Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is the best Skier in the WORLD

This video is awesome. I can't believe how fast this guy is.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Poll: Intelligent Life?

This website Gamefaqs (Game Facts and Questions) has a daily poll. This was their poll today.

It is interesting because the curve is almost perfect. Unexpecting results I thought.

Do you believe that intelligent life exists outside of Earth?

No, we are alone in the universe 5.92% 5368

Maybe life, but probably not intelligent life 17.39% 15758

Yes, but we're too far apart to ever meet 51.9% 47035

Yes, and they've visited Earth before 17.67% 16016

Yes, and they walk among us! 7.11% 6443


Possibly the saddest thing ever

Jet Li talks about human participation

Thursday, January 29, 2009


blistered sky on waves,
fiery sea, foam and sand.
ancient rhythms, now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New In Town Reviews

You know that movie, "New In Town" with that horrible actress? Either way, it has been reviewed 7 times so far on Rotten Tomatoes and has an outstanding score of 0% out of 100%. Here are two awesome review quotes.

Frank Swietek: Frozen Capracorn [that] will leave you cold...Minnesotans might legitimately want to sue for defamation.

Michael Rechtshaffen: This snowy Minnesota rom-com is as funny as frostbite.


I feel bad for the people that made this film if it is so disliked. I mean, maybe they were trying to make just a good romantic comedy. But if that their defense, they should have tried to make it good. There may be something to say about movies that attempt to be a "good old movie"; but there is more to say about a movie that takes the money it was given to produce, and make something unique. I don't pay 20$ to get into a museum full of circles and squares, or 60$ on a game that's like Pong, so I don't think we should take it lightly that someone made a film that has been done 1 million times before, but to a lesser quality.

Nedroid: Free Internet Pizza

Click to enlarge the image

Another wonderful addition from

2nd known Octuplets Born

Read Here

Some of you have probably heard that the 2nd known octuplets in recorded history were just born.

Monday, January 26, 2009

ok freak out

ok, freak out , what' s with the new blue color,
love it, but i thought i lost my brain, or site,
we'll have to try it and see, how it goes,
but good creative try,
nothing like change to wake things up,
lvoe, mom


i was just wondering if we could maybe change the color palatte/design of the blog, its so boooring, makes me need some coffee or something

obama and environment

Last week York wondered how much Obama would actually DO. I have received consistent good news from different groups. Here is an example from NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council):

Dear Noah,

Less than a week into office, President Obama announced monumental decisions this morning that show America and the world that he will lead our country in a bold new direction to protect the environment and fight global warming.

The President directed his EPA to immediately review the Bush Administration's denial of the right of California and other states to set global warming pollution standards for new cars. He also directed the Department of Transportation to set higher national fuel efficiency standards.

What will that mean in the real world? If Obama's EPA, as expected, approves the California program, new cars sold in that state and at least 13 others will have to reduce their global warming pollution by 30 percent between 2009 and 2016. And the Department of Transportation will require more efficient new cars to be on the road starting in 2010, and set a course for the average new car to achieve maximum feasible fuel efficiency by 2020.

Simply put, President Obama is not just stepping up to the threat of climate chaos. His call for a fleet of cleaner cars will help reduce our dangerous dependence on oil and push automakers to make the cars that the world wants and needs in the 21st century.

NRDC's climate attorneys were present at the White House this morning, and you can imagine their elation at this historic breakthrough. Thanks to your support, NRDC led the fight in 2002 for California's Clean Cars Law -- the very first law to cut global warming pollution from automobiles.

And when the Bush Administration and the automakers threw up roadblocks to that law, NRDC and our partners took the legal fight all the way to the Supreme Court -- and won. But the Bush EPA persisted in its unlawful obstructionism until the bitter end.

This morning, President Obama took America's foot off the brake and put cleaner cars into high gear. The automakers should be lining up to thank him. This is just the kind of turbo-charged policy they need to start producing cars that are better for the planet, better for consumers, and better for the economy.

What a difference a new President makes! But I also want to recognize your generous support and online activism that kept NRDC's clean car campaign in drive through eight tough years and countless courtrooms.

We were in the White House this morning representing you. And I truly believe this is just the beginning. If we seize this rare opportunity for environmental change, there's no telling what we can do in 2009. Congratulations!

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Giga-pixel the Inauguration

It will take a while to load.

thoughts on environmental living?

i promise to keep this short. truly short this time.
i have dedicated the month of january to exploring the reasons to live environmentally-well and how to do so. i won't go into details of my path that brought me to this agenda of the month, but suffice it to say i always wonder about things, instinctively consider the various sides and angles, question it all, and passionately yearn to live my life according to my convictions. i want to be good, loving, and effective (if that makes sense) at all times. i am reviewing my reasons for living lightly and the specific choices i have made toward that end. i am both a scientist and not a scientist.
so i am really struggling.
please, if anyone wants to contribute their thoughts, reasons and any information to my quest, do so. i'm doing research on... where the water goes, global warming, toxic substances and effects on humans and environment, etc.
i ponder:
the history of our planet;
its natural cycles;
our contribution to the state of things;
our role as the very particular and powerful species we are;
the possibility of there existing an ethical line and the question of having crossed it;
the relative value of long-term versus short-term, suffering and compassion;
the value of one life and one day in a sea of 80 billion humans thus far and an unknown lifetime of our planet;
the value of exercising caution in the face of questions;
the premise of energy and karma and balance;
etc etc etc...
i list these things so people will consider them also as they comment and contribute. i found a book at the book store called "the skeptical environmentalist." it seemed great but stressful. the reviews on the internet are mixed. people-- whether scientist or emotional agenda-pusher-- can find data and prove their arguments either way. this all plays a part and i want so badly to untangle the mess and live lightly yet wisely and well-informed.
i love our planet and all her creatures, and in the end, maybe that's what it should come down to.
i also only have one more week to figure this all out if i want to reach my deadline!
thanks, bye.

Sephi Lineberg

Remember Ri¢hie Ri¢h the movie? Well I do. After randomly remembering it, I said to Michael, "Remember that chick from Richie Rich? I bet she is hot now"

Fortunately there is the internet, and I was correct.

Interview with "Ricardo Silva"

I just read a pretty fascinating interview with a guy who had a lot of pretty strange things to say.

The interview is pretty freaking long, but probably worth the read. It is ultimately about this guy explaining events that has happened throughout his life that deal with strange experiences and information about secret things that he has come to know.

I don't expect any of you to read it, but I think if you aren't doing anything one night, it might be worth it. It's like reading a fiction novel, so think of it as reading a book, rather than an interview.

Read the interview here

Friday, January 23, 2009

What is Obama Doing?

There is a site I found that tracks what Obama does each day.

I figured there must have been one in existence so I searched for it. Of course I was right because it's the internet; and that is what the internet does, things for people, nicest non-machine I know.

Here it is

Pirating the 2009 Oscars

Lenticular Cloud Formation

From Nasa

"What's happening above those mountains? Several clouds are stacked up into one striking lenticular cloud. Normally, air moves much more horizontally than it does vertically. Sometimes, however, such as when wind comes off of a mountain or a hill, relatively strong vertical oscillations take place as the air stabilizes. The dry air at the top of an oscillation may be quite stratified in moisture content, and hence forms clouds at each layer where the air saturates with moisture. The result can be a lenticular cloud with a strongly layered appearance. The above picture was taken in 2002 looking southwest over the Tararua Range mountains from North Island, New Zealand."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Street Art

High Five Inauguration

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Internet Culturual Learnings of the Day

I figured I'd educate some of you on a little Internet past-time called Lolcats, which means laugh-out-loud cats. Lolcats goes back to people captioning photos to make them funny but, to my knowledge, more specifically originated with this image:
And now theres a whole website, in fact, many websites, but one in particular: I Can Has Cheezburger.
And that's pretty much it. Most of the images uploaded are pretty funny, all involving pictures of animals and mispelled captioning.

hilary can haz cds...

... as finn would say...

no obligation and no pressure.
but a request to people if they want to and are able to make me a couple cds,
since nearly all of mine, and certainly all of my favorites (as they were the ones in my car) were stolen.
for example,
all my rusted roots (except holl, i think you still have their #3 album)
my 28th birthday cd from york and erin!!!
brett dennen and others...
the mixes from hans
oh my, and so so so many others!
the mixes from all my ex's are gone forever
and that is close to the worst of it all.

in case it ups the ante...
jessica and al made me a mix and mailed it!
the first song is my all time favorite,
"it's my life" by the great jon bon jovi...
i have no idea how they knew to put that on!


Leading lines, Color, and Composition

I Finally had a chance to look at photos from Edisto and just wanted to share some. Jamie

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

today is the day

that feels so big and wonderful, nay, that IS so big and wonderful...
i am happily at a loss for words.
it is so touching for so many reasons and on so many levels,
seen from so many angles and in so many lights.

i guess i want to say congratulations to us all, to all americans, and to all the people of the world.

if there has ever been a reason to believe in hope and change,
as cliche as those words have become,
now is the time.

i really do now believe that good, critical and sustainable life-breathing change will happen.

in honor of this belief and hope and change
in honor of who he is
and what he represents

congratulations and peace!
eat it up and enjoy!

alfa romeo and chrysler

noah this one is for you. fiat the maker of alfa romeo is keeping chrysler afloat, and may take full control eventually. cool, huh?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Finn, which one?

Shannon displays an exceptional work ethic, and is, by all appearances, highly motivated to excel in the nursing field.

Shannon displays an exceptional work ethic, and by all appearances is highly motivated to excel in the nursing field.

Or perhaps this one?

Shannon displays an exceptional work ethic, and is by all appearances highly motivated to excel in the nursing field.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Game: Waving Hands

Jill & i were researching board games from this amazing website where you can specify what kind of game you want,, and we found this amazing game called Waving Hands. We may try to learn it.
It's 2 player, and you fight eachother as wizards using hand gestures! like rock paper scissors only much higher level. it's very highly reviewed and almost all skill.
Plus, it's free. You can download the instructions from the webpage.

Friday, January 16, 2009

long story short, kinda

so i parked where the therapists told me to park, and i worked late because i'm trying to learn how to do my job, and my wallet was in the glove compartment because i'm trying to figure out if it's safer there or in the school during the day, and there was noah's christmas gift, brightly and jollily wrapped, from frits, and my home videos from abroad, both in the car because mom had just given them to me and there's no where to put them in my house because it's so small and there's only one closet, and the tupperware was from eating a pop tart on the way to work that morning.

i unlock my car door at 5:30 pm, it's dusky, and the window is gone. 1 trillion sea blue-colored smitherings all over my car seats and dashboard. the cops can't believe i didn't know that this block is the worst of the worst of baltimore, baltimore being number 4 in the country for homicides, baltimore having had 65 THOUSAND car break-ins in the year 2008. what??? no one told you how bad it is here?!! over and over. and i was just lucky i wasn't hurt or killed myself. they were also a bit thrown by the tennessee plate, tennessee (temporary?) registration, new mexico license and bank account, and nypd tow tag that i still haven't managed to wipe off my window. not your usual fill-in-the-blanks cut and dry case.

since then, i've been told over and over all the things i did wrong (the alley where everyone else parks, out of state plates, a red car, and the now infamous christmas box). i've also been told by 95-100% of the people i've talked to, no exaggeration, that their cars have been broken into, good neighborhood or not, their house or friend's or work, thieves were strangers or neighbors, stuff in the seats or empty car, winter or summer, rain or shine, this or that. i road with my school principal to a home to find a missing student yesterday and when we got in his car, he said nonchalantly, "oh yeah, my radio was stolen? see? i just haven't replaced it yet." he says he's usually broken into once a year. when it's 65,000 in a year, just owning a car puts you at incredible risk. everything else is tedious attempts to shed off tiny percentage points of that risk. tiny attempts at protection that may or may not.

things like having a maryland license plate, driving a car that's not red, parking in the most conspicuous spot on the busiest road only, taking everything inside with you, including pennies from the console and that loose pack of gum, and not only taking the gps off the windshield, and not only removing the suction cup off the windshield, but licking the ring left behind off the windshield.

these thieves are that good. that serious. that desperate. it's drugs and poverty. poverty poverty.

i was told these guys are "astute." and i was told that baltimore is the capital for heroine, hiv and gonorrhea. every town i move to is the capital of something. espanola was the capital for heroine too, but i guess that was for the western us. forget about espanola, forget even about uganda. this is baltimore.

my boss then called an emergency, mandatory meeting for all employees at 4 pm today to discuss security and safety. (she was so upset by what happened and felt so responsible i had to practically slap her hand to keep her from writing me a check.) hopkins security and the commander major of baltimore's east district police force were present. i kept my head low and my eyes downcast every time they mentioned the "christmas box" or i was chided for parking in the alley. it wasn't until the end of the meeting that someone else finally admitted that she parks in the alley, too. she's parked there for five years. but she talks to all the guys on the street when she walks by. this includes the guys waiting out front next door for their daily meth to help them come off heroine. this also includes the guys dealing drugs in front of the corner store directly across the street. she said sometimes they like her, sometimes they don't. but she always says hi.

i also learned that there have been 8 homicides in my little eastern baltimore district (where my office is located) since january 1, 14 days ago. the commander is a minister and is involving all the community churches to try to clean up his district. january 1 or january 4, the churches set off on a food fast and a pilgrimage around their district. the first murder was at 1 am, one hour after they commenced. the eighth was a few days later on the corner one block away from the office. the commander says it involved drugs and a jealous boyfriend. 3 people were shot, only one was killed. he thinks the rash of 8 homicides has something to do with the church movement, or religion or spirituality or something, and now he hopes (trusts) that things are improving. however, i also learned that just last week there was a shoot out on the sidewalk in front of the building; all the employees hit the deck until the fire ceased. the commander was unaware of this event.

but here's the turning point. i came home this evening to discover two fat envelopes shoved through the mail slot in my front door. i tore them open to discover all of the contents of my stolen wallet, with the exception of a few 1 and 5 dollar bills, loose change, and book of stamps. incidentally, i am positive that the stamps used to mail these envelopes were my stamps. my license, my cards, my every receipt, flower stickers from mom, and red puffy heart from fern-- they all tumbled onto my coffee table. two items held my baltimore address and i'm assuming this is how the person got my address. i'm also assuming the person who mailed my belongings was witness to the larcen or discoverer of the wallet and not the culprit him/herself. but the person must have really searched for my baltimore address, because there's a lot of stuff here. the officer who responded to my 911 call said this happens sometimes. there are 2 keys i don't recognize. and i lost my book of stamps. and hopefully no one took note of my address. besides that, i'm good to go.

and i'm hoping the guy/woman found my box of tapes too and they will arrive in the mail tomorrow!

so that has been my past 48 hours. just thought i'd share. be happy you don't drive a red car with tennessee plates in baltimore. or, just be happy you're not me. or, on second thought, wish you were me, or marvel at me, for the wonder of my returned items! no stolen identity, and my little sentimental wallet nick nacks to boot. and a lesson well learned. the hard way, but well learned. change my license plate, paint my car a dull gray or common silver, never park in the alley, carry every item with me at all times, don't trust anyone, and for heaven's sake, get rid of the shiny christmas box!

(oh, and sorry noah, jill, frits (and emily) for that. however, good news: the thieves apparently don't like purple ornaments (beets), summer snowflakes (roasted peppers), and the best addition to a sandwich in the world (roasted eggplant). they were left behind!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finn can haz DeviantArt page?

I've uploaded all of my worthwhile photos on DeviantArt.
Check it out.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Christmas, 2008, Edisto Island, Sc. Pelican Pass 29C and 29D. 26 gather to experience the oneness of the sky, the ocean, the sand and one another. Here are just a few samplings of the interaction of person and place.

Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson: Winter Song

I'm sure this is super old for some of you.

Unwrapped Girls are Nothing But Trouble

A post on Eavesdrop Writer Blog.

Overheard by Vivienne
I am an all-day breakfast eater; I'll take eggs or pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tonight, I stand in line with the dinner crowd at Archibald's, a local diner that serves delicious flame broiled burgers and seasoned fries. Sizzles and pops from the grill call out. The air is smokey sweet with the aroma of charbroiled beef. But I am here for a breakfast burrito, served all day.

I am three people away from the cash register. Behind me, a family of four waits to order - two parents, a teenage boy and an older man the young boy calls Pops. They speak casually and I hear the boy's father refer to the older man as "Daddy". Daddy has a thick southern accent and says, 'I tell you!' after sentences a lot. He wears a cap with a Kentucky Derby logo and a blue plaid flannel long-sleeved shirt along with dark jeans.

As I move one place closer to order, a gaggle of teenage girls bursts through the diner's entrance and bounces to the counter area to read the overhead menus. Shrill giggles, OMG!s and a 'Shut UP!' emit from the girls. All four are dressed for the beach on this unseasonably chilly California winter night. One girl wears particularly short shorts. The thin hot pink nylon clings to every curve of her young, tight apple butt leaving nothing to the imagination, including the little mounds of tan butt cheek peaking out from each side:

Daddy: Goo-ooood Lord. That gal just as soon walk around nekked.
Grandson: Ha! Come on, Pops. Lighten up! We're not as uptight as in your time anymore.
Daddy: Uptight? Uptiiiight! Listen here boy. Let me tell you somethin' you best remember your whole life through.
Grandson: Oh gawd.
Daddy: Ladies are meant to be unwrapped slowly, one small piece at a time. You go on get with some gal that's already flappin' her wrappers in the wind and you'll get nothing but trouble. Every time.
Grandson: Unwrapped? Like Christmas presents?
Daddy: That's right. A good woman is a gift.
Grandson: So Mom, when do I get to unwrap some girls?
Mom: When you're 30 or independently wealthy. Which ever comes first.



NEW YEAR'S EVE 2008-2009

So, this is out of order but it is important to document our vacation retreat ending to 2008. The highlight was setting off one of the Thailand Lanterns; but a good time was had in the houses.

Some fun pics

Here are some fun pictures from a party for the Derby Team at Kristin's the other night.


Echo and Fern walked through the tunnel on Echo's first day of school at Norris Elementary School and were greeted by a veritable hord of supporters. Fern made a bear mask and was wearing it with "rooarring dignity". Echo seemed to have survived the experience, was glad to have been in the same school with Fern and is ready for her next full day of school.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Avengers

Everything I know on Iron Man 2 and the subsequent Avengers.
I just saw Iron Man tonight, Captain America are three separate movies.

The Avengers is a super hero team consisting of Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor (the norse thunder God), and Captain America.

Iron Man 2 is being written by Justin Theroux, the writer of Tropic Thunder.

The Captain America movie, called Captain America: The First Avenger, is being directed by Joe Johnston, the director of Jumanji, Hidalgo, and Fern's favorite movie, Jurassic Park III.

Ironically enough, the director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 is Jon Favreau, who also directed Zathura, the sequel to Jumanji.

The screenwriters of The Chronicles of Narnia are supposedly "in talks" to write the script for Captain America.

The director of Thor will be Kenneth Branagh, who played Lockheart in Harry Potter, he directed As You Like It and Hamlet.

Potentially playing Thor is Kevin McKidd, who played Dr. Owen Heart in Grey's Anatomy. Daniel Craig was offered the role but turned it down.

All of the following dates are probably wrong:
Iron Man 2 is set to release May 7, 2010.
Thor is set to release in July 16, 2010.
Captain America is set to release on May 6, 2011.
The Avengers is set to release July 15, 2011.

All of the movies in The Avengers lineup are being shot at Marvel's LA Raleigh studio in attempt to create a cohesion between the productions.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

some more pictures of the 4th cutest haverkamp baby ever!!-revised edition, i mean version

Can any words say more than the pictures present? I dont think so. But i will try anyway. There is no doubt that Miss Penelope Pippin Peregrin Haverkamp is cute, but i am an honest man, and as such I must speak with an honest tongue. To boot, for with, realism strikes my finger tips with painting, this is true, but i am also a realist at heart. Penelope really isn't that cute. She strikes me as a ... hmmmm, i dont know, 62 - 67.3 % cute with in the cuteness linear ratio-ration thingy. Is it enough? I'm being polite, it's more like 61% cuteness, 39% not cuetness.... but who's going to argue a few percentile's just a number people!!!

Ah, alas, i tangent and ramble. Back to the point. We have to keep her. Percentiles aren't important... (pshhhhh, right)....

Regardless of numbers, she is the 3rd best looking haverkamp baby ever (on the seth&kat side, of course, which is the only side thats of any importance), which really isn't bad in the long run. As an ending thought, although she really isn't that cute, I do sort of love her a little. Ok, she's growing on me, and i am sure that given enough time, she will grow into her deformed ears and no one will notice her 3rd best cutness factor.. Oh, hannah, no Peregrin, just a joke.l Ha ha ahhaah JOKING!!!! AGAIN!!! hahahahhaha. I like her name though. Its PERFECT!

3rd cutest Haverkamp baby ever!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

for the twins, i even think this is funny

Goodbye, Sony PSP
We barely knew ye

By Mike Smith

Whatever happened to the PSP? The device that Sony once touted as "the Walkman for the 21st century" is fast disappearing from popular consciousness, and if you believe the rumors circulating just three-and-a-half years after its launch, it's up for a major rethink in 2009.
Over the crucial month of November, the Nintendo DS shifted a jaw-dropping 1.5 million units in the US alone (up 20% from last year) while the PSP languished, managing just 421,000 sales -- actually down 27%, in what was in general a tremendously strong month for video games.
Even the software support is eroding. Despite the PSP's healthy install base of around 13 million consumers, only six 2008 PSP releases scored better than 80% on review aggregating site, compared with 16 on the DS. There's a good reason for that: nobody's making PSP games, because outside of one or two hits like this year's Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, nobody's buying them. That's only going to worsen when the superheavyweight Grand Theft Auto series (previously exclusive to the PSP on handhelds) releases its first DS title early next year.
In a lot of ways, it's a shame. The PSP is a far more capable hardware platform than the DS. It's a phone, a portable music player, a pocket-sized movie device, a mobile web browser, and when paired with a Playstation 3, a remarkably capable remote control for the system, capable of streaming music and movies from a PS3 over the Internet to wherever you happen to be.

Time to put this gaming warhorse out to pasture?
Next to it, the DS looks like a product of another age. It's barely capable of 3D, let alone delivering a suite of mobile applications of the PSP's caliber. Not, in fact, unlike the contrast between the Playstation 3 (modern, immensely powerful, and pricey) and the Wii (underpowered, basic, and cheap.) Oh, and phenomenally successful. The parallels you can draw between Sony and Nintendo's offerings go deep.
But then, set the PSP next to the iPhone or iPod Touch, the year's other big winner in portable gaming, and the PSP's hardware design suddenly looks old hat. Where's the touchscreen? What are all these buttons for? What on earth is the point of this useless analog nub of a joystick? And why, in an age when flash memory is so cheap it practically comes in Cheerios boxes, are we still stuck with a huge, bulky, slow, and noisy optical drive? If you're going to compete by offering a powerful hardware platform, you actually need to outperform the competition. As the iPhone steps into the portable gaming ring, it's already got the PSP on the ropes.
Guess what, Sony: Apple already made the Walkman of the 21st century, and you missed the boat.

How many to moon?

We were recently discussing this:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Eugene Cernan operating the Lunar rover during Apollo 17

This is a list of all astronauts directly associated with NASA's Apollo program. A total of thirty-eight astronauts flew in an Apollo spacecraft, twenty-nine of whom were part of the Apollo program, the rest being Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz astronauts. Twenty-four of the Apollo program astronauts left Earth's orbit and flew around the Moon (Apollo 7 and Apollo 9 did not leave low Earth orbit).

Twelve of those astronauts landed on the Moon and walked on its surface, and six of those drove a lunar rover on the Moon. While three astronauts had flown to the Moon twice, none of them landed on the Moon more than once. The nine Apollo missions to the moon all occurred between December 1968 and December 1972.

Apart from those twenty-four people who visited the moon, no human being has ever left low Earth orbit. They have, therefore, been farther from the Earth than anyone else. They are also the only people to have seen the far side of the Moon directly. The twelve who walked on the moon are the only people ever to have set foot on an astronomical object other than the Earth.

Goodbye to Kitiara

She was a good kitty. Playful, energetic, you never knew when she would strike out for no apparent reason. She lied above our shoulders, behind our heads atop the futon often, Always slept by our heads. She liked to go to the bathroom by the door at the end of out long hallway. She occasionally warmed up to Blue. I spent maybe 11 years with her. Daughter of Franesca.
I spent some quality time with her, as she tried unsuccesfully to get domfortable on our Pirates of the Carribean towel inside her crate. Her breathing was so labored, because she had a large tumor in her throat pushing her trachea far to the right. Fluid in the lungs as well. Couldn't eat or drink without gagging. I told her how nice it was for her to spend so much time with us, to grace us with her persence. She said she was excited to go to sleep and take a big breath of fresh universe. She said the whole cosmos would be her next really full breath, and she couldn't wait to breathe in all that fresh space and possibility. She was very excited for her next adventure.
I pet her until the end.
On the was out past the desk in the lobby, there was a dog in a crate. I realized then that i was leaving with a crate also, only it was empty. That's when I got sad. I barely made it out the door after paying without crying. I then attempted walking home in the rain with a large empty crate, but only got a block before i realized i hadn't the energy. Called car service.
They will cremate her but mail to us her paw print in some material. We'll love you forever Kitiara!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the internet is tracking me

i just googled myself because i recently discovered that i'm online now for more than my famous third place in the michael curtin rennaisance run and now i'm tracking my progress in the google-world. well, apparently so is

type in your name and in google and see if you're on there, too. they've identified me as 31 years old (only for 3 more days, hint hint) and having lived in san juan pueblo, norris, chapel hill, and, get this, aurora, west virginia!


on second thought, just scroll down the page. i think we're all listed.

and by the way, HANS--- BURLINGTON IS NOT LISTED FOR YOU! guess you're not officially a vermonter yet!

quiz time
i think several people in our family should check out this site.
maybe take a quiz

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wii Sports Best Selling Game of All Time

Its True
for a total of 40.52 million units.
But it may not count, since the game was sold with Wii systems and not bought seperately.
The next few are Super Mario Bros., Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, Tetris, and Duckhunt.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I think the United states is the center of the universe

World's Most Widely Spoken Languages

Rank Language Approx. number of Speakers
(in millions)
1. Chinese, Mandarin 1,075.0
2. English 514.0
3. Hindustani1 496.0
4. Spanish 425.0
5. Russian 275.0
6. Arabic 256.0
7. Bengali 215.0
8. Portuguese 194.0
9. Malay-Indonesian 176.0
10. French 129.0

i thought this is funny

Wealthiest Fictional Characters
This list—entirely subjective—bases the wealth of the characters on world events (Daddy Warbucks has clearly benefited from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan), the economy (with gas prices reaching record levels, Jed Clampett is sitting pretty atop his reserves of black gold), and trends (Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria, a fictional character who could also be called the King of Spam, clogs the inboxes of millions of real people each day).

Rank Character Source Net Worth
1. Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Defense Industries $36.2 billion
2. Charles Montgomery Burns Energy $16.8 billion
3. Scrooge McDuck Mining, Treasure Hunting $10.9 billion
4. Richie Rich Inheritance, Conglomerates $10.7 billion
5. Jed Clampett Oil & Gas, Banking $7.7 billion
6. Mr. Monopoly Real Estate $7.1 billion
7. Bruce Wayne Inheritance, Defense $6.8 billion
8. Anthony Stark Defense $3.0 billion
9. Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria Inheritance $2.8 billion
10. Thurston Howell III Howell Industries $2.7 billion

Wii Fit Study

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Pics...

Would somebody post some Christmas and beach vacation pics already!