Wednesday, September 25, 2013

i'm  appalled at this article, and it is becoming embarrassin how much
in the face we are to anyone else,
gee, crimeinise, why don't we just clone and give up!


Hans said...

I have always thought it unfortunate sad that so much emphasis is placed on hairstyle. To me, body shape and size, and other habits such as smoking, say alot more about a persons character and potential than hair --- which can be cut and changed within 15 minutes. Think of all the politicians, physicians, whatevers, who have short and trimmed hair but other terrible qualities that cannot be changed with the swipe of a razor or scissors Yeah, i don't get it. Crazy, it's just hair!

dr pax said...

... it's not as much about hairstyle as it is about overt racism and discrimination manifested in horribly offensive insult and nonacceptance of hair of a certain texture.

in america, black people have to deal with this on the daily, have to decide what to do with their hair-- natural, permed, braided, or covered with a weave or wig.

they are criticized by some for keeping it natural and by others for styling or covering it. one little girl (gabby on the US olympics gymnastics team) is charged with representing her culture and yet dealing with the pressures of white-dominated media and culture. she can't win.

the book "nappy hair" has some controversy behind it- based on who is sharing it with whom- and i love it- it celebrates hair of black people in its natural condition. and then, you have this-- queen latifah in "beauty shop" says, "if you buy it, it's yours." love it.

the whole thing is deep and complex; it's atrocious and a huge part of their daily conflict.