Friday, February 22, 2013

Reflecting on Reflections

I looked in the mirror today
My eyes just didn’t seem so bright
I lost a few more hairs
I think I’m, I’m going bald



So here I am not writing my essays to get into college.  They want a “personal Statement”.  I don’t really care to give them one presently, so I thought I would reflect on things a little.  Like the beginning of the song above.  This was wriiten in 1975 by Neil when he was, shoot, 19?  At the time of recording this album, their third, they weren’t doing very well in the rock world.  Is this song in part a reflection of that?  Its certainly about losing ones youth. “dreams of youth and simple truths, now we’re so involved, so involved with life.” 

 I wonder.  If Neil could have seen the future, would he have changed this song?  22 short years later he would lose not only his wife, who probably succumbed mostly to grief - for a few months prior there 16 year old daughter was made non-existant by a car wreck.  Two tragedys the majority of us thankfully cant imagine.  The rest of the song is made up of the joys of the past shattered by the realitys of today, of getting older, of responsibility.

Maybe if he had known the future the song would have been about the joys of this … new-ness; instead of the negative spin.  “Once we loved the flowers, now we ask the price of the land.  Once we would take water, now it must be wine.”  Without the maturing, if you will, would he have been able to enjoy 16 years with his wife and kid?

I’m having trouble not relating to this song presently.  I’m sure we all can, or have.  And if you haven’t yet, chances are highish that someday you may be able to.  I, and I think Hilary will join in, am ready to go “drinking by the light house, smoking on the pier” as I continue to search for the ever distant Fountain of Lamneth.  And like the narrator of that song, am not really sure what my Fountain (happiness?)  is, nor If I will ever discover it (or If it can ever be discovered).

I think if Neil could have for seen the future he would have kept the song as is.  To me it isn’t an outcry of what shouldn’t be, but more the reality of what has to become.  Rush wasn't and still isn't your typical rock and roll band.  They didn't surrender meakly to R&R genre that was in full swing.  Yes. They grew up.  Yes. They matured and had to make choices reflecting that.  But in the end, it’s a statement of being an individual, cause “even when I’m grey, I’ll still be grey my way.” 
And that (the puppy), my friends, is how i'm going to live my life.


the totems said...

umm. wow. like... ok.
well. very profound stuff seth. oh actually why do i have a feeling that essie wrote this. hmm. seth you know my phone number. seriously

Hanser said...

seth, throughout most of your generally incoherent ramblings, there is at least a shred, a suggestion, if you will, of substance. But always, I am left wondering if you need an intervention, a "night on the town" with Austin Powers, or to go live in a van down by the river. Essentially, I am wondering whether you are ok --- yes? No? What do you need from us?

I am also, as always, left with the gratitude and tingling in my chest that you and I share such great love and respect for Rush, the greatest band of all time. Yes, I also often find myself quoting their lyrics when the lyrics are in concert with my state of being. Funny, I have also on many occasions wished that I were "drinking by the lighthouse and smoking on the pier." And oh boy, do I love that song.

noah said...

what have i gotten myself into