken with a grain of salt for a million reasons.

The only thing I know is that I will be out in the sun tomorrow morning on the mountain, on my snowboard, ripping it up...Don't worry, I will be placing a sign on my office door before I leave tonight that states "Dr. Haverkamp will not be in office hours this morning"...don't worry, it's worth it - most likely will not get fired.


Cancer from the Late Shift

Apparently, there is this new study that has semi-proven that working the late-shift increases the chance that you will receive cancer. I guess it has some link to do with how the Sun is as awesome as I've always stated. I'm sure tomorrow the #1 spot on my "things that are awesome" list, water, will be shown to be even more amazing than we once believed; and that by drinking carbonated drinks your whole life will make you grow tails or something crazy like that.

Read About it Here

Invisible Studio: Seamless Presentation

Hi everyone,
I've finally posted on my blog that big article I wrote for my independent study.
The article is about seamless presentation in video games.
You should check it out.

Monday, December 3, 2007

thailand pics

the first pic is of the 5 year olds, the second and 4th are of the 4 year olds,
and the 3rd is of the 1st grade class,
love ev

my new roommate's stuff

my new taos roommate is a real go-getter.
she is a graphic designer and a searcher of peace.

here are some links that may be of interest.

the first is for her box of year-round celebration-wide gift cards. they're nice and super affordable.
like, less than $.50 a card.

the other is a push for everyone to "pause" during the same minute on december 22.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Beartato Virus

Another Great! Addition by Nedroid


Pandora Christmas

Via Hilary:

type in "christmas instrumental" for a new station.

you'll want to whip out your electric guitar;
major jammin' Christmas tunes that will rock your Christmas world!

seriously... especially "Christmas jam" by trans-siberian orchestra and their other ones.
a dope "o holy night" as well.

hope joy peace love

Merger Irony

Check out this article from Next-Gen Biz that came out Friday.

Riccitiello is the CEO of Electronic Arts:

- - - - - - -
According to Riccitiello, most of the consolidation in the videogame industry has already taken place. Instead, he points towards non-traditional business models based around casual gaming, microtransactions and subscriptions as potential means of growth.

"Is it ripe (for mergers), or has it already been picked? I would argue that it's been largely picked," he told Reuters.

"That doesn't mean it's done. I think there will be more consolidation to come. But let's just say a lot has already happened," said Riccitiello, who was instrumental in EA’s recent move to acquire “super developer” entity BioWare/Pandemic.

"There's a lot of growth in what is the non-traditional arena, so that would be microtransactions, subscription revenue, ad revenue, new types of models, casual games," he added.

- - - - - - -

Now, that my friends, is irony.


Awesome early season storm on its way!!! is the forecast for Vermont during the next two days!!! Gonna be awesome.

Statement as of 3:28 PM EST on December 02, 2007
... A significant winter storm will impact the north countrytonight through early Tuesday morning... ... Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 1 am ESTTuesday... The National Weather Service in Burlington continues the WinterStorm Warning until 1 am EST Tuesday for the entire north country.Storm total snowfall amounts of 6 to 12 inches are expected acrossmuch of the area by Tuesday morning. Locally higher amounts arepossible across the higher terrain of northern Vermont andnorthern New York. Snowfall amounts will be a bit less acrossportions of south central Vermont due to more mixed precipitation.Occasional light snow will become steadier this evening and maybecome heavy at times overnight. The snow will taper off a bitduring Monday... and then redevelop later Monday afternoon andcontinue into Tuesday... especially along the upslope regions ofthe Adirondack and Green Mountains. The snow will likely mix withsleet tonight into early Monday morning... especially acrossnorthern New York and central and southern Vermont. Some freezingrain may also mix in across the Saint Lawrence valley and southernVermont.Please stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio... your local media... orgo to www.Weather.Gov/Burlington for further updates on thisweather situation.

Activision and Vivendi Merge

Two of the largest video game publishers, Vivendi and Activision, are now one, officially making the new publishing company the largest 3rd party games publisher in the world. Electronic Arts (EA) has been overthrown of this position for the first time in many years. "3rd party" publisher means anyone not Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft, because these are 1st party as they develop consoles as well.

Essentially, Vivendi purchased Activision. And then merged Activision with the entire Vivendi Games division. The new company, fully owned by Vivendi Universal, is now called Activision Blizzard. The reason? Because Vivendi Univseral is and has always been the full owner of Blizzard, also known as the developer of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, and the insanely successful World of Warcraft. Activision is no joke either. They are the owners and publishers of Tony Hawk, Spider-Man, Call of Duty, and most popular of late, Guitar Hero.

The name "Activision Blizzard" is clearly indicitave of the key players in the merger. Vivendi obviously wants to create a hihgly recognizable and profitable label to put on their games, besides all the other studios involved in the merger. Also included in the Activision Blizzard label are all the other development studios beneath Vivendi and Activision, including Sierra Games.

Heres what this all means. The world is getting smaller. And more importantly, the video game world is getting smaller. What were once two highly successful companies that produced fantastic strings of games, are now one behemoth of world-eating destruction. Five years from now I wouldn't be surprised if Electronic Arts and Ubisoft also becomes absolved by the Activision Blizzard label. And the world will implode.

I'm just saying, this is fricken ridiculous. No company should be allowed to become this huge. I can't possibly see any good result from this conglomoration.

On the other hand, if you have any saavy at all for stocks then you are guranteed to make a fortune off of this if you invest right, on day one. Speaking of which the merger isn't expected to be complete in mid-2008, so you've still got time.

Press Release

News Story

Fascinating critic commentary coming shortly.

Sandy needs address'

Ok, so apparently, Sandy needs all of our address', so email them to her today if possible.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Marina Beluga Whale Dies

One of the Beluga Whales at the Georgia Aquarium died today after getting sick around Thanksgiving. The Beluga Whale had stopped eating and become disoriented.

I knew I didn't like this show

York Pottery Studio Sale

It was a beautiful day in Norris and thousands turned out to see the show. Millions of dollars crossed hands and York is taking the family to Europe for Christmas...actually--it was good day and a successful show. York's pottery is looking awesome and many customers came back from a far and a number of church people showed up as well. A few pictures that capture the yurt.

Sinfest Comic

Awesome new Webcomic I discovered, here are two hilarious examples.

Gamespot Downfall Update

Apparently over 400 people have ended their subscriptions at Gamespot. Also, many are vowing to never read a review on that website ever again. Fascinating stuff really.


Comic 3: Allegiance

*Click to Enlarge*

If you don't get it, feel free to ask in the comments.