Sunday, September 8, 2013

Apple Picking

 Apple eating
 This is a good worker
 The best dog in the family
 The Pears.  Great harvest this year
 Tons of apples
 Emily came out when we got the machines out.

 I think this one had a rotten spot.  Gotta watch what you eat!
 Mmm...pretty good.
 Oh, yeah.  That is a rotten spot Opal.

 Where is child labor police when you need them

 Ahh, better late than never
 Seth getting ready to throw Caspian in the tree like a canon ball to dislodge the really high ones.

 This tree keeps grabbing my hair.

 Malon has been checking out the cows. many people does it take to get an apple out of the tree.
 Echo climbing for the hard to reach ones
 Daddy that was mine!
 The hard workers in the family!
 Essie using the apple grabber to get the perfect apple.
Yep, still talking

Fouster driving the harvest in.


dr pax said...

those are adorable

Keith said...

so many wonderful pictures

Jill Frere said...

Looks like lot's of fun. Sad I missed it. Didn't get the invite, probably busy anyway.