Saturday, October 12, 2013

Twin cities according to twin cities international

6. Horseheads, New York / Nakagawa, Japan
Lots of cities find sisters through a shared name (Toledo, Ohio, and Toledo, Spain, for instance); some are more creative than others. A Japanese man from the town of Bato-machi, while traveling to the States on business, was looking at a U.S. map and noticed the small village of Horseheads in central New York. He excitedly reported his find to the local government in his hometown: bato literally means “horse head” in Japanese. The town authorities in Japan corresponded with those in New York, and on little more than an accident of translation, the sisters were united. Bato-machi became part of Nakagawa in 2005, but the larger city carries on the relationship, sending a batch of guests to Horseheads each year to experience maple syruping and other local amusements, and receiving a group of Horseheads residents in return.

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