Friday, February 29, 2008

mud story

hil great story from last week,
the mud looks amazing,
love ev

Disney Multilanguage Playlist

I've done everyone and myself a favor. I've created a playlist of 25 songs from animations that are mostly multi-language. They are all amazing and powerful. I suggest listening to them while you do work, cook or whatever.

Just press play, they will play one by one in order. You don't have to do anything but press play just once.

Mixed Species

All of these are real. No photoshop.



Grolar Bear (Only Wild One Ever Discovered)

The Great Trafalgar Square Freeze

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grammer Quiz

Grammer is officially the hardest thing ever. Per usual, we had a quiz at the beginning of Modern English Grammer this afternoon. There are always ten questions per quiz, I answered from 4 to 6 correctly. Hopefully, 6.

Here is the quiz verbatim, transcribed by yours truly.
I will post the answers tomorrow night. Please do the quiz and post your answers in the comments. Please do not cheat, I.E. look at the comments before answering the questions yourself. Keep in mind that anything can be wrong with a sentence. For example, S/V Agr. Commas, Semicolons, modifiers, you name it. Fixing errors may require inserting things, replacing things, or removing things, or changing something completely. Basically, fix it so its right. Any spelling errors are my own and are not to be considered a mstake.

Questions by Dr. David Bradshaw.

There is one type of error in each sentence below. Describe the error and supply an appropriate correction.

1. Sherriff Septimius Farley left the Saint Blaise Urgent Car Unit, and walked to the Guersney Girl Ice Cream Parlour; at the Parlour, he purchased for Fiona a pint of musk-melon ice cream and a pint of passion-peach ice cream.

2. Septimius climbed the steps to the second-story porch, entered his apartment above the jail, and saw Fiona as she covorted on the leather couch; he only enjoyed this view of her for a moment, however, for Raoul knocked on the door, entered, and accidentally knocked a lamp from a table.

3. Raoul had left the cow pasture near the white barn at Wirgen Wiffle College and had driven to town in order to speak with Septimius for the sheriff had always shown genuine concern for Raoul, and Raoul needed thoughful counsel now.

4. As the lamp tipped by Raoul shattered Fiona leaped from the leather couch and streaked between Septimius and Raoul to escape out the door and onto the porch.

5. Raoul felt amazement and delight as he recognized his lost Fiona and called her name; although Septimius was altogether surprised that Raoul knew Fiona and seemed to know her very well.

6. Both men dashed out the door in hot pursuit; at first, however, neither of the men were able to discover the whereabouts of Fiona.

7. Then, looking up from the porch at the branches of the copper beech tree that grew adjacent to the jail, Raoul caught a glimpse of an individual who once had conveyed comfort to him in his doubt and his being lonely; he gestured mutely to Septimius, whose eyes traveled up to the high branch to which a remarkably lithe suppleness and strength had carried Fiona.

8. Clinging in desperation to the branches of the copper beech, the stars overhead gazed down indifferently on the earthly suffering below; Septimius reflected that just such indifference had been the concern of the Roman philosopher Lucretius, and the lawman made a mental note to reread pertinent sections of the De Rerum Natura.

9. However, fearing that Fiona would fall or jump from her positions high atop the copper beech tree, Septimius quickly dismissed from his mind any musing about the beauty of Latin haxameters; he knew that immediate action was needed, so he walked back into his apartment, picked up his telephone , and called: Greenwood Trout.

10. Greenwood Trout, in addition to being a Wirgen Wiffle College environmentalist and a candidate for the Sybarite County School Board, serves as one of the co-chiefs of the Volunteer Fire Department of New Cyrene, quite soon, he had assembled outside the jail a nearly full complement of the volunteer brigade: Wiley Goblythely and Waldo Semper, fellow Masons of the Third Order; Mona Desire, owner of the Tan and Twilr Beauty Salon and Cosmetics Empprium; Father Padraic Mulcahey, pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Absitenence parish; Cyrl Cineraria, Wirgen Wiffle College undergraduatel Adriane Devereaux, dispatcher for the Pneumatic Tow Service of New Cyrene and aspiring new age poetl Carlton Karksurl, part-time employee at the New Cyrene Seed and Feed Store; and Constantia Ficklefavor, melodrama coach at Wirgen Wiffle College.

Ever seen anything more true?

Awesome/Hilarious Photos - Part 1

Rice Paddies

MT. Fuji

No Birds

Niagra Falls


How Small is Earth, Really!

"Planet and Star Size Comparisons"

Amazing, incredibly insightful.

Some Grey Bloke: My Ex Wife 2

Some Grey Bloke, the guy who did the gym video I posted, has a couple new videos out. This one I found incredibly funny as well as true.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

March 11th

On March 11th, I will be playing the greatest game ever, Smash Brawl. But what you should be doing is watching "No Country for Old Men", which comes out for DVD that day. I just watched it a second time, the movie is absolutely amazing. So mark your calendar.

March 11th: No Country for Old Men.

Into the Mind of a Genius

If you ever wondered what a genius thinks, now you know.

Will Wright is the creator of "Spore" and "The Sims"


A Comic from xkcd.

*Click to Enlarge

There, if you didn't know the internet before, now you do.

Monday, February 25, 2008

"In God We Trust"

Short Film by Jason Reitman made in 2000. Jason Reitman Directed "Thank You For Smoking" and "Juno", both which were incredible movies. I recommend watching this, it is only 16 minutes long and very well done.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

CryEngine 2

A real tv commercial, made with real-world things and footage, compared to a 3D graphics engine that tries to mimic it.

I consistently lost track of which was real.

Girl Explains Starwars

From Z-Wars on "Fist of Blog"

Here’s my daughter’s take on Star Wars. She was three at the time.

She explained the whole movie to me in much greater detail but unfortunately I didn’t have the camera going. When I convinced her to tell me about the movie again she delivered this version.



Friday, February 22, 2008

Find Chuck Norris

Go to and type "find chuck norris". Hit "I'm feeling Lucky" not search.

A Day in the Life of Warren Wilsoner

A Day in the Life of Warren Wilsoner

7:00 AM: There is a Spiritual/Nature Offering that is focused around thoughts and prayers. You somehow get yourself out of bed to go participate in this event

7:30 AM: You get to the event and discuss Nature, Universality and the Collective Unconscious

8:00 AM: The spiritual offering ends and you go eat breakfast with friends while discussing what they dislike about Gladfelter

8:05 AM: You continue eating breakfast with friends while discussing what they dislike about Cowpie

8:10 AM: Someone brings up the food and you end up discussing environmental issues that affect the food they eat

8:30 AM: You spend more time talking about school 'clicks', ostracized students, potential relationships, and crazy events at last nights party

8:37 AM: Bump into people that you saw yesterday but feel obligated to talk to anyway even though you don't particularly want to

8:40 AM: You cross the bridge and avoid eye-contact from the people you don't like so as not to trigger the previous experience

9:00 AM: You get on your computer. Attempt to do homework but spend time on the internet that never moves

9:10 AM: After finally getting to a youtube video you have seen 1,000 times, but want to see again, watch the movie bar slowly load for 5 minutes while thinking about how much homework you have to do

9:30 AM: After finally convincing yourself to get off the internet to do homework you decide to go to the Sage Cafe

10:35 AM: On your way to the Sage Cafe you bump into your very best friends at the school. They convince you to go play frisbee for a half hour

11:10 AM: You leave your friends and make it to the Sage Cafe. You turn on your computer to do homework only to discover they have wireless internet. You get 10 minutes of work done.

12:00 PM: Time to go to lunch

12:30 PM: You mean to leave the lunch table but run into someone you haven't somehow seen or talked to in almost 2 weeks.

12:45 PM: You go and check your mail

1:00 PM: You remember you have work today, gosh darn-it. You go to work grudgingly, which completely throws off the entire day that you had set-up for yourself.

2:30 PM: You get off work for the day and a half-hour before class which you aren't prepared for. You spend the next 30 minutes studying for class.

3:05 PM: You get to class late, like always. Late isn't late unless it is 20 minutes after, a social standard to be sure.

4:45 PM: You get out of class and spend time talking to your classmates about how much you disagree with their point of view but respect it at the same time

5:00 PM: Dinner, w00t. Pizza today

5:10 PM: You are obviously to late. There is a painful line ahead of you and people really don't know how to swipe their cards properly which slows down traffic even more

5:17 PM: Finally at the register you realize you forgot your card at your room and convince the person across from you that you barely know to let you through anyway

5:23 PM: You make it the end of the line and head straight for the desert section, but it is obviously too late again and there is nothing good left

6:00 PM: Pizza was awesome, as always, at least by comparison to other days foods, or lack-of

6:05 PM: You remember you are going on a group hike tomorrow. You leave dinner and worry about homework all the while back to your room. You also remember it is open-mic tonight and you have to go because you missed the last one and open-mic pwns

6:11 PM: You make it back to your room without difficulties luckily and begin packing for tomorrow's hike; which is exciting because there is someone going that you like alot and want to spend more time with to figure out.

6:45 PM: You finish packing and begin homework again.

7:00 PM: You've finally settled into doing homework, you are able to focus for more than 20 minutes at a time.

7:53 PM: You stop doing homework and go to open-mic

8:02 PM: You arrive at open-mic and sit with your friends

9:30 PM: Open-mic is over after a hilariously good time

9:32 PM: You are reminded that you are supposed to go stargazing with your friends for the meteor shower that is happening tonight

9:36 PM: You all decide to walk up to dogwood pasture and watch it there

10:02 PM: After rounding people up, you finally arrive at dogwood pasture. One of the people that is going on the hike tomorrow that you happen to like is there too

11:20 PM: Homework became incredibly irrelevant after talking to the person that you like for over an hour

11:30 PM: You make it home excited about tomorrows hike. It is really late, and you really don't want to do homework. You go hangout with some friends for a while

12:20 AM: You go to your room to go to sleep

12:22 AM: While laying in bed you remember there is someone else going hiking tomorrow that you like as well. You worry and can't fall to sleep

1:00 AM: You unfortunately have your clock visible from where you lie and glance at it constantly trying to fall to sleep and hoping you get enough for the hike tomorrow

1:05 AM: You finally fall to sleep and dream of two stars that merge into one


An Exposé by Fletcher

so much to keep up with

Well, beleive it or not, Hans has been too busy, and most recently too sick to keep up with this blog...i just read Hilary's post about the mud - sounds pretty wicked...aren't you ready to quit yet? I know you could find a job in Vermont, i just know it. I think the weather in Taos is probably similar to Flagstaff, AZ. I remember the intense sun that overwhelmed the actual temperature, but I don't have the experience with the mud. We do have "mud season" in Vermont, though: sort of like April and May, after the snows melt for the winter.

Let me respond to Finn's old, old post, on what would happen to a person traveling on the top of a train if he jumped straight up in the air...and would he land in the same spot...or something like that. In answer to your query: One of Newton's Laws (don't remember which one, but there are three) states that an object in motion stays in motion. Unfortunately, this law assumes that the object is in a vacuum with no external forces acting upon it. In this case, as the person jumps up from the train, air resistance will immediately slow his forward movement, whereas the train will continue forward at the same velocity because it is presumably being powered forward by the motor. Thus, the person will in fact land further back on the train from where he took off. Quite simple, really. Straight-forward application of basic principles of physics.

Percentage of Smoking per State



United States22.5%

6West Virginia27.4%
9North Carolina25.5%
10South Carolina25.2%
18New Mexico24.4%
21District of Columbia22.9%
23New York22.7%
32North Dakota21.5%
37South Dakota20.4%
39New Hampshire20.2%
42Rhode Island19.4%
43New Jersey19.3%

Puerto Rico18.0%

Virgin Islands10.5%



United States18.3%

2West Virginia26.0%
15New Hampshire20.4%
18Rhode Island20.0%
19South Carolina19.9%
20North Carolina19.7%
26South Dakota19.2%
33New Mexico18.7%
34North Dakota18.6%
37New York18.1%
40District of Columbia17.4%
44New Jersey16.6%

Puerto Rico8.7%

Virgin Islands5.9%



I really really really hate smoking.

I recommend going to this website if you are bored at 12:30 in the morning.

State Health Facts


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Finn, you have no choice, you have to watch this.

Fable 2: Must Watch

The links I have below lead to one of the most awesome things ever. A demo of what I believe to be one of the best games ever made. The voice you will hear is that of Peter Molyneux, the creator of the series and game. This man is pure genius wrapped up in human form.

I am not simply asking politely that you watch these 3 videos, which is really one video split up. I am practically demanding that you do such. You will learn a thing or two about game design, and hopefully come to appreciate one of the hardest art forms around.

What they have achieved within this game is simply put, ridiculous. Knowing that the vast majority of you have little to no knowledge about the gaming world, simply trust me when I say that this game revolutionizes everything. Everything.

I expect comments to follow. I would like to hear the reactions you have and just how bad you are willing to buy an Xbox 360 when the game is released.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

documentation of the story below

my client's yard
my client's house and yard and bus

my client's driveway on the plateau

stuck as can be

no words needed

muddy tire

goopy window

leroy hooking me up


the goop


goop scratched off, cold red fingers

my driveway, after i thought it was done

muddy goopy drama

i don't have the energy to write this story as creatively as i could, and as it should.
my energy has been sucked out over the past 2 days through the soles of my feet-
cool and wettened in my whale boots-
by the thickest mud i have ever experienced.

yes, three times.

this mud is like the peat bogs in ireland; my knees hurt tonight from all the effort, all the strain, all the pulling i have gone through to get out of the goo whilst trying to unstick my car.

today, i really felt like i was in a foreign country, traveling through some wild adventure that no one would be able to believe. everyone who has traveled knows this feeling.
but here i am in america, just doing my job.
i don't get it.
and then i realized, america is a foreign country to non-americans,
and this is MST,
so i guess it's not that surprising.

yesterday i made it almost all the way down the goopy driveway to my client's house; i got stuck in deep ruts at the gate to the house. the mom met me in the driveway (she was only wearing chinese slippers and was holding the ankles of her pajama bottoms up with her hands) crying that her daughter, my client, just recently cleaned up from a very deep crack cocaine addiction, had run away last night. we talked and she cried and her boyfriend rolled around in bed in the living room half-naked for 2 1/2 hours. he had to use planks, a shovel and his truck and chain to get me out. as he was pulling me out of the mud, my client came running up the driveway, waving her arms and crying to her mom that she just couldn't stay at her dad's last night. back in the house, mom's boyfriend kicked out for the sake of privacy, my client disclosed that her dad has been sexually abusing her "forever." the details were freaky and twisted; apparently he is also: he is currently being treated for paranoid schizophrenia and he is clearly an alcoholic as well. my client doesn't see it as abuse, but consented to informing child protective services. i told mom to smoke her cigarettes to deal with the shock. she was shaking. my client spoke as if she was in a movie. that was about 4 or so hours.

i went back to the same house today, but this time i was smart. or so i thought. i drove halfway up the road/driveway (i really don't know what to call these long dirt mud ice snow things cutting across the plateau out here) and stopped there. put my whale boots on and trudged up to her house. it's only partially finished and surrounded by countless wrecked cars and nearly as many mangy and growling dogs. the bus they lived in last year is parked in the back. i had to knock and knock and call the names of the people inside before they finally told me to come in. mom's boyfriend was rolling around half-naked in the living room bed again; they didn't know i was coming. i gave my client a few minutes to get dressed and took her to her mom's cafe to hold our session. we ate diner breakfast and assessed her mental health, strengths and needs while surrounded by regular customers upon more regular customers. afterwards, the walmart pharmacy gave us the run-around for nearly 45 minutes and we walked away with only one of the medication that she needs.

back up the road/driveway and this time i nearly collided-- no more than one inch away from-- the barbed wire fence due to slipping on the mud and ice (it was the shadier part of the road and so there was still some ice). i stopped the car, walked her to the door, (of course reminding her to pay attention to her triggers and try not to smoke crack and reach out for support if she needs it) and slipped and slid back to my car. turned the key and my tires spun so much mud, so many thick and heavy and wet and goopy and black chunks of mud on my hood and on my windshield that i truly could not believe it. the car wouldn't roll one centimeter forwards or backwards. i began digging with my hands; the mud was cold and my fingers were still painful and red one hour later. i grabbed a soft beer box from the desert bramble and tried to dig. i used my boots. it all made no difference. this mud is out of control. i strained and strained against suction force and suction sucking noises to get my boots free. i finally broke down and cried. this time i found a neighbor, again dodging mangy, growling dogs, and he pulled me out with a chain and high, tough, great 4 by 4 flat bed truck.

i cleaned the car for 6 minutes at the car wash. i cleaned the inside half-heartedly with hot and then cold soapy water. i changed my pants. i did laundry. i washed the mud flecks off my face. i rinsed my keys. i left my whale boots at the door but i still dragged in mud.

hours later i got into my car to drive to another session. stuck again. i have been parking in the same spot for weeks; they won't let me park on the gravel because i'll block their cars. i always slip a bit but it's never been a big deal. i guess the snow has melted its butt off this past week and i was again in the same postion as only a few hours earlier. could not roll a centimeter. my housemate started shoveling and tried to push from both ends. i called it quits, cancelled my session, and collapsed, dejected and defeated.

all of a sudden i wondered-- is this an analogy for this current phase of my life? am i stuck in the mud? am i JUST NOT GETTING IT so that i will continue to be stuck in the mud, three times in less than 36 hours, and for infinity until i do something different?

but mind you, this is not just me. anyone who drives around this taos plateau, especially in a low, non-4 wheel drive vehicle, knows what this is. so many cars are covered with so much dirt that one can barely discern the paint color. there are long lines at the car wash. sitting alongside the main road at a cafe's picnic table resulted in a layer of dust on all my work papers. driving home last night along the main road showed suspended dirt and dust-- all this mud dried up-- clouding through the cars' headlights. no, it's not just me. but those who get to stick to the main roads in town have no idea.

they say taos has never seen a winter this wet, this snowy, this cold, and now this muddy. the snow falls because of the elevation (7500 feet). it freezes from the cold. it melts from the sun, again from the elevation. (mornings are so below freezing and by 10:30 am i may have the air conditioning on in my car, even though it is still only in the 30's, due to the sun's intense heat baking me through my car windows). the poor county neglected dirt roads turn to mud. everything refreezes the next night and the mud turns to rock, another hazard for my low car. it melts again tomorrow, and the cycle continues and continues. my clients' yards and driveways go from absolute thick ice skating rinks to pools. the mud ground can scratch your skin when frozen and bust your car and then suck you in and hold you hostage the next sunny day.

it's a total trip, but man, the past two days have really done me in.

so, that's it. just needed to share this. standing in the goop, looking like a mud monster from scooby doo, miles and miles of plateau all around with a full circle of mountains around that... i just couldn't believe my life and wanted someone to be with me to share it. this will have to suffice.

take care, and stay out of the mud.

The Lion King 2 - He Lives In You (Multilanguage)

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse Tonight! January 20th, 2008.

Partial Eclipse: 8:43 PM
Total Eclipse: 10:01 PM
Mid Eclipse: 10:26 PM
Total Eclipse End: 10:51PM
Partial Eclipse Ends: 12:09 AM

white sands and cooled liquid magma

thanks for the boots, jill!

When You Believe (Multi Language)

I am totally into this whole other language thing for Disney songs as well as other movies.

Dreams to Dream: Spanish

For those of you that speak Spanish.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Subject/Verb Agreements and You

You thought you knew everything there was (were?) to know about subject/verb agreements, but you were defintely wrong.

The following sentences are correct according to the Bedford Handbook (Section 21).

A driver's license or two credit cards are required.
Neither the lab assistant nor the students were able to download the information.
  • Rule: With subjects joined with coordinating conjunctions or coorelative conjunctions make the verb agree with the part of the subject nearer the verb.
Each of the furrows has been seeded.
  • Rule: Treat most indefinate pronouns as singular.
The class are debating among themselves.
A young couple were arguing about politics while holding hands.
  • Rule: Treat collective nouns as singular unless the meaning is clearly plural.
There were a social worker and a crew of twenty volunteers at the scene of the accident.

At the back of the room are a small aquarium and an enormous terrarium.
  • Rule: Make the verb agree with its subject even when the subject follows the verb.
A tent and a sleeping bag are the required equipment for all campers.

A major force in today's economy is women -- as earners, consumers, and investors.
  • Make the verb agree with its subject, not with a subject complement.

Comic 6 - NERFED

I didn't really have an underlying meaning. It is just the truth. I wanted to do something related to Brawl. I have an ok idea for another one that I might do tomorrow.

A History of Evil

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Full House Cast of Nower-Days

Full House Cast

Bob Saget (Danny Tanner)

Lori Loughlin (Rebecca Katsopolis)

John Stamos (Jesse Katsopolis)

Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone)

Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner)

Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner)

Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Michelle Tanner)

Amazing Slam Dunk

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Batman: Gotham Knight

Amazing, I think so.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Read this, it is pretty cool Gorilavolution

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trailers For All

First, up The Forbidden Kingdom. With Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Looks awesome, I'm going to seeit day one.

Second, Indianda Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
Featuring Harrison Ford and Even Stevens.

Notice the openening date.

Valentines Day?!

Oh... Huh... It's Valentines day.. I wouldn't know. Yes, I am doing homework at 3:00 AM in the morning. What are you doing Hans? Sleeping? That's what I thought.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post Writers Strike

House- Done Until Next Fall
Office - 6 to 10 new episodes this season
Heroes - Done Until Next Fall
Journeyman - Dead :(
Carpoolers- Dead :(

Post Writers Strike TV Series And Where They Stand

Frozen Grand Central

Watch this Now

bill clinton

This is the last you'll all have to put up with seeing these pics. Sally, I sent you the photo again and I'm not sure if you got it so I'm posting it here.
Clive was really taken, can't you tell. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Journey: Separate Ways

Born in 1988 or before and remember Journey on MTV?

Why can't the paparazzi just leave us all alone!?

Geeze! I mean, come on - so here I am, enjoying a nice leisurely afternoon in the great township of Culpeper - you know, eating chocolates, signing autographs, pushing for change...normal stuff; and this dang camera guy (you know the type, tall and gangly, big teeth...) won't get out of my face...almost had one of my 25 "secret agent men" and/or 1 "secret agent women" (no, not ha ha haw haaww!!) break the guys nose...
Anywho, did you read my book yet - it's only 19.95 plus sales tax...?


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Greatest Game Ever

Echochrome for PSP and PS3.
The PSP version is shown.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Across the Universe DVD

Across the Universe is out for buy/rent. Go watch it right now.

Lion Origami