Sunday, September 8, 2013


When i saw this on Route 40 i pulled over as soon as i could do photo it. Unfortunately my camera wasnt set to RAW so my result is limited. However, besides that, by the time i had my camera out and the correct setting and autofocus on and all that and the sunroof open, the sundog was apparently gone. You couldnt see it at all in my phots. Then i decreased the xposure, pulled way up on the saturation, changed the levels just so - and presto! there it was.

If you look carefully you'll notice an arc extending up and to the left of the sundog. I did not notice this in the sky and dont know if it's part of the sundog phenomenon inherently or just coinciding. I assume it forms a halo around the sun.


Frits said...

nice, noah. sundogs are the best

Keith said...

good going. love the sky