Thursday, September 19, 2013

whole foods silliness

this is on par with the "whole foods parking lot" song.


noah said...

If by "on par" you mean "has similar concepts" then Okay. If however by "on par" you mean "of equal value" then that just makes me mad. the song is funny and awesome. This reporter is stupid, and the comedian is stupid and not funny. i couldn't sit through more than 2 minutes. i wont waste my time explaining why this is terrible.

mom said...


Hans said...

wow Noah!!!

Not sure I agree with you on this one. Alot of people are making ALOT of money selling and marketing products related to current fads. Rest assured, the Kombucha craze will end, as all other fad dietary crazes end eventually.

Sensible, healthy eating with alot of variety and moderation is the only tried and true method for long-term health and wellness.

In some ways, this picking on whole-foods and its customers is similar to Hilary's stance that sports such as snowboarding are more about image and coolness than the actual sport. Well, I disagree with that, but there are some similarities!