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Quadrotor Flight



On the Road With the Haverkamp's ; Five

About 8:15 this morning my cell phone buzzed in a text photo of a sticky topped with pecans cinnamon bun. The message read, “only 2.5 hours from Baltimore to sticky bun and beach.” it seem Hilary had jumped into her red Fit with camping gear at about 5:00 am. And was now at the beach in Delaware. She did not take her cat Makalu (named after the Himalayan mountain) with her. This cat would frighten away sharks if placed in the water. So Hilary is at the beach in Delaware - hopefully the weather is good. She has sent some beautiful stone pictures, lined upon her legs. They look shiny and colorful and of course, I love the ocean stones; I hope some of these are for me, that is part of the point of anyone going to the beach. Holland and Jamie were going to join her but I guess they changed their mind because they are going to drive to Denver next Friday to work on their house there. Kat thought she might come too, but her sister Stephanie came down from New Jersey, thinking they were moving this weekend, (not til next weekend actually), and so she didn't go either.

I got home from Atlanta this morning at 3:00 a.m. after a trip down to see Lee in Emory University Hospital. When I left the house at about 2:00 p.m. she was in a bit of a coma, but when I got there she was awake and doing fairly well. About 50 miles north of Chattanooga on I-75 I could see I could see vertical lightning bolts in front of me. It wasn't long before I was in one of my five worse storms; wind, rain, hail, stopped on the highway, you know the usual. North of Atlanta the highway suddenly turned into the “place where retreads come to die”. It was amazing! Miles of highway, both sides strewn, littered, solid with broken fragments of twisted, torn, shredded rubber. I can only think of several possible reasons for this which follow:
1.Trucker to dispatcher, “”Heah, my retreads are about to blow.”
“OK,” says the dispatcher, “Retread dumping zone for this month is I-75 just north of Atlanta.”
“I don't know if I can make it,”
“You better hustle, that's the only place.”
“Trucker to dispatcher, “Heah, I just made it. I dumped a load.”
“Good. There's a bonus in this for you.”
2.Every month there is a special place where the highway workers put the shredded tires they pick up in the state of Georgia, and this month it was I-75 north of Atlanta.

On the way back I ask my GPS (Sally calls it the Talking Machine) to find me a Zaxby's. It did quickly and I programmed it to take me to it. “Turn left, your destination in on the right,” the voice told me. Zaxby's, I exclaimed, way to go talking machine. The sign read, “Zaxby's Closed for renovation.” Hmmm...I think and go to Sonic, right next door.

Meanwhile, York and Erin and Fern and Baylan and Opal and Noam have just entered into the majestic state of Colorado after having left home about 10:30 on Thursday night. They drive straight through in their Honda Odyssey which has about 145,000 miles on it when...the engine blows or something happens and the car slithers to an oily belching steaming stop in the grasses of the high plains. Yikes! It won't be until Tuesday that there will be a verdict on the car, (Memorial Day weekend) of course. So, Erin's uncle hops in the 7 passenger SUV and whisks out to pick them up. This incident changes the whole vacation they have planned and so it is a good thing to be flexible and adaptable in life. It is also a good thing to know without a doubt that good things come with the bad.

We then get a text from Hans from Cape Cod who it seems had jumped into his van with Rocksie and went down to windsurf. He is home now after having a great day on the water and spending the night in his car. His next text said that while mountain biking a large moose ran in front of him and freaked out the Rocks.

Meanwhile, early Saturday morning, about 2:30 a.m. Seth and Holland hook up and head to Charleston, SC. Seth is taking a commission portrait down, in fact, taking two portraits. The person ordering the painting had specific criteria they wanted met and Seth did that painting. Then he did another painting of the same subject but the way he wanted it. Apparently the “Commissioner” liked both and bought both. Then Seth and Holland went to Charlestown to drop off some paintings at the gallery, and I guess headed for home. Jamie is at home with the kids and I imagine she was moving and busy while Holland was away. Perhaps, Kat and the girls packed some while Seth was gone; but I am simply guessing about these.

So, over the last several days, York and family has driven to Colorado, Hilary to Delaware, Hans to Cape Cod,Keith to Atlanta and back, Seth and Holland to South Carolina and Keith, Sally, Hannah,Evergreen and the twins to North Carolina, Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest and the Cherhlebola Skyway. Beautiful drive, by the way. You remember Joyce Kilmer's poem:
I think I shall never see
a poem as lovely as a tree,...

Did you know that Joyce Kilmer was a male, born in NJ and died young in WW 1 in some filthy trench.
So, I don't really know if that is it or not, or how accurate this posting is. There is certainly a lot I could say but haven't. I hope you are not too bored. However, if you are, don't read. On the other hand if you want more information, ruminations, reflections, details, let me know and maybe I will oblige.

dad is visited by an angel


noah's and jill's dance


dad's beloved stones


wooden spoon


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On the Road with the Haverkamps - Four

I will attempt to catch up to the last week or so. Today at about 3:00 p.m. Hannah and Evergreen pulled into the driveway in the red Olds Acheiva. They had spent the night at Seth and Kat's in Manasas. They had arrived there last night about ten after driving from Woods Hole on Cape Cod. Actually their trip had started at Noni and Jed's house in Aquinnah on the island of Martha's Vineyard early in the morning. They had spent about one week there, watching and playing with Clyde and Claus while Noni got her store ready. They spent a lot of time on the beach and enjoyed hanging out with the boys and Noni and Jed. Incidentally, while there Noni gave them a visit to the hairdresser and Evergeen had enough hair cut for Love Locks. Hannah had just a wee bit cut off (it looks to me).
So, it was quite a trip, NYC traffic, tied up at bridges on roads; over $20.00 in tolls each way and eventually here they are.
Meanwhile, Sally and Fletcher had left for the same part of the country last Thursday. They were planning on staying with Holland and Jamie but it seems that Clive had 5th disease and perhaps Sefie would come down with it and because Kat was pregnant and pregnant woman are not supposed to be exposed to 5th disease, they by-passed Culpeper and went straight to Manasas. The purpose of this trip was to take Fletcher to the airport, in this case Reagan because he was flying to Chicago for a training session for his summer job with ID Tech computer camp. The reason for this airport was because his friend Britney was also going to Chicago for the training session and he was going to visit with her. This visit actually never happened, but that is another story. So, Fletcher was taken to the airport on Friday and Sally stayed and took Echo and Essie out to dinner and a movie and a desert. The next two days she helped pack up the house in boxes because soon a in next weekend they are moving to another house back in, hmm. Arlington, maybe. So. Fletcher flew into Reagan on Sunday night, Seth picked him up and then Sally and Fletcher drove to Culpeper to visit with Holland and Jamie and Clive and Sephie. They stayed there until Monday at about 3:00 and left, pulling into our driveway late at night.
And so, it is now Thursday night. York and Erin are home packing up their Honda Odyssey for a trip out west for about 12 days. They are planning to stay with family and friends the whole trip. The plan is to drive straight through. I sure hope the kids are good. They are not taking their two Great Danes. You know what that means? Erin, by the way just got a new job and wills tart 5 days after they get back, so that is great too.
I think there have been a bunch of day type trips in the last couple of weeks. Holland and Jamie and kids went into the mountains for a trip, Noah and Jill have gone into the Smokies every week except for yesterday when they went to Crossville to see a huge tree house that minister created and made. Finn went with them.
Frits and Emily had a 19 mile trip to the hospital surgery center where Emily had her tonsils out. Does that count?
It proves to be a busy summer. Stay tuned for, “On the Road with the Haverkamps”.

B. Shoninger Piano

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

where's my mommy

erin is still at work

so this is for everyone to cross your fingers, pray, send energy, or any way to help erins interview go well on monday and get the job at ORNL. it is almost 10:30, she left at 7:30 and she may be home by midnight. not to complain, but gee williger. thanks from all of us totems. and of course peace.

90-Minute Cycle

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On the Road With the Haverkamps--ThreePlus

Some Random Thoughts: It should be readily apparent to even the casual reader that there is little or no order or predetermined thought to these musings. That being the case; a disclaimer or so is in order. 1) I will try to be accurate but don't expect more than, say, 93% accuracy. For instance, Seth and Kat actually have a Honda Odyssey not a Toyota Sienna, I don't know what I was thinking. There are three Odysseys in the family, York started it. 2) I will try to be 100% truthful but memory, reflection and recording are never totally truthful, so expect about, say, 97%. I will be honest however.

Another thought that is prompted by the automobile crises, especially GMC and Chevrolet. About 1994 our family which was a lot younger and mostly at home or a few in college or Noni, out of college, owned and drove a Chevy Suburban, a Chevy Nova (which is actually a Toyota Corolla, though I argued that with a Toyota salesman and manager once. I can't believe they didn't know that,) and we also owned a purple Chevy S-10 extended cab truck. We lived in the country at the time and remember, you need a truck, especially if you are country folk. We took at least two cars on vacations, and the truck and or car and suburban had been to Colorado, Cape Cod, Canada to name just a few places. When my Nova hit 205,000 miles I decided to write Chevrolet a letter and send pictures of the family with the cars. I loaded all the kids into the back of the S-10, the Golden retriever, of course next to the vehicle and took one picture. I leaned in a GQ type manner against the Nova. I wrote a fine letter explaining how this all American and rather large family relied on these Chevy's for transportation around town, to and from colleges on vacations and how my ministry car took me to weddings, funerals, worship services and all the aspects of life one could imagine. I suggested that this would make a fine advertising campaign that was about as all American as you can get. I eventually received a letter that said, thanks but they already had their advertising plans made. Perhaps, if they had taken me up on the idea then their corporation wouldn't be billions in debt,. Not even a coupon for a car mat was included.

On the Road With the Haverkamps--Three

One of the questions is, “What really constitutes an 'On the Road' writing?” I don't think today's thoughts really do, but here they are anyway. 4:20 p.m., I pull into our driveway with Finn in the passenger seat after putting 106 miles on my car since 8:00 this morning. I parked between our Honda Odyssey and the deep red Dodge Dakota. This is the 2002 truck that York and Erin bought after they were married, specifically to take (as in move) them and their Alaskan Malamute to Alaska in a few years. York had done a bunch of research and found that this was a very good truck; that turns out to be right. They bought this truck after the huge gray Chrysler Fifth Avenue that they bought from 90 year old Ruth sort of didn't work so well anymore. Well after a year or so they have a baby, Fern, and decide to sell the truck. They buy, hmm, I think a Honda Element or may be it was a Honda Civic Hybrid. Son Frits and wife Emily decide to buy the truck either out of feeling sorry for York because it is not selling or maybe they really want it. They use it to haul a boat in and out of the water and because every family actually needs a truck for truck type stuff. Eventually, though they decide it is not really powerful enough to haul the boat so they decide to sellit. Well, York actually needs a truck and actually used the Dodge for his business and so Sally who had made some money raising Goldendoodles (and that's another story) bought it back and now York uses it but so do we.

But I digress. This morning I went ½ mile to the church then to a nursing home called Morning Pointe about 12 miles away where I do a once a week Bible Study. Then I backtracked and went to UT Hospital to see a parishioner. Leaving there I head north on I-75 and notice I go right by the Fitness center. The kids gave me a membership here for my 60th birthday, presumably so I would stay fit and not die early of heart disease or something, so I turn the Max into the drive and work out for about 35 minutes. Yep, that's all. Then back on I-75, head home, eat lunch and go do a visit or two. About 3:00, Finn calls and says he is ready to be picked up. Actually, Finn who is downtown doing an internship at UT press was already picked up this morning at 7:30 by Tom and taken to work and then picked up by Sally in the Fit at 10:30, taken to an appointment and then driven back to UT press. So for what it's worth, this is the third time Finn is picked up today; he doesn't have a driving license. So into the Max, onto I-75 south, past nine police cars who have four different cars in four different places pulled over. Actually, they were probably pick-up trucks since most of the cars in the south are actually trucks, just like Cokes are orange or yellow or some random brown color. At any rate I pick Finn up and we head back north on I-75. So, 106 miles. I forgot to mention that Sally and Finn had a low tire when they were out and I took it into the local service station, that would be Wiley, and he said, no problem here.

I also need to mention that at 8:15 Noah and Jill arrive from South Knoxville, about 28 miles, because Jill conducts a yoga class at the church. Presumably they drove home after the class.

cape cod 3

it was a very heavy stick
the nama walk
heeeyyy, sepia
beautiful black and white

more cape cod

mini tree's
mmm, rocks
pretty cool pic
typical cart wheel
after a long winter of wearing socks and shoes, my feet are out of shape, and in pain

Daily Affirmation

cape cod

we found Big "Z" shack!
so, hannah and i went to coast guard beach and took route 28 on the coast back to hyannis, and the whole time going south it says 28 north, so we think we were either in the twilight zone, or some one played a prank on us and switched every single sign, or cape codders are unfortunately really dumb,
this was her reaction
ezeikiel, jacob, jeremiah, moses, jesus
meet mandy, our new best friend, she never fails us, she even new that we were actually on 28 south,

Improv Everywhere: Ghostbusters


Additionally, there is a beautiful person at the 2:34 mark.

Improv Everywhere: Ghostbusters


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Edith Widder: Glowing life in an underwater world

This is completely amazing.
Glowing Life in an Underwater World


On the Road with the Haverkamp's Two

I was thinking about our Honda Fit which we bought because Hilary had bought her red Fit when she went to New Mexico to work as a Social Worker. She liked the car enough so that when our Civic was turning 100,000 miles and was three years old and needed tires we decided it would be cheaper to buy a new car which we did. Before Hilary bought her Fit and drove across country to just north of Sante Fe, she had been in Uganda for 8 months, working, but that is another story. What I want to say is she had an old Buick Century which sat in our yard for a number of months and mildewed so badly inside that we sold it for $300. It worked fine. Before that, however, she had a Volkswagen Golf; it must have been the name that inspired someone in our family to plant sod on the hood one day.
So, Hannah and Evergreen spent last night in Baltimore with Hilary and left early this morning arriving in Cape Cod about 2:00. They spent the afternoon on the beach while Hans worked on some papers he is writing and presenting in a local coffee shop. I guess that's about it for today.

A Theory In Progress

Violinist Allyson Tomsky

2nd option on the list, although the other 2 are great too. Her second song is better than her first, preferably.

The french singer is the french voice of Gabriella Montez.

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On the Road with the Haverkamp's -- One

The first car to arrive was my almost 92 year old mother and her husband in their new Mercury Marquis. They had driven here from central New Jersey,taking two days. They looked fit and healthy. They were here when I arrived in my 1989 Nissan Maxima that I bought about one year ago from a parishioner for $1800; it is my ministry car and I put many miles on it. I parked my car in the trees because the Mercury, a Fit, n Odyssey a Dodge truck, a Volvo wagon and a Toyota Truck were already in the driveway and parking area of our house.

No, this is not a blog about cars though they play a prominent part in the story; it is about being on the road—on the road with the Haverkamp's. We are a family of 12 kids, ages 20-39, six spouses of those 12, 13 grandchildren and we are scattered in the Knoxville, Tennessee area where I and my wife Sally live and Baltimore, Burlington, Upper Virginia and Martha's Vineyard. We are on the road a lot. It is hard to know when to start a blog of this sort; should it be done when Hannah returns from six weeks in Italy and Greece while Finn and his twin Fletcher are in Peru. Hannah flies into Dulles and Fletcher into Atlanta and a week later Finn into Dulles. It could have begun when Hans who lives in Burlington was in Costa Rica or perhaps when Sally and I were in Turkey for a month or Noni and her family in Bali.

Hard to know, so I am beginning it when the majority of the family traveled to Norris, TN for our 40th anniversary celebration and mother's day. What a great occasion. Let's see, Holland and Jamie and their two kids arrived Thursday night in their new Dodge Caravan from Culpepper, Virginia. Hans flew in on Friday, Seth and Kat and their three kids rolled in on Friday night in their Toyota Sienna. Hilary arrived from Baltimore in her Red Honda Fit. York and Erin and their four kids live four houses down and are always here. Frits and Emily and their two boys live around the block. The twins are living here and Hannah is here with her 1997 Red Oldsmobile Acheiva until she joins the nursing forces in Virginia. Strangely enough, York who is a potter went away for the weekend to Nashville for a pottery show and so wasn't here for the weekend. He was on the road in his Honda Odyssey. Noah and Jill who moved to Knoxville from NYC about two months ago drove up in their new to them 2002 Volkswagen Jetta Diesel which Noah is going to fit as a Bio-Diesel. Someone picked up Evergreen who is a sophomore at Tennessee Wesleyan College on Friday. So, I guess that was it; all accounted for. Another typical week for the Haverkamp's—we are on the road with great frequency. It seems someone is always traveling somewhere.

OK, to be honest this happened last week so I am a week behind. Who is traveling now, you ask. Well, Hans drove from Burlington to Cape Cod where he is hanging out in Hyannis and windsurfing. He stays in his car and coffee shops where he does his work when he is not on the water. He is a professor of Exercise Physiology at Johnson State College in Vermont. He travels with his dog Roxie and three boards and I don't know how many sails and equipment in an old Dodge van. This morning, Hannah and Evergreen left for Baltimore to visit Hilary who is a socail worker and therapist, for a day and then on to Cape Cod to see Hans and then over to Martha”s Vineyard to see Noni and her family and watch her boys while she prepares her store, Florabell, for the tourist season.

So, that is the ;quick beginning. If you are at all interested in this, in my opinion, fascinating family, then stay tuned. I will tell our story and you will learn who we are, what makes us tick, some of our issues joys and pains as we go on the road. Oh, yes, my name is Keith, I am 60 years old though I feel more like maybe 17-22. I have been a minister for 26 years; more liberal than not. I used to drive a 1976 BMW 2002 that I got from Noni. But finally it sort of died and I replaced it with an 1988 Mercedes which we still have and Noah was driving before he got his Jetta. It won't start at the moment. I already told you about my Maxima. Wally, who used to own the car calls it Max. He loves it still. My wife is Sally. She would travel non-stop. Her Honda Fit just turned one year old and 36,000 miles. Our Odyssey has 210,000 miles. Yep, welcome to, “On the Road with the Haverkamps”

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The Donation Game

According to this site.  Answer questions correctly and you donate "x" amount of rice grains.

The Pretty Reckless: Make me wanna die

For Hans.  You are going to love this band.

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Frank Frazetta: In Remembrance

February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010

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Rush Tour

Holy cow! Rush is going on tour again!
You can get locations and ticket dates at
Also, they're playing in Bristol, VA, which is 50 minutes away from DC. On September 18th.
Furthermore, I just might die if I dont go. Additionally, my birthday is like in 20 days.
Not to mention, I've got $300 left in my ole' bank account.
Just saying.

Machete Trailer

Epic and not for kids

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YYZ Keyboard

11-Year Old God?? I think so.

Also this. 13-Years old.

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Christiane Amanpour CNN Sign Off

Reina Del Cid: Burn Out (Original Song)

Reina Del Cid is my favorite independent artist.  This is a new song.


Impressive Video.

Kentucky Derby 2010

  • Today at the Kentucky Derby, 11:00am-2:00pm, ESPN
  • Kentucky Derby undercard, 2:00-4:00pm, ESPN
  • Kentucky Derby, 4:00-7:00pm, NBC
  • Run for the Roses: The Kentucky Derby and the Business of Horse Racing, 7:00-8:00pm, CNBC