Sunday, March 30, 2008

Read Immediately and Brain Storm

This statement is in Grandma's letter:

"Sad news through Peggy--the Leighty cottage is to be sold."

This is not a joke, this is real. I Honestly think that we should buy it...but how? Seth, start making money, and fast! Do you think that we could all pitch in on a loan? Or am I crazy? This is seriously serious.

Puppy names

The theme for this years puppy litter is superheroes...mabye

green arrow
human torch
captain america
the thing

black canary

Saturday, March 29, 2008


At Frits' Church on Saturday following the egg hunt.

The Four Yorkshire Men

Retro Sabotage

Everyone should play these. They sum up everything Fletcher just explained. Seriously, they are all amazing. But if you have to pick one or two, play Twenty Lines and Invasion. And Vectrexoscope and What Next?. Thats four. Whatever.

The Power of Power

The Power of Power

I would like to discuss power. I don’t know this for sure, but I’m sure a great deal of people first think corruption, evil etc. when they hear the word “power”. At first glance, this is usually what I think of, but when contemplating the word further, I think power means a great deal more. The closest word I feel I can relate to power, is energy, although I’m sure this is a new thought as of 20 minutes ago; I would love to know what I though 21 minutes ago in relation to the word power.

I think one of the things in life that has almost always fascinated me more than anything, is humanity. Humanity and everything it entails; Oneness, gullibility, self-sacrifice, self-preservation.

I first want to display my thoughts on the power of an individual; however, there are numerous subcategories within the word individual. Prophets, leaders and heroes is what comes to my mind, and I want to talk about each of these, their differences, and similarities.
When I hear the word Prophet, I think Jesus, first and foremost; this thought is quickly followed by Muhammad, the word Christ and then Gandhi; the thought then tangents to other things. What I am more interested in than anything else concerning “prophets”, is humanities reaction to them. The idea for this article came to me when I was watching the movie “Phenomenon”. The movie is about George Malley (John Travolta and antagonist) and how he becomes incredibly insightful. Others may use the term “genius”, but it is far more than that, he almost understands life itself. There is a scene near the end where George Malley is trying to explain what he finds so incredible about the world, and more specifically, energy. During his discussion, he is consistently interrupted by the people surrounding him, the news wants to know about the light he saw, a man wants him to heal his son and others are yelling incohereable questions at him. What they found so fascinating about George Malley is that he is something they are not. What they also may find fascinating, is that he may offer something to them that they cannot give themselves or others. While there are people out there who would have been interested in his ideas about energy, the world and universal connections, the people surrounding him, at least, were more fascinated by the idea of him. Now, when we compare George Malley to Jesus, there is an ocean full of similarities. Maybe George couldn’t heal the blind, or change water to wine, or make countless fish out of one, but what they represent is the same; and I’m sure the writer and director of the film was clearly and intentionally trying to show this parallel connection. I don’t know about Jesus, but at the end of the movie Phenomenon, the message was that George represented possibility, he even said so himself. That ultimately, everyone could attain this unique ability to “see clearly “ as he put it.

What is it about unique things that humanity is attracted to? Are there several reasons? Is that we are just curious? Is it a form of greed? Do we want to feel somehow exclusive by being associated with something unique? In the case of prophet specifically, is it the desire to know hope without cause? I haven’t read the bible, but I’m pretty sure that during the time of Jesus, there was a lot of evil things going on around his part of town. Did the people fall in love with Jesus because they wanted to grasp onto a hope in the dim world they were living in? If so, why would that still be the case today? I feel as if humanity has taken a turn for the better, if at least only a little bit since 00. Maybe not though, maybe humanity still feels like their needs to be something intangibly tangible to grasp; which, in many ways is a good thing, and has a positive effect on the world. But at the same time, a negative one, but I really don’t want to get into war, not that category of war at least; and besides, religious wars are done for Gods or Jesus, they are done for self-worth, and to some degree greed.

What’s next; Leaders. Now, leaders are in many ways, prophets. They both offer hope, they both get followed a lot. In fact, what is the difference? Is it that leaders asked to be followed, and prophets expect it? When I think leader, there are a few people that come to mind. Don Vito Corleone (The Godfather), Michael Corleone (Son to the Godfather), Genghis Kahn (Leader of the Mongol Empire), Napoleon Bonaparte (French Revolutionary Leader), Hitler (Leader of the Nazi Regime) and more. I think there is a pretty big difference between The Godfather and Genghis Kahn though. However, I’ll first list the similarities. They both began an empire and their people respected and would die for them. I didn’t live during the Mongol reign, so I’m not sure of his reasons, but let us just say for kicks that it was an act of greed. Well, immediately, that would be wrong. I don’t think any leader becomes such out of greed. The more I think about this list, the more I think it is about self-preservation, and the need to be in control. You may be thinking I just contradicted myself, that control is greed. Well is it? When children playing together form a line, and one of them takes command of the others and has them follow them and have them do what they do, is that greed? Is the child actively thinking “I want to be in control”. I think it is a natural human reaction to humanity to want power. I think it is possible for the subtle thirst for power and control to transfer itself to greed, but I believe this is a rarity. When I said self-preservation, I meant it. Don Vito Corleone wanted to escape his horrible lifestyle and take of control of what was around him. He built an empire and forced people to fear him. I think Genghis Kahn’s reasons were far more honorable, he may have done it for the preservation of his people, of the Mongols; if he stopped conquering, they would win and his people would die out, he was ultimately right as history told, but that was because the conquered were just defending themselves. I think the same reason applies for Hitler as it did Don Vito Corleone. Hitler wanted revenge more than anything else.

Back to humanity. Why did humanity follow any of these men? Was it a promise of hope? A lie told again and again that proved hope was there in the distance. If only, if only their people could come together, could they grasp hope in the distance.

And now for something completely different (thank you Monty Python). Cheap Labor. This is about human preservation, and our power over those we do not know. Every time you go to Wal-mart, Target or any store really, you are probably purchasing something made in an Asian country. I barely know about the working conditions of any of these factories, maybe their paradise, maybe they get far wage, but I doubt it, and so does CNN when they run out stories. Let’s say for example that you just bought a pair of blue jeans from your friendly neighborhood Wal-mart; and let us also say for example, that the blue jeans were made in a children labor factory where they get paid 4 cents a day and sleep huddled together each night in a room the size your kitchen. You may be thinking about this thought, the thought that you just sold your soul to the devil for jeans. Humanity does it ALL of the time, Everyday . Humanity is consistent in something else, in relation to this. They all reason. Humanity thinks the following. The fact they are getting 4 cents a day is better than nothing, China is too populated and the factory is a safe house, I have to get my jeans from somewhere, there is nothing I can do for them, I can’t stop Wal-mart and make their lives better. Everyone thinks these thoughts. I do, every time I shop at Wal-mart. These are horrible thoughts. Wal-mart just made $97 BILLION last year. A ridiculous gross disgusting amount of money. And we think once again, there is nothing we can do. Probably just rambling on now. Let’s refocus.

Humanity finds it ok to survive, in exchange for the misfortune of others, just because we don’t know them.

I think this a true statement. Maybe I’ll change it in time, but currently, as of 1:03 AM on March, 29th 2008, I believe it.

I really wanted to talk about Love as my last point. At this point in the writing though, it seems somehow daunting to take on the negativity I just presented. So let me sum-up. Love is just as powerful as anything written above. I need to believe this. I need to. Love is more powerful than self-preservation, it has to be.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


this is mom,
sorry, but the rest of the pics i can't do,
and no one is around to help,
i picked out alittle sample of Easter with the kids too,
maybe next year,love, mom

a little glimpse of Easter

The Foundation of Energy

About 120 Seconds ago, I saw something really cool, because of how simply brilliant it was. In North Dakota, there is a coal factory.
The coal is burned.
The burning coal produces heat which boils water.
The boiling water produces steam.
The steam powers a turbine which spins at 3600 RPM
The turbine powers power-lines which gives electricity to homes across the state.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pachelbel Rant

Pachelbel Rant

Point Break 2

So who knew? I didn't, and I live on the internet. Point Break 2 was greenlit around may 15th 2007. It is supposed to come out in 2009. Although apparently Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer as of earlier this month. He is 55 years old. I guess the movie is about Swayze's character after escaping in the first film. Keanu Reeves won't be in it though, according to a recent interview.

Also, go here, what gives? I hate the internet some times.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's on TV Tonight?

Hate channel changing and commercials as much as I do? Go To IMDB's TV Listings to find out what is on tv.

Make sure you have the correct date and time located at the top of the page.

IMDB TV Listings

Grammer Error

I got my grammar quiz back yesterday. The final question was a bonus question.
The question stated, "Compose a sentence in which you correctly use the word though as a conjunctive adverb."

I answered, "Dr. Bradshaw teaches grammer; I, though, learn grammer."

Technically the answer was correct.
But when I got it back, Bradshaw had written, "No credit for a sentence in which grammar is misspelled."

I thought it was hilarious. I should have just falcon punched it anyway.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Grammar help???

Finn (perhaps Hilary...but I don't hold out hope that any other of you will know the answer to this): which sentence is grammatically correct? I honestly do not know...

1. How do inactivity and aging affect skeletal muscle?
2. How does inactivity and aging affect skeletal muscle?
3. How do inactivity and aging effect skeletal muscle?
4. How does inactivity and aging effect skeletal muscle?

Which one?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Babies

Easter Egg hunt at Frits' Church

some things

1. this is a really interesting thing- it is on hotmail today... main point is that the "look at me" generation (born after 1982) is documented and documents itself... what are the implications as far as relationships, intimacy, authenticity, and living in the moment go?

2. i talked to bikers about doping and the possible development of a true, modern day superhuman the other weekend. fascinating stuff... it seems to me that humans are desirous, and what's more, capable, of always pushing the limit further and further. athletes operate at 20% their natural ability due to drugs. people are now flying like demi moore in the second charlie's angels. some people jump without devices because, as one crazy biker told me, the body is water, and it's actually hard to kill. what will we be in a few generations?

3. i danced with a man who i guessed was 200 years old last night to country music. he was charlie wells to the 10th. cowboy hat, plaid shirt and vest, mocassins, i'm sure there were critters in his beard, rougher than sand paper hands, and a santa claus twinkle in the eye. he told me he used to be dangerous but not to dwell on it. ok...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Is Time Disappearing?

Is Time Disappearing?

Awesome article that everyone should read.

Also, most powerful computer being developed.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Anatomy and Physiology

Check out this assignment that I just prepared for my A and P class.

Hannah, what do you think?

Anatomy and Physiology II Spring, 2008
Assignment #2
Duedate: This assignment is due by noon on Friday, March 28th. Please place the assignment in the folder attached to my office door.

Assignment: Provide typed, double-spaced answers to the following questions. Please make sure that your responses are organized, thoughtful, and clearly articulated. As always, length of the response is not as important as the quality of the response; well-conceived answers to the questions are what I am looking for. When you read and edit (and re-edit…) your responses, make sure that you have written exactly what you want to “say.”

Question #1: Nicotine is a drug that is widely available in tobacco products (e.g., cigarettes), and when inhaled it is absorbed very rapidly into the bloodstream. In fact, it is detectable in the brain (i.e., the central nervous system) only 8 seconds after inhalation. Nicotine has a variety of effects on physiological function, but cardiovascular function is especially influenced. Heart rate and blood pressure commonly increase, and blood flow to the skin decreases. Sometimes, however, nicotine causes an irregular heart rate and variable changes in blood pressure.

Based on your knowledge of the autonomic nervous system, discuss the anatomical and physiological reasons that nicotine has such a potent influence on cardiovascular function.

Question #2: As a requirement for a class that you are taking, you are spending one day shadowing a brain surgeon at a local hospital. On this particular day, the surgeon meets with the medical residents to discuss recent cases of patients that have had a lesion in the brain. A lesion is a general term describing a localized area of diseased or disordered tissue, in this case, most likely from a stroke. One of the residents presents four cases of patients that were brought to the hospital with the following four functional impairments: 1) almost complete paralysis of the appendages on the left side of the body; 2) an inability to sense stimuli that contact the skin and an inability to determine the level of stretch or tension in the skeletal muscles; 3) random emotional outbursts and hungry all the time; and 4) an irregular heart rate and breathing rate.

Based on your knowledge of the anatomy of the central nervous system, predict the areas of the brain or brainstem that are affected by the lesions in these four patients. Be as specific as you can in isolating the effected areas, and provide sound rationale for why you chose the regions of the brain or brainstem that you did.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


hans's look- a-like according to baylan

Monday, March 17, 2008

mom wanted to see the finished hallway - well it still needs some decoration
bedroom: dark purple paint, we're going to paint the edges of the frames as well. brown translucent curtainswedding fabric curtains in living room

more pictures

i made this kitchen table out of a couple futons we found out on the sidewalk.
red-tail across the street. it was chasing a sparrow but missed and settled above sidewalk. a city bird.

I'm bored and hungry

Kahshe Check out the guns!

An extremely good-looking duo

Still wondering why GQ hasn't called me about this photo yet

I don't really understand if this is a picture of an alien or of Emily...Frits, wanna weigh in on this?

Impressive picture, Emily.

VA photography competition

Hi, a little belated; but I just wanted to announce that Jamie recieved 1st place in a Virginia state wide newspaper photography competition in the "Sports Feature" category (Virginia includes DC in the competition). This is especially neat since the competition was for all of 2007 and she was only here for 2-months. The awards ceremony was Saturday, but Jamie unfortunately could not attend.

We Are the World: 1985

Awareness test

Shadow Puppets: A Wonderful World

Friday, March 14, 2008

All I Ask of You: Connie Fisher and Michael Ball

Connie Fisher, a singer who has performed as Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music on stage, sings All I ask of You with Michael Ball. Connie Fisher is 25 years old.

Here is Connie Fisher singing the Sound of Music in 2006.

Eavesdrop Post: Pancake Euphoria

Read an awesome overheard story here

House having a closed session

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The House of Representatives agreed to go into a closed session Thursday night for the first time since 1983 to debate revisions to federal surveillance laws.

The session is not expected to take place until late Thursday, since police need to conduct a security sweep of the chamber before debate can begin.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is there anyone cooler than gabriella montez?

bizzy, talking to gabriella montez(aka- undercover ant hil)

could'nt stop smiling and biting her nails,
she is her passion and idol and other identity.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monsters vs. Aliens

Solely because of the cast, I am excited for this movie. Don't even care what the premise it.

  • Rainn Wilson - the evil alien Gallaxhar
  • Hugh Laurie - Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D.
  • Seth Rogen - the jellylike B.O.B.
  • Will Arnett - the half-ape, half-fish Missing Link
  • Kiefer Sutherland - General W.R. Monger
  • Stephen Colbert - The President
Read about it here

Monday, March 10, 2008

Seth: American Portrait Society Competition

Seth's portrait of Echo in his studio, is one of 20 selected as a finalist in the Portrait Society of America 2008 Competition. In Philadelphia, April 12th at the Society convention, the winner will be announced. Very exciting and wonderful news for Seth and family.

Vermont vs. New Mexico

Primarily for Hilary, who STILL doesn't quite get it...


Vertical rise, 2,612 feet
Average snowfall, 305 inches

Smuggler's Notch, Vermont (where Hans rides):

Vertical rise, 2,610 feet
Average snowfall, I do not know, but we are over 300 inches for this year so far

It is not the absolute elevation that matters as much as the CHANGE in elevation that the slopes traverse - in this case, Smugg's and skitaos are literally identical. My understanding is that the mountains in the east are more rugged and rocky than those out west. And, most people think skiing/riding is better out west, as well.

Hans out

Smash Bros Foxtrot

Better deal

Frits and Emily and the 2 best heathens in the world are going to a 4 bedroom 4 bath totally free house (with cable) across the street from a beach on Hilton head Island beginning this sunday and continuing non stop for 4 nights (maybe 5) or until thursday (maybe friday). THis is the deal, this is not a joke, i am totally serious, none of you have ever been this serious before, you have no idea how serious i am, to proove to you how serious i am to you all i am giong to write the remainder of this email while holding my breath, i don't care if i get blue in the face, what is suffering for lack of oxygen to the lungs and heart and brain when one is a serious as i am, i wil tell you, it is nothing, lack of air, hah, doubel hah. This vacation home invitation is open to anyone in the family. If you want to come then you can come. it is that easy. I just need to know before hand so we can get entrance passes to this very elite establishment. I would like to continue but i am running out of ai..........

Outer Banx

If I were Hilary, I would just quit. If I were dad, I would fly up here on Thursday night, and if I were Noah, Seth or Holland, I would take the week off and meet us on the road, and if I were York or Frits, I would send me some money for gas, which will run over $300.00 for the trip.

Hans out

Sunday, March 9, 2008

i'm the winner

ok, since i'm the first to respond to your request,
i'm the winner,
or the one to go,
but i have a problem which cna't be ignored,
puppies, due , exactly that week,
so' im out,
since this is my only job for the year to earn some $.
you can wait to hear from the girls, but
they both have school,
frits and emily are going to the outter banks the week between palm sun and Easter, which is in anohter week,
finn and fl will jsut have gone back also from their spring break,
i think noah and jill should consider, if they can,
hilary, are you up to a short vacaciton, whihc cna't happen either, bc you're on
no vac mode for several more months until your new company lets you take one,
i think york has too much to do, seth, kat?
holland and jamie, i know you're prob in move mode, but any thinking about a camping trip,
lcive would love it,
well, i think there is one, dad!
voe, mom
the week would be great for him
and he could write his book,
and read,
and learn to surf,
lvoe, mom

The Beach in April of 2008

OK, everybody, here is the deal: Hans has just about decided to head down to the Outer Banx, NC for his April Spring Break. For several reasons, he does not want to go alone, and he will be unlikely to find anybody to go with him at this point. Thus, one of you need to go along with him - this is not a joke, this is for real. Spring Break week is April 7 - April 11, and he would like to leave VT on April 4th. The plan this time is to drive all night, and get to the Outer Banx during the morning of the 5th, and he needs a driver to help him with this task. The return date will probably be Friday, April 11, or perhaps Saturday, April 12. The best option would be for somebody to fly into Burlington on the 3rd or 4th...who is coming? If more than one person wants to come along, maybe you could drive up to Washington or something to visit the slackers up there, and then meet me on the way down???


Peace out

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Day!!



Super Smash Bros Official Website

Basically, in a very small nutshell. Smash Bros Brawl (the 3rd game in the series) is about an assortment of Nintendo characters and other 3rd party characters that fight. It is pretty much the most fun game ever, as well as the most strategic game ever. People have spent 6+ years becoming masters at Super Smash Bros Melee (the 2nd game in the series) this game, and making a living off it travelling across the world in tournaments. The game is one of the most anticipated ever, with millions of copies pre-ordered across the world. Really, it is hard to explain, but let me put it this way. If you have been playing melee for the past 6 years, like many many people have, I've personally been doing it for about 2+, you grow incredibly attached. Most of life is put-aside when the release is imminent and upon us. There is almost nothing more exciting in the recent years for many gamers. This day is the like the apocalypse, but good and not the end of the world.

How to Post a Youtube Video: A Tutorial

Step 1: Locate the Embed

Step 2: Copy the Link

Step 3: When you are creating a post on the blog. Go Here, to the "Edit HTML"

Step 4: Paste the embed link that you copied from youtube
Step 5: You are done, click "Publish Post"

*Click Images to Enlarge Them

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally, the Song We've All Been Waiting For

Weis and Hickman, by Melt Wizard.

Harry Potter Fan Documentary

Like Trekkies or Lord of the Fans, but Harry Potter subculture.
We Are Wizards.

Official Trailer:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


For people who have been listening to The Lion King. In the song "They Live in You", Mamela means "Listen"

furnished apartment

couch and movieshelf
Persian rug- Iranian, handmade, high knottage (knots per square inch). most stores would sell this for maybe 3-4 thousand dollars. we got it for $680, in someone's
no-overhead basement. 30 years old, no flaws that i know of.
living room with lots of light thru windows, records
full view living room

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Average 2007 Game Review Scores

*Click to Enlarge


Chuck Norris Song

This is for Hans, and anyone else who wants to laugh alot.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Lion King Broadway

I went on Youtube, found every song from The Lion King Broadway and compiled it into a playlist. Don't pay attention to the videos themselves, just listen to the music. Click play once and they should all play through in order as it is on the Original Soundtrack. There are 20 Songs.

Circle of Life
Grasslands Chant
The Morning Report
Lioness Hunt
I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Chow Down
They Live In You
Be Prepared
The Stampede
Rafiki Mourns
Hakuna Matata
One By One
The Madness Of King Scar
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Endless Night
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
He Lives In You (Reprise)
Simba Confronts Scar
King Of Pride Rock / Circle Of Life (Reprise)

Raven and Hilary Duff Circle of Life

This is for Hannah and Evergreen

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fun on the Farm

Danc'n Fool
"I can twirl like a princess too..."

Tired Afternoon
"I thought I said use the potty..."

Young Love

"Ewww, we're cousins"

Cow Tipping in Culpeper...
"You get the one on the left, I'll get the one on the right"

"Go Fetch...Daddy"

The most beautiful thing...Clivers

He's just more Incredible everyday. Look at those lashes...He's obviously up to no good.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Somegreybloke and Religion

Somegreybloke chooses a religion finally.

Part 1 (Posted October)

Part 2 (Posted today, March)

is this evergreen, or what??


i would give another finger

3d Graffitti

Also, 400th Post.

i would give a finger

TED and Moon Explosions

Tour the Universe. TED is science's new invention. It combines telescopes around the world, owned by various companies, organizations, ect. By combining these telescope captures, seamlessly, they have created an interactable universe that anyone can explore.

No joke. Come this spring, anyone, for free, can download the program and travel the universe as seen by countless telescopes.

Worldwide Telescope

On another note, have you heard that NASA is going to hit the moon with a giant bomb. Or in more technical terms, two ton liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen rocket that is going 9000 km/h (5,592.34 mp/h)

I guess they want to see if by blowing it up, water will come out or something. We'll see soon enough, although I don't know the date they want to do it.