Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is a good one. Yes, the more important issue is that Lance was able to (apprently) lie so blatantly for so many years to the entire world. Can't imagine living with such dishonesty for more than one day.


dr pax said...


i already have a reminder about the oprah interview in my phone-- i'm at work tomorrow but really hope i can catch it. sure there will be plenty of replays if not, though!

i agree with the message of this article though-- that his perseverative righteous denials ruins it for the truly innocent. loser. (oh, p.s. but how do we know he's about to admit to it on oprah? it seems like that's already a done deal...)

Fletcher said...

Sources on Oprah's show and to some extent, Oprah herself, confirmed that he admitted it. Although they say it's like a half-confession.