Friday, September 20, 2013

iFix It

news flash, i heard about the site this am. on the news.
and i've scrutinied it and it has everything anyone needs to basically start
a new career, aka, repair electronics. utube videos, simple to find complete repair
directions for i products and androids and lap tops.
tool kits are of course sold by them with what they claim are all
you would ever need to get into a gadget and that's that.
i found the exploration of all the sites interesting, and maybe this should
be one of the big Christmas gifts to the fam.  ifixit repair kit for 64.95$.
it really looks and seems complete and what every, i mean every family needs!!!!
if any of you spent just a little more time on an electronic you would know what i know.

so, there, dont' challenge me on this, bc i have insider info.
and i might be old, but i'm not over watching all the info on my
electronic devices.