Monday, September 17, 2012

Honey Creek Loop Trail

I plan on doing Honey Creek Loop Trail this Saturday if anyone wants to join.

I have done it before and I didn't feel like it was very hard.  I feel like some of the kids could do it.

Here is some info.

As well as a description.

Honey Creek LoopThe Honey Creek Loop is the most challenging trail in Big South Fork. Along with the challenge come rewards for the hiker with the time and stamina to undertake the trip. The trail is 5.5 miles in length but requires extra time. Even experienced hikers should allow a minimum of 5 hours to complete this strenuous hike. Hazards include steep narrow trail sections, numerous creek crossings, slick boulders and confusing trail junctions. This hike is not recommended immediately following heavy rainfall or after severe freezing weather. The trailhead for Honey Creek is located In the southern portion of the park in Tennessee. It is a remote trailhead and is located about an hours drive south from Bandy Creek Visitor Center. It is off of the Mt. Helen Rd. to the west or Mountain View Rd. to the east.


From Jamestown, TN follow Tenn. 52 to Allardt. Remain left on Tenn. 52 for 5.4 miles. Turn left on the Mt. Helen Road and follow the signs toward Burnt Mill Bridge for 10 miles. Turn left to reach the trailhead. Continue past the trailhead for 0.8 mile to reach the overlook.


SuperSeth said...

SOunds great Fletch. I'll be there

mom said...

fl and seth are working, do not, i repeat, support their on work blogging!