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Remi Bat

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Wooster Vid

This never made it on the air-i don't think. However, it was made while i was at Woo.
I could have played the bagpipes. Haaaa

in memory of...

with stories as large as the lake...
humor as infectious as the rolling waves...
spirit so deep it lodged itself in memories from long, long ago...
and always the fisherman...
with love and good luck on this new adventure...

Grooveshark Updated

Grooveshark has received a major overhaul today. Most of the changes are interface related, but they also added track number as a value of a song, which makes it much easier to add whole albums. Additionally, you can now skip around in songs. Of course, the site is still free. They do have a VIP special version, and even though its pretty cheap, the upgrade really isn't worth it.

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dad;s classic picture
this woman sat and cast a fishing line w cheese or bread on it, from just a round hand held wheel
ayevlik is know for mking olive oil and olives
2 of the 1o ft, doors in this 300 year old house
the ceilings r 18 ft high
this is a sitting room out in between 4 large bedrooms

Random People

A tour at the Rumi museum in Konya. It receives 1.5 million visitors a year, This is one very popular Sufi
On a bus. Looking every part of an ;ancient culture, clutching her cell phone.
About 7 men praying in a small mosqwue in Selchuk by Ephesus. An Iman is leading this gfroup in their evening prayers.
Schools out for the second grop of the day at 6:00 p.m.
One on the most common sites in all of Turkey is men sitting around at Chay Cevi's drinking tea, smoking and playing cards or backgammon or some other board game that looks something like scrabble.

We have many pictures of people as well as places and things. These are just a few random ones pulled from the last few days; not necessarily the bet or most interesting but a sampling.

Hilter is upset about Falcon Heene

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ephesus.ancient roman city

the ancient ,but convenient. baths with full accomodations
this tells the stary of a warrior

arch under the u can tell i like the color blue
the outside of the celcus library, it is also a tomb. 4 statues, symbolizing,wisdom.knowledge,virtue,and destiny...
the day in ephesus under a blue ancient sky

Turkey Trip

I have been posting longer stories and albums on the church website if you haven't already checked those out.
Today we see Ephesus, it takes about two hours and is the best preserved city of the Hellenistic Roman era. We will also see a prison that is supposed to be where Paul was imprisoned, a church that commemorates John being here and the supposed house of Virgin Mary who was by story brought here by John.
It looks to be another sterling day, weather wise, though it is chilly at the moment.
Hope you are all well. It is a big weekend in Norris and TWC and I know many of you are traveling. Have fun. Love dad

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Check this out for the weirdest books ever!!

Discover Literary Oddities in the Weird Book Room on AbeBooks
Discover Literary Oddities in the Weird Book Room on AbeBooks

The Boat Outing

The mountains and the rocks rise out of the sea like a whale surfacing. Notice the color of the water and the sky.
Guess who?
You can't create this color, it just happens as a gift.
Under the blue sky or under the clear blue sea.

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Blogger sandy said...

emily and frits, they are so cute. those little white heads.
great pumpkin - did you grow it yourself?
oh, by-the-way, i loved the marshmellow video.
and i can't believe malon was in it.
those little boys, very cute!! :) a. sandy

October 19, 2009 6:42 PM

Great Maze

The Maze

Hey People, Try this maze, you just have to keep your mouse in between the lines - its only 3 levels. Make sure to have your sound effects on, there is a really good song at the end when you beat it - little quiet though, so your speakers should be all the way up.

Point Out The Cliché Stereotype Game

Is it because these stereotypes are classic and have proven themselves over and over again?

Click Image To Make It Bigger Than It Currently Is

From Left to Right:

  1. Overweight Unintelligent Possibly-Funny Fool
  2. Intelligent Witty Female-Hero, Obvious Love Interest
  3. The Hero. Dark Hair. Clearly a leader.
  4. Tough Friend.  Sarcastic. Possible Bully before friendship begins.
  5. Goofy Twins.  Contribute little to the group. Lucky clumsy heroics.  May save the day that final time.

Japan vs English: Round I

Think about the mood being set.  Two very different song styles.  You can watch the English opening while you listen to the Japanese Opening if you desire.  Just mute the English video as you watch it.
Personally, lyrics are mostly irrelevant in this opinion poll.  Focus on everything else the songs do.

You be the judge.  

Kiki's Delivery Service

Opening Credits: English Version


Opening Credits: Japanese Version


End Credits: English Version

End Credits: Japanese Version

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"Haverk" Google Search

If you type in "Haverk" on Google Search.  It suggest "Haverkamp Tales".  I think Google tracks your computers searches though, so it suggest things it thinks are relevant to you and not global suggestions.  But I could be wrong about that, which makes it pretty cool.  Although I can't think of anything else relevant after "Haverk...."

Myra and Fetiye

A view of the Lycian Cliff tombs.

St. Nicholas Church sanctuary and altar.

Dad's meal on board ship and view.

View from our hotel room.

Hi everybody,
I am sitting on the balcony of our hotel room inn Fetiye overlooking the harbor. Today, ths ky was blue and the harbor as well. There are literally hundreds of large wooden touring sailboats parked in the marinas. The aluminum masts are sticking up like porcupine quills, even now in the dark they shine. Across the bay the lights reflect on the water in straight even lines-no wind or waves.

Tomorow we are going on an 8 hour cruise along the coast, not on a sailboat unfortunately but it should still be awesome. This would not be a bad place to live. We came here by bus wrapping along a highway that hugged the coastline and turned back on itself over and over again. Picture a combination of Highway 1 in California, the Maine coastline and the rocky mountains in the background-that's about it.

I had fish and chips on a boat docked in the harbor and Sally had a pottery kebab dinner at a little rest. overlooking the harbor.

Earlier today, in Demre we spent a long time in the church of St.Nicholas, an Orthodox saint who is one of the origins of Santa Claus. He came from an extremely wealthy family but became a priest who was loving of children, especially, and took care of the poor. He is also known as the patron saint of sailors in these parts. This town exists because of this church which is beautiful and has some amazing frescoes, mmmm, I remember about 1100 years old.

We also visited Myra which has Lycian ruins; an ancient Roman amphitheater, and combs cut into the side of a cliff.
That's all for now.

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Update from Antakya

Inside the beehive
This beehive complex has, I think about 12 beehives all connected through archways. These are about 200 years old but the stones that make up the interior date back 4,000 years. The mud and straw needs to be repacked about every 3 years. We slept in the one on the right.
Mardin. A view of a palace and mosque.
Didn't pick a very good picture form the thumbnail, but this is a picture of the bazaar and the every present minaret.
On the way to the bazaar. Horses and donkeys are everywhere.

Hi Everybody. I asked Joe Mawhinney to post this writing on the NRF website; but here it is for you, firsthand. love dad

I am writing this note at 7:00 a.m. on the 16th. We spent the night in a small backpacker hotel in Antakya which used to be called Antioch. Anticoch was a very important early Christian city; both Peter and Paul spending time here. The cave church of Paul is here and tradition has it that St. Luke wrote here. We will spend the day touring the many religious sites and getting a feel for the present day religious atmosphere and culture.

The night of the 15th we lay back on a bed covered with Turkish carpets and stared out a smoke hole in a home called a beehive. Somewhere around 4,000 years ago, Abraham slept in a similar beehive in this very place Harran for 15 years where he lived and worked before heading south through Syria and eventually into Palestine. This beehive was only about 200 years old, however. Our host and guide was a 24 year old Turkish man and his entire family. Many generations ago they came from Iraq and have lived in Harran ever since. His grandfather was a tribal Chief (King), and very rich. They are the head of the clan or tribe or community and all problems and issues flow through him. This is still the case, and now his uncle is the chief.

We toured the area as well as Harran, seeing very old Assyrian dwellings and temples built to a variety of Gods; sun, moon, sky and Jupiter, Venus and Mar(?). These are maybe 3,000 years old.
We also saw several forts and palaces and caravanseris all dating back about 1500 years.

This is a dusty area except where they have started a massive irrigation project about 14 years ago. Now cotton is grown in HUGE quantities, picked by what appear to be migrant workers (entire families) and/or people in the area. Also, corn and wheat is grown. Tradition says that in the days of Abraham this was a fertile green land but then the Mongols burned it and it reverted to desert.

I am thinking of the many places of quiet and deep stillness that we have been; Ani, the place of a umber of ruined churches and mosques on the Armenian border; the ruins poking up through the Asian steppe like sandcastles slowly disappearing on a beach. The Kurdish village at the base of Mt. Arrarat and the animals grazing and the children playing, the insides of Mosques where one or two men are praying and the thick walls shielded the heart of Allah from the noise of the world, the ancient haunts of Abraham where he felt pulled by God to go and be

And so we have moved across Turkey like Gengis Kahn, never stopping but moving inexorably towards the west to find and trace some of the routes of Paul. We will stand in the places where his words reverberated amongst the now ancient ruins of Rome and Greece. We will try to imagine the Gospel reaching out, perhaps sounding strange and foreign but nevertheless affecting lives and changing the souls direction. Our journey continues-we are a few days over half way, and we think lovingly and gratefully of you all at home. MAy you be at peace and experience the wonder and joy of life. As Ahmet from Harran says, "We are not like yo westerners who think and worry about 20 years from now, we only think ahead to tomorrow."

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Talking Piano

Okay, hands down the coolest thing ever.

2012 Trailer 'Actors Version'

5 Minute 2012 Trailer with the disaster scenes cut-out

nanny mcphee and the big bang

looks about the same as the first


On Bulletin Board Outside my Office

Two quotations for you, the second one in response to the first:

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it."


Live it!

~Hans Christian Haverkamp, October 13, 2009

Erin's ethics paper would be easier to write than deciphering this

From Mom:


 5 Minutes Later. New email from Mom:

fl if i keep my hand straight up vertical from the mousr pad,,it types slowed the mouse down,,but it seems to feel shadow when typing and skoots all over,,,this letter is fine like that..but u have to use one finger hunt and peck there something we can do?


Let's try to figure this out.

Sentence 1: alittle more pain i cant twist it at all

Human Speak: Arm is in pain.  Can't twist wrist.


Human Speak: Beginning of problem. The mouse is selecting random areas in the page by itself.  You have to re-click the end of where you stopped typing to continue typing correctly.


Human Speak: Please Help.  Love Mom.  P.S. My arm hurts today as opposed to yesterday.

Letter 2

Sentence A: fl if i keep my hand straight up vertical from the mousr pad,,it types alright

Human Speak: Fletcher, if I don't rest my arm on mouse pad, I can type without interfering with the cursor.

Sentence B: dad slowed the mouse down

Human Speak: Dad turned down the sensitivity of the mouse

Sentence C: but it seems to feel shadow when typing and skoots all over

Human Speak: The mouse pad appears to be sensing the shadow coming from my arm.  So the cursor still jumps around.

Sentence D: this letter is fine like that..but u have to use one finger hunt and peck there something we can do?

Human Speak: The letter is fine when typing like.  The shadow isn't powerful enough to cause the mouse to click, but you still have to use one finger to individual type the words.  Is there anything we can do to fix this? Love Mom.


The above is just a guess as to what you were trying to say.  Let me know if I am right.

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The White House vs. Fox News

                                                  Part 1

                                            Part 2.a


                                           Part 2.b

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Moonbell is an automated music generator that plays musical scores based on lunar topographical data obtained by Japan’s Kaguya (SELENE) explorer during its orbit around the moon from late 2007 to June 2009. Moonbell, which was developed in cooperation with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), has two playback modes: “Orbit Play” and “Free Scratch.” Click the buttons on the bottom right of the screen to switch modes.
Play Moonbell Here


Bullet Time (Zing!)

Holland... or should I say Mr. GQ

I'm pretty sure this should be submitted to People's sexiest man of the year contest. Lovely Locks.

Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal

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toy story 3 trailer, takes forever to load though, btw, fyi

People Today

Carrying two geese down the early morning street in Kars
Waiting for the bus
A typical restaurant scene. The meat is either chicken or beef or lamb.
A weathered face
An older man and his prayer beads. He holds them like this and spins them one at a time with the thumb of his other hand. Over and over and over.

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Ani and Erzurum and Cappadocia

Small village on the steppe on the way to Ani. Looks like the high plains or parts of S. Dakota.
Another large church full of frescos. On the edge of the ravine leading down to the river which separates Turkey from Armenia
A smallchurch built about 900 a.d.
A view across the ruins of Ani onto the Asian steppes. Armenia in the distance.
Called the cathedral.A huge church that was turned into a mosque. Mom calls this Little House on the Prairie. Anyone interested in moving here?
Erzurum, a masoleum and seminary. Large open courtyard.
A very large church in a cave in Cappadocia