Saturday, August 3, 2013

Backpacking Trip

The Boys first backpack trip.  
Frozen Head State Park
7 miles
2000 Ft climb to Frozen Head Mountain

A nice lady convinced me to let her take our photo together because she said her kids are grown and all they have left are the photos.  

I think Malon likes to Hike.

3 hours and 3 miles of non stop climbing of 1700 feet we made it to our campsite at Tub Springs.  

Gummy Bear treat after the climb. 

Waiting for dinner of mac-n-cheese

Getting water from Tub Spring.  

The look out tower on Frozen Head Mountain.  3,340 feet.  Malon made it up the first of three flights of stairs before his fear of heights got the better of him.  In a few minutes he conquered his fears on his own time and made it to the top.

He was clinging for life at first but running around shortly. 

We stayed on top for a while and took some time to read.

The evenings are long on backpacking trips.  Fortunately, with some master woodsmanship learned from our father I was able to get the wet wood going.
We sat around the fire and played Yahtzee and Farkle on my phone.  The curious combination of old and new. 

A good night sleep and ready for the morning. 

The packs are ready by 8 in the morning


hannah said...

totally jealous
and why wasn't i invited?

noah said...

Frits didn't write a sermon this week because we had group prayer time instead. So i guess this is his sermon. congratulations malon on the height thing.

Finn Haverkamp said...

Frozen head is a good park. Wish I were there with you.

mom said...

frits, i love it all, a great way to end summer, emily!next will be one of the 7 high peaks, going....
good weather, good food, good hike and all over good time, memories, love, mom

Keith said...

A wonderful trip and excellent documentation. Memories are precious items as are life lessons.

Hans said...

These are awesome.

dr pax said...

frits, so cool you did this with your kids. looked like they loved it. (you've got to do something to win their love, so this was a really good idea!)

the totems said...

very nice