Friday, February 15, 2013

This is how students deal with professors who take deadlines very seriously. And by "very seriously," I mean the letter will likely be submitted within 30 minutes of the deadline....hence, the deadline.

Hi Hans,

Just wanted to make sure you got my email yesterday.  The scholarship deadline is today.  I was wondering if you could send the recommendation via email.  Thanks again!

Hey Hans- 

Just wanted to check in about the letter of recommendation. Sometimes I get concerned that my emails haven't sent (because that has happened in the past) and wanted to make sure you received my email in regards to the scholarship information for the letter of recommendation. I understand that you are busy, have other deadlines to make and you told me that not to expect the letter until a time close to Friday. 

Let me know if you got the email and if you have the letter, you can just forward it as an attachment to this email so that I can upload it on the scholarship application website. 

Thanks again,

Hi Hans,

Just reminding you that the scholarship deadline is tomorrow.  Thanks,

Hello Hans,
   I was wondering if you received my e-mail last week about a possible letter of recommendation and update of my internship so far. I have not heard anything back from you and was hoping to have the completed letter by Friday February 22nd. If you need any additional information such as my cumulative GPA, experiences at JSC such as being an orientation leader and captain of the softball team please let me know I have it completed and ready.

     Thank you,


evergreen said...

the squeaky wheel gets oiled,

Fletcher said...

Uhhhhhh. Did you not reply to the student? Because, this chain of emails would then be your fault, and I don't blame the student one bit.

mom said...

deadlines are deadlines, and if you did it, even by less than 30 minutes,ur doing good. but i find myself that i cut it pretty dang close these days as always, and kudos, did you do it though? on time? lvoe, mom

hannah said...

from hans---fletcher, they are from 3 different students. and i made the deadlines

noah said...

Oh! I also thought it was the same student...and I was going to say "when I am a professor, I will NEVER...!" :)