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Penelope Framed

Kodak Moment, to be sure!


Hi, I think I have sent (via email) most of you an invitation to my upromise account. upromise is a sallie mae program that helps pay down student loans. You can either open your own account to pay down your sallie mae loans (if you have any), or you can be associated to someone elses account (such as me) to help pay down their loans.
You pretty much just need to accept the invitation.
Money is then put on my loans in a couple of ways:
1. with over 600 online stores, you just need to click on them THROUGH UPROMISE, at this point 2%-25% of the money you spend is put on my loan.
2. every purchase you make with associated debit/credit/grocery cards - 1% goes to my loan

thats it, let me know if you have any questions. I figure if a couple of thousand people accept an invitation from me, and associate their cards, I will have my loans paid off in no time.

Thanks, HH

Short Story: For a Limited Time Only

The topic prompt was "Disease". I tried to vary my writing style a little bit, as opposed to the dialogue I've been writing as of late, I decided to write a sort of monologue. I didn't want to write the opening description of the environment, nor the salesmans thoughts, but I did as a benefit to the reader. Plus, I felt like I need to give motivation to the salesman.


Clouds loom over the city as gray as ash. The people walk purposefully, a destination always in mind. A salesman energetically pirouettes.

"Come one, come all! I have any disease you could desire. Leprosy, The Black Death, HIV even SARS. If you want it, we have it. Avoid the apocalypse, avoid the fires of Hell. When God cast his judgement, where will you be? Decide your fate now, escape to heaven before it is too late."

Yes, yes, come right up. You can never resist a good deal can you?

"Mam, right this way, don't hesitate. Sir, come and die before it's too late. My diseases are quick, pick a painless one. My diseases are a cure, from the fire to come. Trick God now, before his promised wrath arrives."

A condo in the keys will do nicely I think.

"Hear my words. Heed what I know. One day, his hand will fall on this land. His eyes know what you've done. There will be NO redemption. His forgivness is gone. You've had your chance. Miracles are a forgotten myth. The only way to heaven now, is the cure I offer."

It may be slow, but your fears will be gone, the fires can't reach you within your eternal sleep. Once the cure finally takes your soul.

"Come Now! They are cheap, they are quick. You won't need your money where you are going. You will only need your soul. Your one soul. Don't let God, with his blinded sight and his mind already made up, decide to cast the life that you led, honorably, kindly, into the depths of Satan's grasp."

I know he listens to my pleas. I know my meal is well deserved. White sand, here we come.

Don't think pleading will work. Don't think he will listen. HE will not listen! God has become deaf to the cries of humanity. Look around you, what do you see? A city thriving? A village of peace? Children playing? I think not. The world is crumbling. Life holds no value. What is a hard fought meal? I'll tell you good sir. Nothing. It merely prolongs the useless existence we know today.

Ahhh... Paradise. Coastal sun. Fine wine. Exotic fruits.

What I, and I alone, offer you today! Is your chance at paradise. Know what heaven offers. Know the brilliant sun. Experience joy beyond all comparison. Spend eternity with the ones you loved, with the soulmates you've never met.

Suicide is a straight hole to my pocket. Limited Only though.

Listen now! Listen! A mere injection. A mere vial. Avoid the apocalypse. As sure to come as the very sun's rise. Choose your disease. We have many choices. Many choices. Suicide is a hole straight to hell. Abuse God's creations of destruction. He isn't a just God. He isn't a good God. Take advantage now, while the offer still exist. For a limited time only.

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Documentary on The Satanic Verses

Everyone Should watch this

Step 1:

Step 2: Click the link "Click here to launch the NinjaVideo Helper Beta 0.3.9"

Step 3: Compass: The Satanic Verses

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noam lives

wedding pics

bigger pics

wedding pics

Pixar Comparison

Not to steal Moochie's thunder, but this is pretty sweet.

Not to steal Moochie's thunder, but this is pretty sweet.


DGross: $280,063,791
Budget: $175 million


DGross: $223,808,164
Budget: $180 million


DGross: $206,445,654
Budget: $150 million


DGross: $244,082,982
Budget: $120 million

Finding Nemo

DGross: $339,714,978
Budget: $94 million

Boy, Archie certainly does have pudgy cheeks.

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Jill took these a couple weeks ago...

Mhmm, break me off a piece...


I have to take off, but will post a bunch of wedding pics soon.

For now, just be content with this ultimate pic.

Presidential Traverse #3

Presidential Traverse, #2