Sunday, September 1, 2013

Science Fun

 An awesome real microscope with 100 prepared slides from Granny

 Hard at work making last minute preparations
 Dr Foust!  Thank you Nama and Nampa
 Real walky talkies.  Thank you Nana
 Foust own camping cook set from the Totems
 How to draw a Dragon from his dad
 What do you want for a birthday Foust? Some friends over to do science experiments. 
Here we have the amazing floating egg.  Can anyone guess how these young scientist pulled off this amazing feat?
 Ahh, the joys of mixing Polyvinyl Acetate and Sodium Borate to make our very own silly putty.  
 The elasticity test.  How much air can our silly putty hold
Fouster is pretty excited by the elasticity of Keith's Silly Putty!


mom said...

very very very nice, all of it,
happy birthday fouster, #10...
and who knows by #20 you may be
well on your way to phd.
move over hans....

Keith said...

great party.
it is science nerds, after all, that have made this computer blog possible.

dr pax said...

that is the darn cutest party i've ever seen!

dr pax said...

and i seriously want some of that silly putty... and those are clearly the COOLEST kids in andersonville!