Sunday, July 7, 2013


What a great city! I walked around for several hours and took many many photos. I imposed a rule to only take b&w - and was rewarded at  the end with an exceptional sunset - it was one of the prettiest sunsets ever so i went back to color for it. There was a rainbow on the other side of the sky at the same time.

Crew for the Beatles cover band who sounded really authentic and fabulous.

Enthusiastic fans!

John Hancock building on the left.

                                                             30 second exposure.
                                                                 Snakey rope.

                                    A key member of the band. He played keys.
                                                  John Lennon and George Harrison.

Sometimes they caught me shooting. I actually didn't mean to photo this girl - i was trying to capture a floating bubble which disappeared, when she popped into view.

"What you looking at?"


dr pax said...

i really like some of these!

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Wow Noah so great photos!