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Leap Year

Avengers Trailer #2

I am pretty sure this quotation is true

To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs

- Aldous Huxley

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Visit California

Look what she is reading

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the nest

i read about this a few months ago, and now it is available, kind of.

Foxy Shazam: Oh Lord


Heinrich Rudolf Hertz's 155th Birthday

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (22 February 1857 – 1 January 1894) was a German physicist who clarified and expanded the electromagnetic theory of light that had been put forth by James Clerk Maxwell. He was the first to conclusively prove[1] the existence of electromagnetic waves by engineering instruments to transmit and receive radiopulses using experimental procedures that ruled out all other known wireless phenomena. The scientific unit of frequency — cycles per second — was named the "hertz" in his honor.

Experience Freedom

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Experience Freedom from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bike Excursion

Get your kids started now

Monday, February 20, 2012

Oscars Demographics

According to a new report, 94% of Oscar voters are Caucasian and 77% are male. They have a median age of 62, with just 14% of voters under 50. More details after the jump.

Although the full membership list of all 5,765 voting Academy members is kept under tight wraps, the Los Angeles Times confirmed the identities of over 89% of voting members through interviews, publications, resumes, biographies, and more. Most were still working professionals, but because members generally retain their status for life, the roster also included hundreds of voters who’d left the industry years ago.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Aid Kit

Two Swedish sisters who have composed some really excellent music:

Now, a separate issue. The opening of the chorus of the first song, Ghost Town, is identical to some other song. But for the life of me, I cannot remember that other song. The first instance of this phrase is at exactly 1:01 and ends with the down-turn a few seconds later. The few seconds are identical to a major part of a completely different song, probably the chorus as well. But I cannot remember said song. And it's driving me crazy. The difference between the two is whereas this song turns down after those first notes, the mystery song turns up, though I can't remember how exactly. Please help me identify this song.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is the best game of 2012 by the way.

LED Snowboarding

Largest Rope Swing

Or as I call it. Rich white kids having way too much fun.

Emma Watson is Belle

As we previously reported, The CW has ordered a pilot based on a script it commissioned for a remake of the 80’s series Beauty and the Beast, which starred Linda Hamilton & Ron Perlman. Meanwhile, ABC, a Disney owned network, has ordered a pilot for a show based on the classic French fairy tale which will actually take place in a pseudo-medieval setting. The latter announcement hit just days before the release of the Animated Disney feature which is making its way back into theaters - in 3D - as well as onto Blu-ray.

Now we’ve got news that Warner Bros. has lined up Guillermo del Toro to direct a new live-action adaptation of the tale written by Andrew Davies. In addition, an actress has already been chosen to play Belle, the protagonist of the story: Emma Watson.

Friday, February 10, 2012

International Space Station

Here is a shot i took a while ago of the ISS. "Share with anyone who might be interested. On February 13, ISS will appear brighter than Jupiter and AS BRIGHT AS VENUS. See the International Space Station Visible from Middle Tennessee Especially Monday evening, February 13, 2012 Look up at just the right time here in Middle Tennessee, and you’ll be able to see the International Space Station (ISS) passing overhead! Over the next few days, we will be treated to several good evening passes of the ISS. The ISS orbits high enough so that sunlight reflects off its white exterior and huge solar arrays, making it appear to us like a VERY bright star-like object traveling across the sky in less than five minutes. The ISS can appear extraordinarily bright - brighter than the brightest stars and even brighter than the planets. ISS will look much like an airplane except it will follow a curved path across the sky and will not be blinking. Your exact location on the Earth affects the exact time and height of the ISS or other satellites you might be hoping to see. Fortunately, there are two excellent websites for tracking and observing satellites. Go to, click “flybys’ in the header, type in a zip code, and it will calculate what objects will be visible from that location in the coming days. The table tells you what time and direction to look and how bright it should be. Anything from -2 to -4 is well worth going out to see. The site takes a little more work but generates helpful star charts, including the path of the object, so you can easily identify nearby constellations or a planet. Create an account so your favorite observing locations are always easily accessible. February 11, 12, and 13, 2012, will provide good opportunities for people in Middle Tennessee to see #ISS pass overhead in the evening sky. February 13th will be the highest & brightest. All you need is a clear view of the sky in the right direction. Be sure to wave! Search for #ISSwave on twitter, and see how many other people are out there with you. Sometimes the ISS can be seen in the morning sky before dawn, but lots fewer people go out to see those. The ISS is not the only satellite we can see passing overhead. The Chinese space station Tiangong, Iridium satellites, and other objects can be spotted using the websites or Spaceweather also features a variety of useful information about solar activity, auroras, awesome photography, and more. Of course, everyone can download a FREE monthly star chart from our website at to find what else is up in the current night sky. While the position of ISS is affected by your location, the positions of the stars and planets are essentially the same for everyone in the continental U.S.. That means our star charts can be used across the country."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three things...

1) I am really quite tired. Been working too hard.

2) Due to public demand, I have changed my name from Hans, to Han$

3) cause I'm tired and need to distract:

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Reflected Light

Like pours through the church windows early in the morning. At just the right moment, different elements in the sanctuary are illuminated and lit up. On the pulpit the blue is reflected from behind and the red heart sends shimmers of red into the three vertical reflections beyond.
Dear God of Tranquility, Let our minds be at rest like the surface of a meadow pond. Let us reflect the sky and trees, gently beaming them back to you. May we be peaceful in our inner selves even if the sky is dark and the trees bend low. In our tranquility may we be peacemakers with others who are torn by the winds and clouds of life. May all of us learn and know the wonder of a quiet meadow pond.AMEN 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Save Community

Orion Nebula

TAO 12:15 am 2/3/12. Canon 5D prime focus in LX 200 (12" mirror) 3048 mm telescope. 196 seconds. ISO 100.