Sunday, August 11, 2013

Early summer and soaking wet

The simple elegance

Birthday shots

 The Angel Tree

 CawCaw Interpretative Center

 Is that an Alligator time of her life?

 With a cell phone...yep!

 Is that Jonathon Livingston Seagull

 As pretty as Kahshe

 Putting bones together at the fossil museum

 Johnsbourough Day

 Hardcore on the Virginia Creeper Trail

 Sunset from the farm on the evening cow ride

 A little reminder of how great the earth is

 A flash flood covering the road up to Seth and Kat's

 Some serious guns on corn picking day

 A lot of help shucking a lot of corn

 No comment...

 Holy Smokes!

 Fun at the dock


mom said...

a whole summer in an album, great kids, great summer,, oh, hope they all know it and gee poops school again.

dr pax said...

wow, it is awesome how much you guys expose your kids to... beautiful.

Hans said...

second to last picture --- may I have one of those, please!!!

Hans said...

and by "those," i refer to the entire person!!!

noah said...

that picture actually dies make me think of jonathon livingston seagull. i love it