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This was Pete Doctor's student film. He directed "Up".

Winter - Film d'animation - Pete Docter - videotvretro
Uploaded by telurick. - Independent web videos.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ahead of the pack? or bringing down the bell curve, you choose...

Genius: 1 vote
Sorely lacking in brain function: Priced less

across the middle east

this provides a current, comprehensive look at what's going on across the middle east. it's divided by country and provides basic info and news of the uprisings and politics. very helpful.

The Saga of Biorn

Foust and Malon will really like this one.
I recommend clicking the title in the video, then watching it in HD and Fullscreen. But on the right side-bar, when it is in fullscreen, turn off Scaling.

The Saga Of Biorn from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fast Food Folk Song: Taco Bell

Morning Motivation

"I have to make sure I'm not late. Today is the big Fire Safety seminar."

Shadow Duel

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

baby and baby 2

for some reason, the comments won't work,
so, a post it is.
really, really cute, looks like clive in the eyes.
it's for sure sefi and clive are going to be very helpful
and adoring and protective.
holl, the wiskers are probably brush burning the
poor little things cheeks, but that's quite a beard you have there.
alll the pics are cute, and he's wrinkly, squooshy, adorable,
and i can smell his sweet soft skin right thru the internet.
thanks, holl, and jamie, love, mom

baby 2

the one with the wrinkly hands
quintessential sefia


the one where she says "my baby"
the one where hes like "touch...and die, im the ultimate good guy"
the one thats like "get a razor"
the one with the awesome wrinkles
the one where you can actually see he almost looks like a baby

Simpsons: Mixar

Monday, February 21, 2011


Depart Logan, June 10
Arrive Reykjavik, sometime later that day/night

Depart Reykjavik, June 25
Arrive Logan, sometime later that day/night

Ticket price = $590.00!!! That includes taxes

Join the Hans if you would like.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cupid Comic

sliver rose

looking at old pictures. thought these were cool. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Notice the woman making eye contact with the camera in the background.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

lotus flower by radiohead

one article asks if he's channeling elaine from seinfeld. i think it's beautiful.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to defeat the huns

olympic schedule

the schedule for the olympics is out
ticket prices as well
time to save has begun

i am now opening the send hannah to london 2012 olympics fund
contribute today!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Guess what today is
Yeap. Valentines Day to You....

i'm really bad this year
about your valentines day
and wish i had something more to send you....

But no matter how much i wish it for you
Please believe me
that if i could do it the right way
I would for you and you and you.....

So, despite my lack luster greeting
just know that i love you
with or with out
a Big Valentines day gift for You and You and You....

Love, moms

Jane Eyre

Featuring Alice in Wonderland, Magneto from the new X-Men, and Billy Elliot.

Friday, February 11, 2011

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Leaf Growth

5 or so days of stills taken mostly every 10 minutes. The lighting and plant position were changed a couple of times. It's really easy to see how quickly the leaves change direction not only in response to light, but also as a necessary result of new matter pushing out into empty space.

Frontline: Digital Nation

You  should watch this.  It is incredibly accurate.


trip to krogers

i have a story for you that i would consider a "mom texting story."
however, its way to hard to text a long story on my telly, so here it is.

jamie and i along with clive and sefi take a trip to krogers in hopes of making pizza.
first is the fruits and veggies. there were banana's for 64 cents a lb, and they were organic!
holy cow, i say, thats great!
(the banana's really don't have anything to do with the story, but i still thought it was cool, even though i wasn't paying for the food)

so, we get to the sauce isle, and im looking at sauce, something cheap and relatively natural.
we find a sauce an it is 100% elnatural, and it is on super sale for 3.59 from 8.59,
but both price signs were up, but the normal price was referring to different flavors than the one we picked.
on goes the shopping,

we self check-out and as were walking out the door, jamie looks at the receipt and says oh no they charged us the full price.
so, but, the kids were getting a lil fussy and she said lets not take it back,
so we were walking, and she changed her mind bc it was like a 5 dollar difference.
so, in she goes and as i get the kids in the car, she comes back bc she forgot the receipt.
so we find it in a bag, and i go back so she can sit in the car.
i wasn't sure who to talk to, so i just went to a checkout lady, i told my story, and we happened to be like right next to the isle, we looked and sure enough the sauce was on sale.
i glanced a lil more at the sale label, and i saw the word basil,
so we go back up, this time to costumer service, and as were walking she mentions that i will get it for free, so she tells the checkout lady that she checked and it is on sale.
so as im waiting in line, i look down at the bottle and there is no sign of basil, but it says roasted garlic!
so, then i was like, oh maybe it really wasn't on sale, but i stay in line nonetheless,
bc there were actually 2 lil sale signs,
i was standing there nicely, and a man at a table right there was passing out local newspapers,
he asked if i wanted one, and i asked, is it free, and he said, "ah, i'll write it on it so they know you didn't take it" or something like that,
i get to the counter, and she asks for my krogers card, and i tell her i don't have it, bc its my sister-in-laws and she is in the car with the kids, so she works her magic, and gives me all the money back. and at the end she says, "i suppose you want your sauce after all that"
i stated that that would be nice.
so walked out of the krogers, with a free newspaper (idk if it cost money)
and $9.02, and a free bottle of sauce.
i was super excited, as was jamie, i think,
and all i could think of was that i would probably somewhere and then we really wouldn't have any sauce.

but just when you thought the story was over...
its not!
so, we get out the pizza stuff, and i try to open the sauce, i can usually end up getting things open, but i handed it over to jamie, yet she couldn't get it either,
i didn't want her going into labor so i tried again. still, no luck.
so she tells me to run it under hot water, try. no budge.
jamie bangs it on a metal chair, it still does not want to open.
she runs it under hot water for a longer time. i hold the bottom and she holds the top. yet still, no luck.
well, i thought that maybe we were just not meant to eat this sauce.
she finds another bottle of sauce in the pantry, bc she wants to get the kids pizza in the oven.
so, i try one last time, this time, i use a spoon and i gently lever it up under the cap, and
POP! the air goes in and i take off the top.
jamie puts down her cheap sauce and uses the free $9.02 sauce.

so, if you made it to the end of the story, i approve krogers right now.
are pizza was good,
even though the sauce was not spectaular...
the end...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Return of the Aliens

Battle: Los Angeles
featuring Michelle Rodriguez as Michelle Rodriguez.

Cowboys vs. Aliens
featuring Daniel Crag as Awesome as Usual
and co-starring Harisson Ford as Epic.

Super 8
featuring Steven Spielberg as Obsessed with Aliens

No, not in an angry mood, but....

grandparents are obsessed, inappropriately so in Hans' opinion. I have two recent examples, but will spare you the details in the interest of time. Except for, "that is all she lives for," and "my greatest fear in life is for my grandson to not recognize me, so I make sure to fly here each month to make sure that he doesen't forget me." Ok, maybe a bit irritated, but whatev, idk, who cares.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

I just saw a seagull take off in Culpeper, he seemed confused. I didnt realize how much I missed seeing gulls.

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This is me and Hannah kickin' it yo'

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Discovery Center in Knoxville

Did ya'll know there's a Discovery Center right here in K-ville? Right in Chilhowee Park - including a Planetarium, as well as a very affordable Summer Camp for kids! I plan on attending the Planetarium, like, tomorrow. If anyone wants to join me give a holler yo,

I Love You Man: Sequel

My WWC History Professor on NBC

History/political science professor Phillip Otterness is a featured historian on NBC's program "Who Do You Think You Are?" Each hour-long episode of the show traces a celebrity's ancestry and uses these stories to also tell stories of America's history. These stories are gradually unfolded to the celebrity through various documents and historical artifacts that are explained to them by archivists, librarians and historians. NBC will air the program on Friday, Feb. 11, 8 p.m.

From the WWC Alumni Newsletter
Phil was one of my best professors. I took Western Civ 1 with him.

Planet Distance Comparison