Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day

Terrible Hans with gentle sweet Baylan.

Twins cameras for their 21st birthday.
Opal comforting Malon while he goes potty

Mission Trip Picture

Mission Trip Dedication

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

first who is sydney pollack,
can you guys put pics on the blog of the kids,
i just sent a long email so dont really know what to say, i think i need baylan to help me with spanish,
anyways, hola
going to get off so i dont have to pay to much,
love ev

My Apartment

My Apartment 01

My Apartment 02

My Apartment 03

My Apartment 04

My Apartment 05

My Apartment 06

My Apartment 07

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Happening Improv

Watch the Video Here

I will never cease to be amazed by people's reactions to things. For example, if I was someone there, I swear the very first thing I would do is go to tickle one of the collapsed people. Ultimately though, pretty sure 95% of them knew somehow that it was real and was a prank, even if they didn't consciously think it, they were warey to call 911 because of a gut feeling that it wasn't some strange "happening".

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Underwater Astonishments


At 2:40 is particularly awesome.

Metal Gear: Lupin the 3rd Style

None of you will get this but Finn.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the days of my life

yep, today was a veritable soap opera.
besides the flat tire on the mesa and the grumpy supervisor,

without more than 15 seconds warning, and without entirely appropriate clothes (i had a ugandan head scarf wrapped around my camosal-covered waist) i was asked to testify by the public defender representing one of my former MST clients.
i had to hold my hand up and vow to speak the truth and all that.
in front of the infamously scary and very grumpy judge.

i was even cross-examined.
i had told the public defender that i believe, in my professional opinion, that treatment is "appropriate" for my kid.
the prosecuting district attorney then asked, "ms. haverkamp, do you generally believe that treatment is more appropriate than commitment (to prison)?"
to which i laughed because i have had this same conversation, albeit of a more casual nature, with a juvenile probation officer before. that officer frequently gets grumpy with me for pushing for treament rather than commitment. he once asked, exasperated, if i would say it's O.K. for a rapist or murderer to go to prison.

to which i replied, "i am a social worker. i assess everything through context. i cannot answer that question."
needless to say, he remained exasperated.

anyway, the public defender then asked if i have ever known a kid who has outlived treatment and deserves commitment? i said no.
she then asked, grabbing at straws, if i could conceivably imagine that a kid might outlive treatment and deserve commitment. i said yes.

but then, i can also also conceivably imagine human beings flying one day.

on top of it all, the public defender had to dance around newly aroused suspicion that a key member in the community has... let's just say... done wrong to my client. this same key member has been a key player in my client's fate. every week a new twist, seemingly revolving around this key member. and since this is taos, as gossipy as a ugandan village, or andy griffith's town, things are spoken freely in the streets but secretly in the court room.

so, in the end, the case was continued... and my client remains in jail for the third month in a row.

'twas a lovely day.

Water Lillies

This movie looks really good too

Up The Yangtze

Watch this movie trailer

puffer fish look alike

you know , that littel puffer fish looks alot like keith,
really,lvoe, me

VA Beach

A little late, but here some photos to keep Sally and Kieth entertained while in the hospital. And yes, more and more Clive is Holland's little mini-me. Although a moma's boy through and through :)


yeap, not hilary and eve going to nursing school.
but hannah and ev.
lvoe, mom
so,are we all up to vt.?

Monday, May 19, 2008


i think we should all move in with hans,
rlelay think abou t it,
dad only coughs, and choks constantly,
and we would share amoung us,
well, maybe a couple of dozen dogs,
that;s a pack,
and evergreen and hilary could go to nursing school at
groovey uvey,
and seth could paint hippies
while kat makes fabric art, very hippy,
and holland, and jamie could record it all
for documentary award winning can festival,
i think we could get noha and jill,there, bc
they probably need a modern dance studio,
and definitly yoga people have pianos,
we all know frits used to lvoe the vt, and ny side mountains,
and emily did her best pumkin carving there ever,
plus ,s he could teach, an alwasy handy profession anywhere,
hilary is already invited,
it's a no brainer for york and erin, the original plaid shirters,
fl and fn, need a place to open their own studio for gaming
done , like in a new place outside silicone valley,
and dad could retire, coughing and choking, and sit and watch the grass on the mountains grow,
close to the ocean too,
so, what do you all think?????
idd i forget anyone,
voe, mom

golden boy strikes again

well, i've decided to quit my job, rather than take a leave of absence.
per typical hilary-as-an-adult style, i had to chart, list, write, pray and meditate on this. i had to talk it out and think it out and ponder it over and leave it for later like bunnies and talk myself this way and that until i could finally be sure of what i already knew.

many people contributed to the making of this decision, although the decision was one hundred percent mine, in the end.

mom had an emotional knee-jerk reaction to the news of the pending second surgery by asking if i wanted to A) go to guatemala or B) play nurse and puppy sitter, but to come home definitely.
hans urged me to fly home to see dad- because why not, he did it.
york said that the more he thought about it, the more obvious the right decision was to him.
evergreen said it would really help around the house to have me there to take care of all the puppies and york's and erin's dogs.
fern called me and said, "i DO want you to come home."

but frits, ah, golden boy frits, of whom i had just spoken the day before as someone who is no more wise than me but having less emotion and therefore as being more wise (but less "human") in an OBVIOUS (and annoying) sort of way; this same frits, whom hans and i GUFAW at due to mom's obsession at his golden boyness... yes, it was this big bother (i mean brother) of mine who spit out with elegance and ease certain pearls which led me clearly to this most recent decision.

so, we can goof and chide him all we want, call him "golden boy" and "nature boy," and wonder at his mysterious effect on people... but, he got me.

in fact, he had me at hello.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


This movie looks awesome.
About Genghis Khan.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Things I Really Don't Like/Hate

I've had a really bad week, so here is a list of things I really don't like/hate.


People not caring

People caring about things they shouldn't

Lack of respect

People who smoke

A lack of privacy

King DeDeDe

People who don't respect the work that has been put into genius video games, movies or books

People who don't respect a fair relationship

A lack of fruit and vegetable to eat


People creating idols out of humans

Game companies that take advantage of shelf buyers to score some money on a low quality /no effort video games

People who don't respect the fact that other human being have stories just as fascinating as they do

People who complain all of the time like it is a full time job

The people who refuse to work with others

Marth's Tip

Samus' lack of dexterity in Brawl

Defense Lawyers

The people that look past the awesome and only see what they want to

Relying on other people to do things that involve me in any way

Big SUV's and other large cars that don't need to exist

Internet Explorer

Internet Advertising

My current lifestyle

The fact that June 8th isn't here yet


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ancient Statue

Just an interesting article that I thought was deservant sharing:
Divers Find Ancient Bust of Caesar


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This one broke my sternum

What is the difference between a catfish and a lawyer?

One is a scum-sucking bottom feeder, the other is a fish.


SuperTramp is an amazing band. Goodbye Stranger is one of the greatest songs ever written.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A game design article

I know some of you wonder why I like video game and game design.
This article I wrote might help explain a bit.
Fable 2: In Real Life

To get an idea for the game in discussion, you should also watch the demonstration from which the information is culled. There might be advertisments before each video. Let them run or click on the video and then you will be able to return to the tab and skip the ad.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Some Grey Bloke: Talk Radio

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Marvel vs DC/Ironman vs Batman

Watch the video here

Hilarious video mocking "Hi I'm a mac, Hi I'm a PC"

blood for oil

for anyone who hasn't seen "there will be blood," i so so so so highly recommend it. it is as close to perfect as a movie can come.
from the first moment, you forget that daniel day lewis is acting.
he IS the character.
warning: some shocking violence that may take you unawares

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yes, GTA is a Big Deal

Read This

But I'll sum up.

Grand Theft Auto IV broke world records in many categories.

The first day on sale globally, GTA IV sold 3.6 million units, earning $310 million.

The first week on sale globally, GTA IV sold 6 million copies, earning $500 million.

To put this in perspective, GTA IV broke the record for best selling launch of an entertainment product, which includes movies and music. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was the previous record holder, earning $404 million in its first week in theatres. Obviously, GTA IV destroyed that. The previous record holder for best selling video game launch, was Halo 3, which grossed $300 million. GTA IV broke that record day one.

A lot of people may not like the game, but it sure as heck sells well.

This is the Washington Post girl i am painting. This is the main image being used, mostly for her face, i am using different pictures for her clothing....

still lifes

Really bad pictures of my 2 newest still lives. I am working on 2 more at the moment that are so bloody time consuming i'm hoping for $5,000 a piece....dont get any ideas hans....

X-Men Animated Series

Mirrors Edge

This is what it means to be a genius Game Designer, and a great production studio. Witness the incredible.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


just so your all informed, jill and i are renting a car and driving up to Jessica Frere's wedding (jill grew up with her and she was at our wedding) in canada on July 18th. Then we'll be at Kahshe from the 20nd thru 23nd. give or take a day. anyone else?
but, this past sunday we went to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Reserve instead. Jill identified 8 new species for her, and I saw 4. Good birding day. here is a tree swallow. i've never seen them so brilliant and irridescent. dozens of them.

here is a Brant. hundreds of them.
Eastern Towhee. it sings "drink your tea!"
a baby goose. 2 of the Geese made their nests just a few feet from the human path.

Prospect Park Botanical Gardens

for the first few months i didn't realize this place was just down the road. it's a private park, very large. we bought a family membership so we can always go and bring a guest. next time someone comes to visit they must attend. all the trees and plants are labeled. here are pictures of gigantic greenhouses. there are 3 separate arooms: rainforest, desert, and temperate.
the last picture is when the magnolias were peaking. the next week they were gone. we like to go every sunday so we can see the changes.

A Song about Rivendell from the Masters


Wonderful lyrics to a song from the greatest band of all-time.

The song, as you will gather from the title, is in reference to one of the greatest written trilogies of all time and the absolute greatest cinematic adaptation of a literary work of all-time.

hans out

check this out!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

IM Status

His Status: One Step Closer...
My Reply: Too bad you are on a treadmill

to live my life

just so everyone is up to date...

i have decided, for sure, to go back to uganda. this is for two reasons:

1) be with richard again, and decide if we are going to continue with each other or break up.
2) try to get pregnant.

richard and i have talked and thought and prayed and meditated beyond counting, beyond depth. we are as sure as is possible, given the uncertainties and associated fears in life.

we are choosing to honor our love. i am seizing the spirit and magic by which i try to live my life.

i'm going to be requesting a leave of absence from work and should be heading off sometime after mom's birthday celebration. i'm thinking i'll be gone 2-3 months.

so, that's it. just wanted everyone to know. and to have the same information.

[apparently, mom is spreading a rumor that i'm going to have the baby in canada, (on green island even!), to get the baby dual citizenship. don't know where that came from, but it's a pretty good idea.]

peace out.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Jung Personality Indicator

I took a simplified version of this in psychology class a while back. This one has a few more questions. The official one cost money unfortunately. Anyway, just took the test. The numbers and outcome only changed slightly.

Personally, this is really accurate. The only thing I thought that I disagreed with in this description, was the relationship part. I think I am more of a "feeler" than a "thinker".

INTJ Description

This is what I would be good at apparently

Anyway, I think it would be pretty cool if everyone took the test, so we could compare results against one another. Ofcourse, if you don't want to reveal your innards, that is ok too.

Take the Jung Typology Test Here

Fletcher: I: 33 N: 50 T: 12 J: 56

Radio Lab: Detective Stories

I don't know how many of you know about Radio Lab. It is the coolest thing on the radio, and not surprisingly on NPR. Anyway, I've been listening to episodes of Radio Lab which are usually about 1 hour long. The one I just listened to was called "Detective Stories". This is very very cool. I suggest just listening to it while you work. I download it, but you can stream it if you want too.

Download or Stream Here

The Virginian Kids

Very Cool


This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long while I think. Even if you are not into outdoor adventure activities, it is still worth the look.

Hanssssss out

Friday, May 2, 2008

Neil Diamond: I am I Said

I think Brooke White did pretty good, but I think Neil is a little better. See for yourselves.

wood and fire