Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jerry and Ricky

Jerry and Michael Richards

This is totally worth watching.

this trailer better

Wuthering Heights


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Origami Kayak

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nightime Fun Riding Home in Truck

Nikon D5100
ISO set on 3200.
Film speed anywhere between 1 - 2 sec.

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Oldest Photo of the Universe

The oldest galaxy in that photo is 13.2 Billion Years Old. Do you think it is still there?

Life on Mars?

One of the Top 10 songs of all time?

Emmy's Comedy Award

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Planetary Nebulas

Ring Nebula

Dumbbell Nebula

Photos taken 9/22/12 with Canon Eos 1100D at Prime Focus in F10  70 mm Refractor, 30 seconds, at Look Rock on the Foothills Parkway. Photos by Noah Frere.

Ring NebulaMessier 57, M57 or NGC 6720) appears in the northern constellation of Lyra.[5] It is a prominent example of a planetary nebula. This is a shell of ionized gas expelled into the surrounding interstellar medium by a red giant star, which was passing through the last stage in its evolution before becoming a white dwarf.

Dumbbell Nebula: Messier 27, M 27, or NGC 6853) is a planetary nebula (PN) in the constellation Vulpecula, at a distance of about 1,360 light years.
This object was the first planetary nebula to be discovered; by Charles Messier in 1764. At its brightness of visual magnitude 7.5 and its diameter of about 8 arcminutes, it is easily visible in binoculars, and a popular observing target in amateur telescopes.

Mom always tells me that she doesn't have favorites. I absolutely have favorites. And Seth absolutely has a favorite kid at this point, judging by his last three posts, which include mulitple photos of the same child.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Caffeinated Water

Maannnnnnnn, yesterday I invented caffeinated water. Turns out it's already been invented. A million-dollar idea, down the drain.


Durga: the mother of Jesus, and her lion, and their rabbit friend

Promised Land Trailer

Look what the Cat Dragged in

Friday, September 21, 2012

This is Caspian. This is his post.

"When i grow up, i'm going to be super cool. I'm going to wear awesome clothes, just like this!"
"The helmet is to keep me safe from walking into bars. My Dad says i need it. The super-penders are there as an extra barrier to keep my diaper on, my Dad says i need it... What? The tie? Thats too make me look awesome! I says so dogh, not my dad."
"I'm going to grow up and go to an office just like my daddy!"
"This is what i am going to wear, just like my daddy."
"Wait a second, i had a thought but i got distracted... just like my daddy!"
"I will have a vision, that one day all babies willn't need... that feels like a flea..." Caspian Saith so.

Monsanto GM Corn

French scientists have revealed that rats fed on GMO corn sold by American firm Monsanto, suffered tumors and other complications including kidney and liver damage. When testing the firm’s top brand weed killer the rats showed similar symptoms.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cappys post, day of the lord our savior, 9/20

"This is what happens when, sometimes, when i play with dirt - I forget to swallow..."
"This is what happens when the guy holding the camera gets knocked dow-- i mean, falls down."


I just had an amazing realization.  If I ever have a kid, boy or girl, I will name him/her Pansy --- no joke.  That would be awesome. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

"God of Love" Short Film Trailer

too funny/ridiculous

It's official, I am allergic to Strawberries now too.

First Apples, then Bees, now Strawberries...stupid over active immune system.
Bye bye hydration, water you're probably next.

Cool Kid. Cooler Shorts.

Honey Creek Loop Trail

I plan on doing Honey Creek Loop Trail this Saturday if anyone wants to join.

I have done it before and I didn't feel like it was very hard.  I feel like some of the kids could do it.

Here is some info.

As well as a description.

Honey Creek LoopThe Honey Creek Loop is the most challenging trail in Big South Fork. Along with the challenge come rewards for the hiker with the time and stamina to undertake the trip. The trail is 5.5 miles in length but requires extra time. Even experienced hikers should allow a minimum of 5 hours to complete this strenuous hike. Hazards include steep narrow trail sections, numerous creek crossings, slick boulders and confusing trail junctions. This hike is not recommended immediately following heavy rainfall or after severe freezing weather. The trailhead for Honey Creek is located In the southern portion of the park in Tennessee. It is a remote trailhead and is located about an hours drive south from Bandy Creek Visitor Center. It is off of the Mt. Helen Rd. to the west or Mountain View Rd. to the east.


From Jamestown, TN follow Tenn. 52 to Allardt. Remain left on Tenn. 52 for 5.4 miles. Turn left on the Mt. Helen Road and follow the signs toward Burnt Mill Bridge for 10 miles. Turn left to reach the trailhead. Continue past the trailhead for 0.8 mile to reach the overlook.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Monkey
Initially scientists were not sure if the adult male Owl Face on the left and the Lesula on the right were the same species.An illustration of the new Lesula monkey. Biologists have traditionally drawn new finds.
Clara Schumann's 193rd Birthday

Life at 22046

This is what happens when the mirror turns out to be reality...
This is what happens when shoes hurt your feet...
This is what happens your told the Red Sea Splitting was actually caused by Moses, not an earthquake...
This is what happens after you watch spiders mating...
This is what happens when you have a scar, bluish eyes, and picked lips all after eating one heck of dinner... perfection

Cappys Bad Hair Day

This is what happens when your told you look like Hans
This is when you think about looking like Hans