Tuesday, February 5, 2013

baltimore parties-- return of the ravens


some notes: i don't think anyone worked today, or any kids went to school.
one salesman shouted out, "bling bling for your championship ring" over and over.
another said, "ray f-in lewis jerseys!" (he used the real word.)
people jumped the barriers and joined the parade.
the stadium was filled (that's 71,000 seats, plus another 10,000 on the field).
the city bled purple.

1 comment:

mom said...

i have no comment, speechless,
i just don't get it, except people must be very bored, and spend alot of energy on someone else playing a kick the ball around game, it's just so foreign, so, dumb, is that like me or the rest of the intelligent, non competitive, more than a pig skin thingy? well, suppose it is here to stay, since we still send lions in to the stadium to be slaughtered by the amory.