Sunday, October 14, 2012

Steve Martin

Steve Martin via Twitter:

I don’t like people who say they’re going to do something, and then, they do it.

Soon to release my new “App” app. It’s an app that represents an app. Right now, will only be for Android. 

I'm apologizing for my new App. It was meant to be non-functional, but it turned out functional. Am working to restore non-functionality.

Temporary fix: If your new App is functioning, dip your phone in a glass of club soda with two electrodes attached to 9 volt dry cell.

Can you believe I was arrested for wanting to watch Oprah? And I found out later she wasn’t even home.

How about 47% of the nation is governed by Obama, 47% by Romney, and the remaining 6% are cowpunchers.

 Just wondering. Women are different from men, right? But are their bodies different too?

Suddenly, nothing happened. 

Drank 32 oz. soda and now moving on to heroin. 

Ah, summer’s almost over and fall is almost setting in. Which proves that you can tweet anything. 

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dr pax said...

i lol'd on the last one