Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gmail Preview Pane

Yay! Gmail is now the greatest email service of all time. The only thing holding it back was that when you opened an email, the inbox was replaced. This is unlike, say, Thunderbird or Outlook, which opens the email in a separate pane, making for a much nicer flow. I think Comcast even has this. Now, I realized that Gmail has a preview pane as well, accessible through Labs. Basically, click this link. Then, in the "search for a lab" box, type "preview pane". And select the "enable" radio button. And click "save changes." Your Gmail will reload automatically. Back at inbox, there is a new button at the top right, inbetween flipping through pages of mail and the settings button. Click it to enable preview mode. And now your life is at least 1% better than it was before.

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