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Cat Stevens - "Until I got Hurt"

We're not talking bout the verses (though they are intriguing and mystifying) but we are just referring to the chorus - this is a nice song about labor pains.

Kate Bush "Room for the Life"

A song for Hilary - we love you, Jill and Noah

(p.s. this is one of my all-time favorites)

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Kristen Bell

Holy Cow

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The Ultimate Lego Solution

Placebo Study

A 2008 study out of Duke University by behavioral economist Dan Ariely at Duke University found that expensive placebo pills work better than cheap ones even though, after all, they are ‘just’ placebo pills!
Researchers in the study administered painful electric shocks to 82 participants [I'm glad I didn't participate in that study!]. After the electric shocks were administered, researchers offered participants placebo pills with pamphlets advertising them as pain relievers that either cost $0.10 a pill or $2.50 a pill.
Amazingly, 85% of participants receiving the expensive pills experienced significant pain reduction, while just 61% of the group receiving the cheap pill experienced pain reduction. That’s a 24% improvement in symptoms simply because the one placebo appeared 25 times more expensive than the other! (a cerebral explanation of the study)


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NOAH (Ark) Trailer


not really just born, like they just came out that way and didn't realize it... but still, really cool... a glimpse into life in the womb, or so says the huffington post.

literally one fascinating sentence after another

bbc article on china change in one-child only policy, and other reforms

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Watch This

Many of these comments bringing up the question of proof. I understand people's need for caution, but watch it regardless. Source

Monday, November 11, 2013

Comet Lovejoy

At bed at 1 am, but there are 4 comets in the early morning sky, to the east, right now, so i set my alarm for 3:45, thinking i would probably turn it off and go back to sleep. But - my alarm went off - and i got right up :) on only 2.5 hours of sleep at that…

I snuck into the cemetery a block away which had pretty good horizons for my neighborhood (realizing that i was thinking of the WESTern horizon when thinking of Pell. pkwy…i don’t know what kind of eastern views it gets). Set up and took some 35mm shots on a tripod while setting up the refractor. I panned the sky for quite a while (didn’t have binoculars and my finder is as cheap as they come), looking for where Roger hinted at since he saw it Sat. night. But it wasn’t quite where he said it was, at least it didn’t seem to me to be, but i never measured so maybe it was…any who, i found it! it was a fuzzy ball, and my first few photos were pretty sperical. But eventually i lengthened the exposures and cut down on the ISO to 80, and had some pretty good results. Here is a heavily edited version to bring out the tails, though it’s actually a much nicer looking shot with out the edits - but the tails aren’t as nice. I will spend more time editing in PS later. Maybe stacking a little as well. 
  • 2013 R1 (Lovejoy) is a new discovery by Terry Lovejoy of Australia on September 9.

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