Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Messier 8

Last time i posted the Lagoon Nebula, it was only a few minutes worth of photos. This one here's the result of 100 minutes, including "darks."

Below, my old phot is on the left, and the ne one is on the right. Much better.

Below, the same photo was edited some more to bring out the details in the dark clouds as can be seen where the arrow is pointing and other places. The trade-off is that the stars look un-natural. When i get better at editing in Photoshop I'll be able to combine both of the good points, plus make the color more natural, etc.


mom said...

haleluia, u saved the blog, i had almost given up hope of any communication. between us .
i lveo the stars and i love nebullas,
really, and your shoots.
thanks, noah

dr pax said...


Keith said...

wonderful to see your passion with the stars grow and develop. makes getting old worthwhile.