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The News Ratings for 3Q 2009


Fox News has pulled off another dominant quarter, claiming the top 10 cable news programs in 3Q 2009 and growing against 3Q 2008, while CNN and MSNBC lost substantial portions of their election-boom audience.
Fox News averaged 2.25 million total viewers in prime time for the third quarter, up 2% over the previous year.

That's more than CNN (946,000, down 30%) and MSNBC (788,000, down 10%) combined.

"The O'Reilly Factor" led all cable news programs with an average of 3.295 million total viewers for the quarter, up 12% over the previous year.

"Hannity" (2.603 million, up 9%), "Glenn Beck" (2.403 million, up 89%)

"On the Record with Greta van Susteren" (2.150 million, up 16%)

"Special Report with Bret Baier" (1.997 million, up 20%) rounded out the top five.

Meanwhile, flagship programs at MSNBC and CNN did not sustain their growth from 3Q 2008: At MSNBC, "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" averaged 1.087 million total viewers, down 12% from the previous year and

"The Rachel Maddow Show" averaged 996,000 total viewers (Maddow began the program in September 2008, so a comparison for the quarter would be inaccurate; compared to September 2008, though, Maddow's September 2009 total viewer average is down 40%).

At CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" averaged 1.005 million viewers, down 17% from the previous year and

"Lou Dobbs" averaged 658,000 total viewers, down 24%.

Larry King and Campbell Brown were both down just slightly in total viewers.

CNN in particular had a rough quarter in the primetime Adults 25-54 demo: the network dropped 39% compared to 3Q 2008, averaging 287,000 viewers.

Full 3Q program rankings below, embedded via DocStoc:

Apple to blow the Kindle away?!?!?!

Michael Vartan on Hawthorne

Did anyone else know he was on this?

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Friday, September 25, 2009

CNBC Wal-Mart Documentary

New CNBC Wal-Mart Documentary.  Very good.  Show times listed.

Channel CNBC

Friday, September 25th 9p ET
Saturday, September 26th 7p ET
Sunday, September 27th 8p | 10:30p ET
Thursday, October 1st 8:30p ET
Sunday, October 4th 8p ET
Monday, October 5th 9p ET

Short Film: The Other Mall

Watch in HD

Thursday, September 24, 2009 Quotes: Round l33t

Yo dawg we heard you like Macs so we only put one pedal in your car
jesus if i can run this myspace page i could probs run crysis
I heard the RB2 instruments might be coming over here as Lego Rock Band branded ones though
Would be nice to get a better guitar. The RB1 strat is awful
And my GH3 Les Paul is near dead now
more than you can say about the man himself
* Vesper is now known as CodyB
why the nick change?
I'm teaching this hot chick how to use IRC
I got grounded for two weeks and I can't call anyone. I figured I could talk to her here, at least.
be cool, I'm teaching her about channels and she might come in here
how did you get grounded
I locked my sister outside for three hours.
i bet she didnt like that
* StacyF has joined #randomshit
yeah I thought my parents were going to kill me
oh hey, there you are
So you had sex with your sister on your parents bed and they walked in on you? Wow Cody, you're lucky you only got grounded for two weeks.
eeew you sick fuck
* StacyF has left #randomshit
I know you're going to kill me later, but it was so worth it
you motherfucker
Alex: So I was in the doctors yesterday, when my time came a large woman walked out of his room and I walked in. He said 'God bless her, I just confirmed to her that she was morbidly obese.'

Alex: I wasn't too sure what to say, but replied 'You shouldn't have told her that, the poor woman has enough on her plate.'
serpentine9: why doesnt ever accept my quotes
DaveIt: has a strict policy of only accepting quotes that are either unoriginal or related to frustration.

DaveIt: This quote happens to be both, so we have a decent shot.

ian: I've remembered the password....
ian: felt like Gandalf stood outside Moria
ian: uttering every password I could remember from the last 5 years
I don't understand why churches and 'family groups' spend millions of dollars a year on abstinence-only instruction when a World of Warcraft account only costs fifteen dollars a month and has a much better record of ensuring virginity.
shit, it looks like it's gonna be sunny on saturday
* Zally glares at you
that's not good ... for reasons, that would require a much un-needed and long story
hmm, ya ill take your word for it?
yeah, i don't feel like explaining it
Its all good
I dont feel like pretending im interested
What's the opposite of Christopher Reeve?
Christopher Walken

I locked my keys in my car in front of planned parenthood. I'm terrified of going inside to ask to borrow a clothes hangar.
Just tell them you need to fix a mistake real quick.
Connor: Firefox 3.5. Download it.
Andrew: Give me the top 5 reasons to download it.
True: In iambic pentameter
Connor: For private browsing, tear-off tabs and then some,
Connor: Download Firefox three point five and see:
Connor: It's using Gecko one point nine point one,
Connor: And over twice as fast as Firefox three.
Connor: Pwned.
Any GLBT fellow Scots going to the Pride Scotia March at the end of this month in Edinburgh?
  I take it you are going? If I go to any Pride events this year, it'll be my first. I'm excited!
I was going to but I found out I've got work.
Call in gay.
they should build another barad-dur
give sauron some depth perception
history books in a thousand years are going to be hilarious
According to the great 21st Century philosopher xXx_SePhIrOtH127765_xXx,
Kanye is really the biggest troll ever
No one knows what it's like .. to be the bad man

* Nebi has kicked Random from #deltaanime (Sorry to interupt but I just wanted to say what Beyonce had one of the best video of all time)
Spin: arrrr, pirates of the south west
Spin: thar be large pipes o'bandwith near ye'ol univarsety.
Pirate: yearg, ye may be an ta somethan thar.
Spin: what say ye we pull yonder USB hard disk longside yonder NMSU puter and begin tha lutin and plunderin.
Pirate: yearg. The master done gaved me a testin machine with a grand ol CDR.
Pirate: Avast!
Pirate: MP3s off the starboard bow!
Spin: stere clear of ye porn pop ups rollin in from tha east.
Pirate: I have mah trusty Opera browsa to help me fend em off.
Spin: encrypt the data holds, batton down thar security patches, argh thar be spyware abound.
packing sucks
i 'could' have it done in a day...but i'm not that motivated
you gotta take drastic measures
pack your computer, then you'll have nothing to do but finish packing
xp is like microsoft and aol had a baby, and then aol dropped teh baby on its head
Phalynx: Ah, but can you conjugate "Vodka?"
WrkEagle: Sure, the past tense is "money", and the future tense is "drunk"
<|ReN|> reality is the 30 frames per second your little mind can comprehend.

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Monday September 21st TV Ratings

If I were NBC, I would do something about the placement of Heroes.
A two-hour "House" kept pace with "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday and carried FOX to a ratings win for the night. "Dancing" was off a bit from its fall premiere last year, CBS' comedies were solid, and "Heroes" -- and consequently "The Jay Leno Show" -- struggled for NBC.

FOX led the night with 16.5 million viewers and a 9.5 rating/14 share in households.
ABC was a strong second with 14.8 million viewers and a 9.5/15.
CBS (12 million, 7.5/12) finished third.
NBC (5.9 million, 3.7/6) was a distant fourth.
The CW (2.3 million, 1.6/2) trailed.

"House" also fueled a demographic win for FOX, which posted a 6.5 rating among adults 18-49.
CBS took second in the demo at 4.0, followed by ABC at 3.5.
NBC averaged 2.4 and The CW 1.1.

8 p.m.

"Dancing with the Stars" season premiere (17.4 million viewers, 11.0/17 households)
FOX: "House" season premiere (15.8 million, 9.2/14)
CBS: "How I Met Your Mother" (9.2 million, 5.7/9) --- "Accidentally on Purpose" (9 million, 5.7/8)
NBC: "Heroes" season premiere (6.3 million, 3.9/6)
The CW: "One Tree Hill" (2.5 million, 1.7/2)

18-49 leader: "House" (6.1)

9 p.m.

"Dancing with the Stars" (17.6 million, 11.3/17)
FOX: "House" (17.2 million (9.8/14)
CBS: "Two and a Half Men" (13.6 million, 8.5/12) --- "The Big Bang Theory" (12.8 million, 7.8/11)
NBC: "Heroes" (5.8 million, 3.4/5)
The CW: "Gossip Girl" (2.1 million, 1.4/2)

18-49 leader: "House" (6.8)

10 p.m.

"CSI: Miami" season premiere (13.8 million, 8.7/14)
ABC: "Castle" season premiere (9.4 million, 6.2/10)
NBC: "The Jay Leno Show" (5.7 million, 3.8/6)

18-49 leader: "CSI: Miami" (4.3)



Monday, September 21, 2009

People and the comments they make

So read the article first, then read the comments below.  There were roughly 240 comments when I read the article and picked out these comments.  Luckily, there were only 5 ridiculous comments like this.  Most of the comments were about suing Walmart for a gazillion dollars, how horrible child services' is, and personal stories about how their parents did the same thing to them or about how the parents shouldn't be so dumb and print out the photos at home.  It should be noted that one or two of these posted these comments simply because they want to see the reactions.  Not because they believe what they write.  This is an unfortunate part of the internet.

What were these folks planning to do with photos that show their children's genitals? Send copies to Grandpa and Grandma? Stick them up on the fridge? Include them in the holiday greeting cards? When the little ones are old enough to develop the normal feelings of dignity and privacy, they wilI be horribly embarrassed by photos like these, not matter how "cute" and "natural" they are! I don't blame Wal-Mart one bit. Even candid photos of children with their genitals exposed ARE used by pedophiles as pornography, even it that was not the intention of the person who took the photo. I managed to take many delightful bathtime photographs of my children without exposing their genitals. It's EASY. And when the film was developed and a photo accidently caught a suggestion of any private parts, that photo and its negative were thrown away. With digital cameras, parents can review the photos and delete ones that are inappropriate. There are NO excuses for these parents' behavior.
Posted by:
CatPiper5 6:09 PM
These are quotes from the couple: "..if they want to run around the house naked and play around, that's what we encourage." and "Three of the girls are naked, laying on a towel with their arms around each other, and we thought it was so cute." There's no problem with your kids being naked in your house. However, why should the parents "encourage" their kids to run around naked and take pictures especially with "their genitals exposed"? And imagine a picture of the siblings "laying on a towel with their arms around each other" while naked. That just sounds sick to me.
Posted by:
Cncrnd 6:02 PM
Taking pictures of a five year old naked goes beyond boundaries of privacy. The same with the four year old sister.Upon hearing the father talk about '90 % of families' have pictures like these, I balked. Nowhere in my home are pictures like these. And I have two children. I would have been alarmed as well, particularly with the older children. It is the father's attitude that alerted me.
Posted by:
slickfingers 8:46 AM
Sorry, but I certainly don't have nude photos of my children taking a bath. I don't think the parents were trying to take pornographic photos of their children, but I do think they used bad judgement for taking any bathtime photos!
Posted by:
bjjjjc7 8:45 AM
Bath time or not taking nude pictures of kids is a no no. The photos that are shown on tv would not be considered nute so there must be others that would raise the red flag and for such action to be taken.
Posted by:
stonejunior 7:56 AM

Kanye Kombat

Dr. Horrible on the Emmys

Nedroid: Ancient Wisdom

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scandinavia Fights Female Genital Mutilation


Inappropriate but Funny

Welfare Office
A woman walks into the downtown welfare office, trailed by 15 kids.

'WOW,' the social worker exclaims, 'are they all yours?
' Yep, they are all mine,' the flustered momma sighs, having heard that
question a thousand times before.

She says, 'Sit down Leroy.' All the children rush to find seats.

Well,' says the social worker, 'then you must be here to sign up. I'll
need all your children's names.'

''Well, to keep it simple, the boys are all named Leroy and the girls are
all named Leighroy."

In disbelief, the case worker says, 'Are you serious? They're ALL named

Their momma replied, 'Well, yes-it makes it easier. When it's time to get
them out of bed and ready for school, I yell, 'Leroy!' An' when it's time
for dinner, I just yell 'Leroy!' An they all comes a runnin. An' if I need
to stop the kid who's running into the street, I just yell Leroy' and all
of them stop. It's the smartest idea I ever had, namin' them all Leroy..'

The social worker thinks this over for a bit, then wrinkles her forehead
and says tentatively, 'But what if you just want ONE kid to come, and not
the whole bunch?'

'Then I call them by their last names.'

Black Eyed Peas on Oprah
Keep watching the audience. They start off with one dancing then everyone. Very cool.

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Picture for the Ages

Coolest Dance Ever

 This is a millenia old in internet time, but that being said.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

cell phone radiation

Big Fan of Kerri Green


If we are going to pay tribute to someone, lets do it right:

chippen dales skit

Stormtroppers Remember the Death Star

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

snuggies rock

Monday, September 14, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Spider Powers for Xmas 2

Fletcher and I watched this animation last Christmas, when it first came out. Since then, I've watched it many more times. I just can't get over how amazing it is. Honestly, it is my favorite musical of all time. It makes my day every day I watch it.

So all that said, please watch this video; you'll hopefully like it.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall Premiere Schedule

watch, reminds me of 911 and nepal!

20$ please hans!

HANS, you owe me 20$ for my listening to your windy utube, and also finn is a witness to the fact.
and ck out the blog site where you posted it, for further comments.
signing off, lvoe, mom

Hunger Games Fanart: Click Image to Expand

Adventures of Power

Wait till you get to 1:48.
Also, the character's name is Power.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Somegreybloke: My Ex Wife (3)

8-Bit Rush

Quality time with Hans

A heads-up FYI/BTW for ya'll...

As usual (well, except for last October), Hans will be heading down to the OBX, NC for Fall break to windsurf and camp. I will likely be leaving on Friday, October 2 and arriving at the OBX by Saturday (the 3rd) late afternoon or so. This year, I will be leaving the OBX either on Thursday night or Friday morning.

Anybody who wants to come down and hang out is more than welcome.

take care.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Our big cat passed on last week. Now it's Isabella alone, and boy is she happy - no more hissing hilary! (i think she finished Blue off...bad kitty)


In case u missed it: g-ma's exciting story:

"A funny thing happened with our GPS. We had it on when we left Kings', and the system was determined to send us on 401-W. We did not want to go that way, but our voice persisted, and at every crossroads we were admonished to get off and turn around. Finally, I turned off the machine and when I turned it on again, I guess the voice was resigned to our determination to go east, and she guided us until we hit NY when we turned if off."

Can't we all relate to this? Who among us hasn't been nonplussed by the fastidiousness of the gps?

Greatest TV Show Ever

Hitler Speeches Subbed

What's so fascinating, is that everything is says is simple rhetoric.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009