Monday, April 15, 2013


I recommend the following:

Do not become emotionally or psychically invested in the media on the Boston bombings.  The fixation on media of these horrific events is, first and foremost, making money for many companies based on tragic events; this is sort of like charging money to attend a funeral.  By definition, the media must attempt, that is actually try, to make all stories and events as dramatic as possible; this is known as sensationalism - and it is sad to sensationalism death and destruction.  In reality, I would prefer to have NO news coverage of these events, therefore, the assholes who commit the crimes don't get the credit or acknowledgement that they are absolutely looking for.  People, when you invest your energies in the media in these cases, you are feeding the attempts at further crimes, you are feeding fear into the human race, and immersion in the news will, consciously or not, further promote fear of life, negativity, loss of faith, and generally hurt our potential as a species. 

Please, don't become enamored with the media's thriving on these tragic events.  I hate it all, the actions by those who planned and executed the crime, the fact that people are so super board and sad with life to do it, and our society's resulting fixation on the event.


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