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i tried to post pics of my trip on the blog, but it wasn't working
so they are on facebook if you want to see a select few

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Youtube has Free Movies


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Birthday Party for Nama

Sixty-Four candles strong.

She actually blew them out in a single puff.

Some really nice presents and many interested.

Dinner was pizza on the grill and Evergreen made the cakes.
A very nice evening and Sally stays quiet for 63 x 2 minutes.
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this is the video i meant to put of fern on, but put the same 2 on accidently

Like a Boss

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Twins should be in on the making of this website. Watch the short introduction and be amazed!

Random Pics

Reagan and Zack waiting to walk to the Garden. Rain gear on beacuse it felt iffy. It did sprinkle later but so far today no rain. Francis, Bess and Alex lounging after lunch before they head back to the garden.

The entrance to the market on our way to the garden.

Poor Paker. Still no luggage. Hopefully today. But he found a great show maker who made him a pair of sandals. They are pretty nice and should last forever. The soles are made from tires.

The shoe store where Noah and Parker are picking up their new sandles.


Father John told us this morning of a celebration going on. In the old catholic calender this is Corpus Christi, the celebration of Jesus in the Eucharist. Some where in the past this celebration got mixed with a Mayan celebration of work. The people parade through town dressed as workers and bulls and they mimic rounding up the bulls. The masks they wear symbolize having red, weathered faces from working in the sun. I guess this is a way to ritualize the importance and holiness of work. The church is decorated for Corpus Christ with hangings over all the rafters. They were not there yesterday. They have mass everymorning as far as I can tell. The kids from the parish school have mass twice a week, I think. They sing lovely.

Filling Bags

Here we are filling bags for coffee plants

A veiw of the garden corn

Zack doing a great job translating for us with Jose


6.23 2:30 pm

We had another good night. After supper some of the group saw a bunch of kids, dressed all in white running down the road led by a torch barrer. Later, during our evening reflection, fireworks filled the sky. This morning I found out that this was to honor the anniversary of one of the schools in town. Father John said that the Guatemalans celebrate every anniversary they can.

This morning we went to the farm or garden and filled little plastic bags with dirt. The dirt is really dark and soft. The bags of dirt are then placed in rows and planted with coffee. These plants take about 4 years, if I understood Leonardo correctly, to produce beans for harvest. It was fun work and we sat on logs and talked and sang the morning away.

We left the farm around 11 and walked through the large market. A multi stree farmers market. The vendors come from the outlining communities and take over the roads and fill them. Vegetables mostly but also meat and some clothes. We split into three groups and had as a task to figure out what it would cost to feed a family for a day. We all came up with the same number of about 10 Quetzals per person per day. One dollar is about 7 Quetzals so about $1.50.

This seems pretty cheap but for the daily wage. If other people I have talked to know what they are talking about then the daily wage for a laborer is about 40 Quetzels. So for family of 4 10 Qutezels per person per day is a lot of money. Of course, I am not sure what the Guatemalans eat in their own homes and whether they would eat as many fresh vegateables as we priced. I believe they eat mainly torillas and beans-which would be less expensive.

This might be part explanation of their size. There are some exceedingly short Guatemalans. No one is particularly tall but some are very very short. I think some of our group got some pictures and we will post these.

The gang is now back at the garden weeding. I have to stay close to the bathroom this afternoon. Hopefully, this will pass but we shall see.

Peace Frits

bay and fern biking


fern biking



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kahshe problem solutions
i highly suggest you read this when you have time,
and start thinking, so we can use khashe.
there is a way to throw out the old and get into the new.
keep thinking,

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Matt and Kim: "Block after Block"

I'm going to see them today. It's going to be amazing.

What Song are you Listening To? Amsterdam Edition!

Woman Suffrage

Source: SMBC

A Dangerous Method Trailer

This movie would probably be good if Kiera Knightly wasn't in it.


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