Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For those of you who are always wanting to make fun of me but cant find a reason too... here's your chance

I’m not here to hold your hand
I’m just here to understand
If your feeling low I can help
I’m always on your side
Forever near your light
I’m always on your side…
                            Smashing Pumpkins


It’s not funny how hard life is at times.
Nor is it a mystery. 
It’s complicated, fun-less, and flat out disappointing.
Beaten down, trampled, sometimes you feel like your drowning in your own ashes.
Theres a smidgen of light shining through the cracked door … it seems to be getting dimmer;
when you have an ocean full of responsibilities with only a cup to hold it all…
Here I am, confused, lost, alone.
Yet I know that when I get home,
She’s always on my side.
I’m not sure what the answer is. 
Maybe I need to find more cups.  Or maybe I have to de-hinge the door. 
But no matter how I tread these deep waters, know your not alone.
I’m always on your side...


noah said...

That's very touching. You are doing a great job with life!

yorkpottery said...

hmm. i'll need to let this one stew for a while, on a low simmer, bubbles lightly touching the surface inside the pot. then, and only then will i be able to give a response. hmm

mom said...

we're here for you seth, with lots of cups. count them! all!
i didnt know anyone ever heard the words of a song, dad and i don't.
you really hear those words, thru all the noise, or you looked them up?