Friday, December 30, 2011

Hans 40th & Hilary 35th

Her very first Leatherman for all her travels and excursions.

A single person ultra-light tent for trekking and hiking.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Han's Most Dislike Thing


1. Drive through Pennsylvania
2. Laywers
3. His Android Phone

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hobbit Production Video 5

christmas offering proposal-- "walk away renee"

ok, so i fell in love with this song this week, and i really think we can pull it off as a christmas offering this week! i know we have enough talent and wherewithal to do it!

we can definitely do vocals, violin, flute, guitar, and didn't frits recently pick up the harpsichord?? york can do drums, etc etc... so, i think everyone should start learning their part and then we'll practice when we get to the mountain house. it will be so great.

here are two links: the first is the original (and most beloved): by the left banke.
the second is by linda ronstadt; it's helpful to catch the harmony clearly.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hobbit Trailer

LOTR Relationships

Christmas Lights

Other than one very obnoxious song about saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays this was a very enjoyable light show at the Smokey's Stadium.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Near the end of the Milky Way Timelapse movie, there is a bright streak towards the right of the screen. Turns out this is my first photo of a meteor, probably, as David Fields points out, from the Coma Berenices shower: "I agree with you guys -- it's a meteor. But the path is 90 degrees off of the path for the Geminiads, so it's not one of the Geminiad meteors. The Coma Berenices meteor shower contributes fast meteors, it is seen from Dec. 8-21, and it lies along the radiant of your meteor, so I think that you captured an image of one of those meteors. This was one of those showers discovered by radio astronomers (the Harvard Radio Meteor Project). The Coma Berenices constellation is a neat one and contains about 7 Messier objects. That's probably the only constellation named after a real person!"
The photo here was cropped. There are also a couple planes near the left center.

Transformong Paper


Sunday, December 18, 2011

International Space Station

Every few months or so, the ISS travels over Tennessee and it lights up for a few minutes then dies away again. Unfortunately it traveled so far and so long that by the time it died down i didn't have the camera pointing in the right direction anymore, so you just see here a 44 second shot with sharp edges at the beginning and end of the bright line it makes. (Mom i'll explain that to you later in person). It passes right over the Coat-hanger asterism here (near the beginning of the ISS line - it is sideways). I also barely had time to set up for the event, so i actually didn't get a chance to properly focus the camera.
Canon 5D ISO 1600, 44 sec, 28 mm, f4, at TAO in Harriman, TN 12/17/11 6:40 EST Appears 18h40m13s 3.1mag az:241.7° WSW horizon. Culmination 18h45m29s -3.1mag az:322.3 (high in the sky)

Orion Nebula

Finally got Jamie's Canon 5D into my telescope. I didn't have time to set up trekking and barely had time for a photo at all, but managed to get this one. The skies were quite dark, but not amazing. Plus Orion was just over the horizon, the worst time to photograph something because of all the light. Make sure you click on it to see the shape of the nebula. The camera has not been modified for astrophotography, therefore it is not so sensitive to the red hydrogen gas colors, so the nebula looks largely gray, but there is a bit of red in there. The nebula is the center star in Orion's sword. The outside 2 stars of the sword are in this photo as well, at either side of the picture. They look like double or triple stars at this magnification. The photo was cropped to focus on the sword.
Prime Focus w/Canon 5D, ISO 1600, Shutter:10 seconds, in F10 70 mm Refractor TAO (Tamke-Allan Observatory), Harriman, TN, 12/17/11 around 9 PM.

Milky Way Timelapse

Canon 5D ISO 1600 30 sec shots 6 FPS at TAO (Tamke-Allan Observatory) in Harriman, TN 12/17/11 7:15 EST

Thursday, December 15, 2011


has anyone else seen the figures for how many kindles have been sold a week lately. it seems like a lot

Google Zeitgeist

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