Friday, September 21, 2012

This is Caspian. This is his post.

"When i grow up, i'm going to be super cool. I'm going to wear awesome clothes, just like this!"
"The helmet is to keep me safe from walking into bars. My Dad says i need it. The super-penders are there as an extra barrier to keep my diaper on, my Dad says i need it... What? The tie? Thats too make me look awesome! I says so dogh, not my dad."
"I'm going to grow up and go to an office just like my daddy!"
"This is what i am going to wear, just like my daddy."
"Wait a second, i had a thought but i got distracted... just like my daddy!"
"I will have a vision, that one day all babies willn't need... that feels like a flea..." Caspian Saith so.


evergreen said...

that kid has issues. i mean,, seriously who would want to be like seth? L, mom

evergreen said...

i think the child is amazing. and i could think of no one i'd rather be than seth.

evergreen said...

seth, your living vigariously thru you genes? right. dang cute!!!lvoe,mom

SuperSeth said...

Thanks York, your check is in the mail. Mom, I cant live vicariously thru my genes, there too holy. But i started this nu-thing: living vicariously thru myself. Ya'll should jump on it.

evergreen said...

ur scaring me sethy!, lvoe, mom