Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kahshe 2013

Post your plans in comments.  I will update here.

Holland and Jamie and Kids: July. Leave Sunday 7th.  Arrive Tuesday the 9th.
Noah and Jill and Adelaide: Last week in June.  1st week in July.
Hans: Moving to Kahshe permanently
Hannah: June 22nd - July 13th
Hilary: Unknown.  Perhaps a long weekend.


Holland said...

We may go but not sure yet, if we do it will be the second week of July, probably get there on Tuesday (the 8th I think) and would probably leave on Sunday.
-Holland and Jamie

noah said...

how about doodle calendar? jill and noah and adelaide last week in june and 1st week of july will be there

Hans said...

Hans will be going up when peeps are there and he is able to get away from work. Will definitely head up several times, but no firm plans.

hannah said...

hopefully june 22nd-july 13th or so

dr pax said...

idk. i will barely have accrued any PTO by the summer months, and my life (or schedule, at least) isn't really my own anymore, so i really can't say. i'd like to come up a long weekend if possible. but planning is simply not an option for me at this time.