Friday, August 3, 2012

laptop suggestions are welcome

So I was planning on purchasing a new Apple laptop this weekend for school but Mr. Stewart and The New Yorker bring up some interesting issues. And it's really too bad because I was really looking forward to the pleasing aesthetics and simplistic functionality of the Apple product. Now if I purchase one I will just always think of this clip, but without the humor. Does anyone know if there is a more humane option?


Frits said...

I dont know. I don't expect any other company is any better. To compete they are probably all competing in the same way. That is an assumption but...Then again this is a good opportunity to reflect on priorities. A good looking computer might be overrated given the human toll it takes to make one. Simple functionality is a decent reason to purchase an apple though honestly i don't find my Windows computer hard to run.

dr pax said...

i don't know... but i'm pretty happy with my lenovo thinkpad