Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jill's (and Noah's (a little bit anyway)) performance


noah said...

Thanks Holland!

Keith said...

That's a good news spot Holland.
Good going!

SuperSeth said...

thats awesome

the totems said...

for under two minutes. that really captured a good bit of the feel. that is awesome holland. well done

hannah said...

wish i could have actually been there

dr pax said...

holy understated comments, batman!

holland-- totally cool that you got cred on air, and you really did give us a good feel of the show!

jill-- i instantly teared up, i mean- INSTANTLY-- and i was verklempt the entire time... i barely even know why (not that i was moved, but that it was automatic, as in, the nanosecond it started), except knowing that it was you. and because it was beautiful.

noah-- i would recognize that style anywhere-- that is so awesome and exciting and impressive that you did that! it reminded me of step up beach!

mom said...

what can i say, but three of you on one clip, i really want to sit in the dark and watch the whole production, and i'm proud of all of you, noah, who would have thunk, a dancer and holl, kudos, gee, how often do they mention the videographer?
jill, you're the needle that threaded
the stage,
lvoe, mom

noah said...

thanks Hilary! you said it. and mom i agree the beackstage folks like holland, and the prop people, etc. should get more credit