Friday, July 27, 2012


we'll present a lengthy slideshow soon in Norris, but here's a few. Magpie
Flight home
from the knoxville airstrip after touchdown. officially the end of the trip and definitely, and appropriately, one of the prettiest sunsets i feel i've seen.


Jamie Haverkamp said...

Hey Noah, we love the magpie! I'm wondering if you've boosted the contrast or saturated these photos in post or in-camera. Were these taken with your new Canon? Gorgeous skies too. Welcome home, hope to see you both soon.

noah said...

thanks. good questions. no post-production. yes the new canon. i did boost the contrast setting at some point on the trip. but i dont know at what point, or if it applied to all the pictures. i remember boosting it for the monochrome setting.